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What Goes Around, Comes Around!

whc lyrcoldash pic

I never intended it to happen, but do you have an article of clothing that you rely on as a “go to” item, one that absolutely refuses to age? I do! And, later in this post, we are going to celebrate its one-year anniversary in my wardrobe. First though, check out what I found last night! I went by a store named Cold Ash, which specializes in fantastically detailed, rugged-looking men’s clothing. I found this vintage style T-shirt as their FREE Group Gift! The Mesh Austin Tee in STEEL BLUE is a fine representation of the quality that goes into the clothing that Cold Ash makes. Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for T-Shirts that look soft and well-worn, and this ribbed cotton T-shirt hangs beautifully with soft, realistic folds. It’s like it was never meant to be taken off. In the FREE Group Gift, you get 3 sizes and an additional 2 sizes in fitmesh, so getting a good fit won’t be any problem. Stop by Cold Ash, this is a must pick up! The pants I chose to wear with it are the current FREE Group Gift from Lavarock, likely my favorite male clothing store on Second Life. They are the Destroy Male Jeans and are probably one of the grungiest items in my wardrobe. I love the texture on them. Honestly, if I ever move to Seattle to pursue my dreams of alt-rock super stardom, these are the jeans I am going to wear! They come in 2 styles, with five sizes of each included in the gift. The only problem is they have been out for quite a while, and at the moment I am unable to say how much longer they will remain available. If you like them in the picture, go get them immediately. I suspect they may not be available much longer. The last item in the Cold Ash inspired outfit is the cap, which was just one of those lucky finds you sometimes run across accidentally. It is a 1L hunt prize from a hunt which is sadly already over. Luckily, the owner of Ashmoot forgot to pick up the hunt prize! It’s only 1L and the cap matches the T-shirt wonderfully. Sadly I can’t recall the name of the hunt, but you are looking for a hunt object shaped like a mask called “P-H Hunt # 8”. Look for it where you find the daily prize boards. Kristabel Ashmoot promises me she will leave it out until the end of the month so we all have a chance to grab it (a VERY sweet thing to do for us). Be sure to pick it up before it’s too late!

I teased you that as I write this I am celebrating an anniversary of sorts, and I have Lyrieal’s Boutique to thank for it. I recently attended “Just For Him”, a cart sale like event with a 1L mini-hunt where I found this great leather jacket! It comes from Lyrieal’s Boutique and is their Just For Him Hunt Prize. It has a hud that allows you to choose 5 different colors in both the leather and the lining. For a single linden, that’s great value. The event is not a large one, but I should have known Lyrieal’s Boutique would have something special out. This brings me to the anniversary: I was dying to show you this jacket and was having trouble finding just the right pants to present it with, so I decided to go with my “go to” grey system jeans and Mesh boots, tinting the jeans a bit darker to match. After doing the picture, I began putting together this post, and found I had reason to smile. Those beloved jeans and boots of mine are from a hunt one year ago today…and were previously blogged here by a young guest blogger. Coincidentally, they also came from Lyrieal’s Boutique! So, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their posting in Fab Free, the In The Pink outfit has been added to the 1L hunt prize, making it even better. It is a great looking outfit and the jeans are tintable to match a wide range of grays, so they are super handy to have around. Even the boots are nice, you can’t beat this value. I had originally planned to end my post here, and call it a night, but once I get going I am hard to stop. So in the spirit of “You really should check out the Just For Him sales event”, here is a final addition to my post below!

whc cold ash beach 1_001

While I was at the sale, I noticed a pair of shorts on the back wall of the booth belonging to the store Trashed. Just like the other coincidences this week (the hat which looked great with the T-shirt that was accidentally left out, and the nice jeans I decided to wear being posted to fab free exactly one year ago today) these denim shorts look like they were made to go with the Cold Ash T-Shirt I picked up this week. The Trashed Men’s denim shorts in plaid are not free, but this is a sale event as well as a hunt and these shorts look really great. If you love that T-shirt as much as I do, that is reason enough to pony up the extra 85L for these shorts to go with them. They make a fantastic pair together. Once again, I have worked late into the evening and I must go, but this has been a post full of pleasant surprises. Until next time my friends, see you on the grid. —–WHC Riler

WHC is wearing…

Vintage Blue T-Shirt – Cold Ash Mesh Austin Tee in Steel Blue  (FREE Group Gift/FREE Group)

Grungy Jeans – Lavarock Destroy Male Jeans  (FREE Group Gift/FREE Group)

Ball Cap – Ashmoot Acc Coll_Unisex Cap #01  (1L/Hunt Prize)
Note- The hunt is over but the prize should be out til the end of the month!

Hair Under Cap – From inventory, heavily modded for picture.

Leather Jacket – Lyrieal’s Boutique Leather Jacket {His} (1L/Hunt Prize)
Note- The “In The Pink” outfit including Jeans and Boots has been added to the same box now for extra value.

Plaid Denim Shorts – Trashed Mens Denim Shorts in Plaid (85L/On sale-Just For Him event)

Shirt Under Jacket – Connors V Neck T-Shirt Black (FREE Gift)

Eyes – Poetic Colors Spotted Eyes – Tropic (FREE Gift)
Previously blogged here.

Skin – Belleza Mathieu
Hair – Dura *Dura-Boy*59(Black)
Necklace – Aitui – AITUI – Ammunition Necklace (FREE Group Gift/FREE Group)

WHC Name Card


500 Posts Already?

Connors Group Gift

I can hardly believe it myself, but I am at 500 posts with Fabulously Free in SL already!  I have been enjoying it so much, I guess the posts just flew by 🙂

Connors has the perfect dress to celebrate in, set out as a free group gift!   You can find the Spring Dress in Dots & Violet in the Formal Section.  Simply activate your free group tag and touch the dress for your free gift.  You’ll have to TP from the sign in the lobby area.   This dress is available in a few other colours for sale at the price of 350L.  There are a few more group gifts sitting on the desk in bags in the lobby area too.

Check out these adorable nails!  I’ll admit…  I was scared of prim nails lol  I remember trying some on a few months back and thinking they were way too much work to fit, but I have had two great prim nail experiences this week.  I just popped these on in my hand size – and they fit with no adjusting.  You can find these nails adorned with roses as a free group gift at Candy Nail.  It’s free to join and there is a couple of lucky boards near the group joiner as well.

Connors / Candy Nails / MOCK

Over my Al Vulo Polly skin, I am wearing a MOCK Makeover called Pandora’s Gingersnaps & Champagne that was recently sent out to MOCK inworld group members.  If you are not a group member, don’t fret, because this gift is sitting on the MOCK desk at the store for everyone to enjoy!


Love is wearing…

Skin – Al Vulo Polly (not free – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ReMix%20Yo%20LIfe/178/160/1351

Makeup – MOCK Pandora’s Gingersnaps & Champagne (free group gift / 0L / 250L to join or free / oL @ MOCK) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20District%20Delta/128/132/23

Eyes – IKON Sunrise Eyes Light Arabian Blue (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hot/227/92/39

Hair – Elikatira Abbey (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elikatira/63/127/34

Dress – Connors Spring Dress Dots & Violet (free group gift / 0L / free to join) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SleeplessMUSIC/150/128/1726

Shoes – Felicity Farrah Stilettos (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emerald%20Bay/211/202/302

Nails – Candy Nail #PS005 Rose Garden Classic (free group gift / 0L / free to join) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Candy%20nail/163/135/23

Poses by Glitterati – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glitterati/95/161/21


Christmas in November

The latest MENStuff Hunt begins today with all kinds of pre-holiday goodies just for us guys. Here’s just a preview of some of the fantastic finds from some of my favorite designers.

LOoLOo - Pants and Sweater

LOoLOoPants and Sweater


Graffitiwear - Cable Knit Sweater, Tweed Pants and Jacket and shoes

GraffitiwearCable Knit Sweater, Tweed Pants, Jacket and Shoes


Wilson's Designs - Black Pants, Shirt and Jacket

Wilson’s DesignsBlack Pants, Shirt and Jacket


Connors - Rasta Sweater Ivory Camo Jeans

ConnorsRasta Sweater and Ivory Camo Jeans 


sf designs - Lace up Sweater Jacket, Jeep Cap and color change Hat Hair

sf designsLace up Sweater Jacket, Jeep Cap, & Color Change Hat Hair


PEER Style - Bolero Jeansd and Shirt

PEER StyleBolero Jeans and Shirt


The MenStuff Hunt runs through Christmas day. So you have plenty of time to fill your stocking.

* LOoLOo – Pants and Sweater ($0L)
MENSuff Hunt

* Graffitiwear – Cable Knit Sweater, Tweed Pants, Jacket and Shoes ($0L)
MENSuff Hunt

* Wilson’s Designs – Black Pants, Shirt and Jacket ($0L)
MENSuff Hunt

* Connors – Rasta Sweater and Ivory Camo Jeans ($0L)
MENSuff Hunt

* sf designs – Lace up Sweater Jacket, Jeep Cap, & Color Change Hat Hair ($0L)
MENSuff Hunt

* PEER Style – Bolero Jeans and Shirt ($0L)
MENSuff Hunt

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free



Hunting 9 For Guys

LikeA - Denim Jeans and Red T-Shirt , and Glasses

There are some very nice prizes for guys to be had on the Hunting 9. This is a HUD hunt where you need to find a hot pink star. Find all nine prizes and receive a bonus gift.  LikeA has a their gift, Denim Jeans, Red T-Shirt and GlassesTukinowaguma has the Rage Hair FatPack in both men’s and woman’s sizes. Connors has a Scarf and a Bob Broono Shoulder Pet as their gift.

Tukinowaguma - Rage Hair, Connors - Scarf and Bob Broono Shoulder Pet

Also in the gift from LikeA is a Full Zip Parka+grasp+ has a Graphics Tank as the hunt gift.

LikeA - Full Zip Parka

Even though not every store has a male gift, I suggest you find all nine stars to win the bonus gift from +grasp+.  Complete the hunt and also get the Denim Shorts and Black Leopard Hoodie.

+grasp+ Gaphics Tank, Denim Shorts and Black Leopard Hoodie

Hunting 9 continues through October 9th.

* LikeA – Denim Jeans, Red T-Shirt and Glasses  ($0L)
Hunting 9
* LikeA – Full Zip Parka ($0L)
Hunting 9

* Connors – Scarf and Bob Broono Shoulder Pet ($0L)
Hunting 9

* Tukinowaguma – Rage Hair FatPack ($0L)
Hunting 9

* +grasp+ – Graphics Tank ($0L)
Hunting 9
* +grasp+ –  Denim Shorts and Black Leopard Hoodie ($0L)
Hunting 9   Bonus Prize

* * Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free

Fab Carson

Comfy in Connors


Get ready for Fall with the group gifts from Connors. The  Two Tone Buckle Back Jeans is the newest group gift and can be found upstairs at the main store.  The Pink & Grey Hoodie is located on the counter, and works well for both men and women.

Also located on the counter is the Camellia Patterned Shirt. The Dr. Rottens Boots is a $10L The Wash Cart Sale find from Battle Fairy.


* Connors – Two Tone Buckle Back Jeans ($0L)
Group Gift
* Connors – Camellia Patterned Shirt ($0L)
Group Gift
* Connors – Pink & Grey Hoodie ($0L)
Group Gift

* Battle Fairy – Dr. Rottens Boots ($10L)
The Wash Cart Sale

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free

Fab Carson

Palm Surfer

Connors  - SURF PANTS RASTACOLOR  ---  Just Because - Sunny Palms Shirt

It is another nice day at the beach. I best enjoy it while I can. My summer vacation is almost over. I was lucky enough to find the Sunny Palms Shirt at Just Because. This is one of the great gifts to be found on the Ocio Xtreme Hunt.

This month, Connors is featured at the KMADD Designer Showcase and they have set out a couple of gifts for us to enjoy. Both the Rastacolor and Camouflage Surf Pants are free right outside their KMADD location.


* Just Because – Sunny Palms Shirt  ($0L)
Ocio Xtreme Hunt

* Connors – Rastacolor Surf Pants ($0L)
* Connors – Camouflage Surf Pants ($0L)
KMADD Designer Showcase

* Poses – Avante Poses
Not Free

Fab Carson

*Oink, Oink… Moo*

Carson blogged the Summer Sweat outfit from Connors a few days ago and they look supper cute on girls too!  The black and gray sweats include four mischievous piglets.  The brown Louise hair is the newest group gift in store for EMO-tions group members.  The silver Jazzlyn earrings were recently sent to ELUZION sub-o members.  Join this subscriber because members get great jewelry gifts all the time!

There’s also the Holstein Neck Top completely for the ladies at Connors.  This top is in the group lucky board in the women’s section.  The white shorts were the hunt prize from INDI Designs for the Taste of SL hunt which ended July 15th.  I blogged the Taste of SL Hunt gifts when the hunt began on June 15th (and in several other posts), so I hope you have these in your inventory!


*Connors: Summer Sweat Outfit (Group/Lucky – L$0), Holstein Neck Top (Group/Lucky – L$0)

*INDI Designs: White Shorts (Past TOSL Hunt Gift)

*Duh!: Leather Sneakers (L$25)


*Purrfect 10: Persephone Boots (New Release – Not Free)

*ELUZION: Jazzlyn Earrings (SOM – L$0)

*Amacci: Eyelashes (Not Free)

*EMO-tions: LOUISE Hair (Group – L$0)

*Exodi: Sophie May Skin (Not Free)

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$100)



Summer Sweat


As the temperature rises, it’s hard not to break a sweat in anything you do. At least be comfortable in the Summer Sweat Outfit from the Lucky Board at Connors. The grey shorts and top also include a few mischievous piggy friends who don’t seem to mind the summer heat. This is a group lucky board, so make sure you join before your letter comes up. This outfit is unisex, so ladies, take advantage of this find also.


*Connor’s – Summer Sweat Outfit ($0L)
Lucky Board (must be in the Connor’s group)

*Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free


Hunting Summer

Summer isn’t hard to find in my part of the world, but if you are taking part in any of the many hunts this month, you want to wear clothes that will keep you cool. Here are a few of the summer fashions that you can find on the Menstuff Hunt. Find the Polo Shirt and Summer Pants at Connors for that classic summer look. I also added the Bravado X Sport Desert Watch from Couture Fine Jewelry. This nifty watch has many features including a real-time dial. Now you have no excuse for staying up late. 🙂

Connors - Polo Shirt and Summer Pants  Couture Fine Jewelry - Bravado X Sport Desert Watch

Hit the beach in the Laguna Beach Outfit from OKEY Designs. Included in this outfit are sneakers and a wrist band. My favorite feature of this outfit is the Captain America mesh shirt. I also added the September Brown Hair, the gift from Urban December.

Laguna Beach by OKEY     U December  - September Brown

Stay cool in the hunt gift from. Aa Production. The Grey & Black Hawaiian Shorts. It also comes with your very own towel.

Aa Production - Grey & Black Hawaiian Shorts

Get a tropical look in the Oahu Tropics Hawaiian Shirt from SHIKI Designs. I paired it with the Woodland Green and Camo Board Shorts,which is just one small part of the hunt gift from Rosenwolf Design.

SHIKI-Hawaiian Shirt-OAHU-tropics       Rosenwolf Design   Woodland Green and Camo Board Shorts

Happy hunting, stay cool, and drink lots of water. 🙂

*Connors – Polo Shirt and Summer Pants ($0L)
Menstuff Hunt

*Couture Fine Jewelry – Bravado X Sport Desert Watch ($0L)
Menstuff Hunt

*OKEY Designs – Laguna Beach Outfit ($0L)
Menstuff Hunt

*Urban December – September Brown Hair ($0L)
Menstuff Hunt

*Aa Production – Grey & Black Hawaiian Shorts ($0L)
Menstuff Hunt

*SHIKI Designs – OAHU Tropics Hawaiian Shirt ($0L)
Menstuff Hunt

*Rosenwolf Design – Woodland Green and Camo Board Shorts ($0L)
Menstuff Hunt

*Poses – BeScene Poses
Not Free



I went to Connors earlier and picked up the group gifts on the front counter.  The long sleeve floral patterned shirt and gray low cut Kaori  shirt are for men, but look great on women too!

The gray and pink hoodie is another gift for Connors group members.  The black jeans are a group gift at Cool Beans.  The silver earrings and ring were sent to the ELUZION sub-o members recently.  MOJO Skin group members received the dark alba skin today.  All past 6 group gifts are available for MOJO Skin group members.


*Connors: patterned Shirt, Gray Kaori Shirt, & Hoodie (Group – L$0)

*Cool Beans: Black Jeans (Group – L$0)

*Alaska Metro: Paris Flats (Past Gift)

*ELUZION: Earrings & Ring (SOM – L$0)

*Me.hair: Penelope Hair (Not Free)

*MOJO Skin: Alba Skin (Group – L$0)