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Information & FAQ

= Information =

FabFree was started by Cherlindrea Lamont in September 2007, who gave over leadership to Renee Lowenhart in September 2008.  Love Trill managed and organized FabFree in Renee’s absence December 2012 – December 2020.  Aline Passiflora is the current organizer.

Fabulously Free in SL Inworld Group
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Fabulously Free in SL

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= FAQ=

Why blog free items?
Free items can increase business sales!

Staying ahead of the competition is tough in this highly competitive and ever changing market.  Businesses try various methods to gain the maximum exposure for their products, giving sample products is one way to introduce individuals to the product line.

Freebies introduce your product to consumers who might otherwise be unacquainted with your creations.  Freebies are great advertising tools that gets the customer in the store and familiar with the product.  If the product is good and able to gain the attention of many individuals, the number of people who actually become regular consumers would increase, thus increasing sales.

Not all items in your blog post are free!
We use the word ‘freebie’ to answer these questions, cause we mainly blog freebies. On the FabFree Blog mainly free items (0L$) will be shown, but  also inexpensive (< 75L$) items, and non-free items can be shown on this blog. We however intend to show you as many free items as possible.  We all use the same crediting system so that you can easily find what you are looking for.


* Items that are 100% free will be bolded and red.
* Items that are group gifts with join fees are bolded and black.

I have a freebie/review item. Can I send it to one of the FabFree writers?
Yes, but read our review policy first.

Why didn’t you blog my freebie/review item yet?
We can’t guarantee your creation will be featured on the blog, especially at busy times. Sometimes there just is not enough time in the day to get to everything. There may be other reasons you do not see your item here. If you are not the original designer, we tend to avoid blogging you. If your items are transferable, we worry that if we blog your items resellers might come, buy 100 copies and try to sell it at their resale shops. We know there are legit resellers who would never do this but there are other resellers with shady practices that we would rather not expose your shop to and have someone steal your hard work. For more information, read our review policy.

I can’t find it!
Many freebies are time limited. Sometimes that item might be available for a month, week, few days, or even a few hours. For the more recent freebies, check the date on the post. The store may have moved since, the designer may have changed freebies, or gone out of business. It happens.

Where can I show off my own freebie pictures?
In our Flickr group:

I have a question about an item you blogged, who can I talk to?
Read our Freebie Etiquette page first. If you have a question about an item featured on this blog, first contact the FabFree writer. Ask all your questions. The FabFree writer will try to help you as much as possible with your questions concerning the product.