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FabFree ’30 days’ list

Everyone started out as a ‘newbie’ and figured out how hard it was to ‘upgrade’ your appearance. Well not anymore, with some help of this list… you can look Fabulous too!  FabFree ’30 days’ list, is a list of Fabulous designers in Second Life who provide free or inexpensive items for new Second Life avatars. ‘New’ meaning avatars under 30 days old.  All of the items listed below are available to UNDER 30 day NEW RESIDENTS unless specified differently!

Last updated on: January 18th, 2022 by Aline Passiflora

—>  How to get there:  Click on the store name to open the map and then copy/paste the address into your SL viewer address bar.


Designs by Isaura: Full Female Avatar

Heaven’s Gate:  Full avatar, ao, and system skins for men and women.

Little Black Dress:  3 full female avatars including skin, shape, hair, clothing, and accessories.

Sn@tch: Complete Female Avatar including shape, skin, 2 makeups,  hair, eyes, outfit, jewelry, tattoos, shoes, things you might need and help notecard

Tabidachi-Hiroba: Full Avatar and Accessories for Male and Female Avatars

Ultra Vixen: BOM Bento Female Mesh Avatar Body and Head.  Includes skins, sample shapes, physics, clothes and shoes to go along with the body and head.


PinkFuel: Female Skins

Tea Lane: Female skin in 11 Tones

7 Deadly s[K]ins:  Female Skin


Better Feet:  Bare Feet – These Better Bare Feet! Pale-Brac02 mesh feet include a HUD to change skin tone, toenail polish, and accessories!

Honey Dragon:  300L Gift Card

Firelight: 250L Gift Card for a hairstyle of your choice

Luminesse:  Free Jewelry

Mina: Free hair and hat

Plausable Body:  Titled “New Avatar Pack” this free gift for Under 30 days residents includes a skin, shape, eyes, shoes, a drink, as well as various note cards with helpful tips and hints. Located on the wall up the stairs, you’ll see a sign that says “Outfit yourself” with a photo of a baby on it. Click that sign to purchase the gift.

Ade: Free hair for avatars under 90 days


Body Language – Female AO for residents under 90 Days.

Drac – Male & Female AOs

Heaven’s Gate – Male & Female AOs

Mystical Cookie Designs – Female AO

SEmotion:  Male & Female Bento AO for residents under 90 days.  Residents over 90 days can get both male and female AOs on Marketplace for 1L!

Vista Animations – Dollarbie (1 linden) basic male and female AO, no avatar age restriction.


Ghee: Full outfit for women that includes a sweater, skinny jeans, and biker boots. (Blogged HERE)

Grumble: Free Starter box for Women

Plausible Clothing: Open Price (pay what you want) outfits for women

Prism: Free outfit for Women

QE Designs 6 free outfits for Women

R&R Swag – Mens and womens clothing items for free.

Sascha’s Designs: Free Newbie Gift from Sascha’s Designs Gowns and tops. Click the sign on the wall in the room at the back of the store.

Silent Sparrow: Free Outfits for Males and Females


Vortex: 250L Gift Card (BOM Cosmetics)


Dench Designs: Free furniture

Dragon Magick Wares: Free Skybox

Pink Icing: Free nail polish appliers

Kim’s Kreations:  58 Decor and Landscaping Items


Ajuda SL Brasil:  A building with free items donated by various designers for men, women and even children.

Amazing Creations:  Loads of lucky boards and free gifts for both Male and Female avatars

Bare Rose:  A huge assortment of freebies.

FabFree Group Gift Listing:  A huge list of free group gifts set to the Fabulously Free in SL group (free group gifts / free to join)

Firestorm Social Island:  An assortment of free clothing, jewelry, shoes, and even some animal avatars (also  a great place to get help).  From the landing point, turn left and walk forward to the store.

Freestyle:  A random assortment of free and low priced items by sponsoring designers.

Helping Haven Gateway:  Free shops for clothes for all men and women and for various other items. A place to get help with your Second Life too.

MENStuff:  Free stuff for guys  (50L to join).

The Free Dove:  Plenty of free group gifts for everyone (join the group – free to join).

WOMANStuff: Free stuff for women  (50L to join).


Have you got a suggestion for this list? Or are you a designer and interested in getting your item on this list? Send a notecard inworld to Aline Passiflora.  Name the notecard – FabFree 30 days – [your name]. Please describe the under-30-item available, add the store name and a landmark or SLurl.