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Review Policy

Thank you in advance for your interest in having your items reviewed at Fabulously Free in SL.

Send a review copy?

Please send review copies the following way:
– in a FOLDER to the FabFree blogger of your choice.
– name the folder with your store name and the date.
– include a notecard with the following information: how long the item is available, exact price, a photo (if possible), a landmark where the item is accessible to readers, and any other important information.

We also review non-wearable items such as skyboxes, homes, vehicles, furniture, and housewares.

>> *We can’t guarantee your creation will be featured on the blog, especially at busy times – We are not obligated* <<

Thank you.

The writers of FabFree are:

Aline Passiflora – female fashion / decor items
Julianna Seriman – female fashion / male fashion
Caroline Walker (rawumber Resident) – female fashion
Allison Tobias – female fashion
Creola Deledda – female fashion

Content theft
Items must be your own design. We try not to show resells. We will not review freebies that are part of BiaB (Business in a Box) scams. If we find out the item was or is suspected to be stolen, ripped, or copybot copied, the post will be removed. Plus, if you are a designer for the Fabulously Free in SL group, you will lose the ability to send notices. If you didn’t make it, don’t bother telling us about it. We do not support content theft!