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Heads up Fabulouses!

Fabulously Free in SL is currently seeking new writers (male / female / home & garden)

FabFree is the oldest Freebie blog in SL. The blog was started in September of 2007. We have grown tremendously since then and have thousands and thousands of views each day.

To qualify you must:

  • Be a loyal FabFree inworld group member.
  • Apply with your MAIN avatar.  Alt bloggers will not be accepted.
  • Be able to commit to at least three blog posts per week.
  • Have wordpress and photography experience.
  • Be inspired to find and blog free and under 75L content in Second Life.
  • Work well with a team and be willing to follow our blogging guidelines.

Becoming a FabFree writer means more than just blogging, you become part of our family and team.  As FabFree writers we should work well as a group, have open communication, and feel comfortable with one another.  We are looking for the right fit.

To apply, please copy the following into a notecard named “FABFREE BLOGGER APPLICATION (Your Name)” and send it to ALINE PASSIFLORA inworld:

Full (SL) Name:


Are you a Fabulously Free in SL inworld group member?

Do you have any blogging / wordpress experience? If so, please explain and include any links pertaining:

Do you currently have a SL related blog or write for one?

Do you have any SL photography experience? If so, please explain and include any links pertaining (including your flickr):

Are you willing to commit to at least three blog posts per week?

What is your typical style?

Do you have any jobs, stores or other commitments in SL or alts that do?

Is this your MAIN avatar?  (Blogging alts will not be accepted)

In your own words please explain what content theft is, and how it hurts SL:

In your own words please explain why you think you would be a “fabulous” addition to our team of writers:

Please drag 1-3 recent snapshots of your avatar in your usual fashion style:

If you have applied in the past, and are still interested, please do re-apply!

Please send all inquires to Aline Passiflora. I will share the responses with the other FabFree writers and hopefully we have a couple Fabulous bloggers on staff soon!

Writing for FabFree is NOT an opportunity to gain lindens. It is often a thankless job, and it’s a ton of work but it helps many!

Thank You,
Aline Passiflora