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Fabfree St Patty's Day Hunt 22

Are you feeling lucky, FabFree?  It’s time to get your hunting gear on (you know, that giant magnifying glass you keep around for just such an occasion), because the FabFree St. Patty’s Day Hunt is on it’s way!  Everyone will be green with envy when they see the gorgeous prizes you picked up.  

Stay tuned to this page to see the prizes as they are revealed.  Hunting starts March 1st!

The FabFree Crew


FabFree Rainbow Hunt Item


Hunt Prizes

AdHoc Textures

1.) What’s new ? (1L)
2.) I can see the red carpet, big windows and then i need to look up…. (2L)
3.) What do i need if i want to go upstairs? And yes, i need to look up again, but just look, don’t walk … (3L)
4.) Have you ever seen watermelon pillows? (4L)


1.) I’m feeling lucky! (1L)
2.) Legs go! (1L)
3.) Time for something new? (1L)

The Bold Llama

1.) Rainbows are definitely the base ingredients of Lemonade (5L)

Dreamland Designs

1.) Love is in my hands (1L)

Emerald Couture

1.) What is your Suggestion? (5L)
2.) 2 steps and you are there (5L)
3.) Candy by the Rainbow (0L)


1.) When you find a “Lucky Star”, the prize you seek is not very far (5L)
2.) You will be feeling “Just Fine” when you find your rainbow under the sign (5L)
3.) When “Sweet Victory” comes into sight, your heart will be filled with delight (5L)
4.) When you find “Bubblegum” on a rack, you will find yourself right on track (5L)
5.) If you find a “Rose Garden” in a heel, looking low would be idea (5L)


1.) Search the Lucky Board! (5L)

Kim’s Kreations

1.) Look for me over the rainbow (1L)
2.) Where is my mask I’m ready to party (1L)
3.) Kid’s fav hiding spot…under the …. (1L)
4. ) Hiding in the clover (1L)
5. ) I am in the pink! Love skyboxes! (1L)

Loordes of London

1.) Look near hunt poster (5L)


1.) Look for Clover Ground Cover (0L)
2.) Under the Wisteria Trellis (0L)
3.) Among the Forest Lights (0L)


1.) I adore turtles (5L)
2.) It’s lonely over here in the corner (5L)
3.) Lots of cosmetics and skins in this room (5L)
4.) Where do these stairs lead to? (5L)
5.) Have you played the Miepon Machines? (5L)


1.) Montrose for Men is beginning (1L)
2.) Sooty Wing likes to be the keeper (3L)
3.) You may get Lucky (4L)


1.) Ask Xenia (1L)
2.) Play with Isabella (1L)
3.) Flying giraffe (1L)


1.) Don’t get cornered (5L)
2.) If you believe, then finding me will make your tag wag! (5L)
3) .If you are my kind of folks, finding me should be as breezy as a folk song! (5L)
4.) If you want to find me, best to take a load off and ponder a while! (5L)
5.) I bet you can find me easy, just don’t sweat it! (5L)


1.) Coffee tastes better hot (3L)
2.) The water gently falls close to the world (2L)
3.) Follow the rainbow and you will find many gifts for you (5L)
4.) That long trunk, doesn’t it get in the way of walking? (5L)
5.) In plain view at the reception, good hiding place I chose (5L)

SLW Design

1.) I’m watching over the new released items (3L)
2.) Some nice spring flowers on a table, here the rainbow fits super (2L)
3.) Playing chess in a shop? Hm no, but I like the chairs up there to relax (1L)
4.) I was looking for new shoes and I found some nice pairs of sneakers (2L)
5.) For me you don’t need to walk far, I’m taking care of a little fawn (2L)

Splintered Creations

1.) There’s No Place Like HOME (5L)


1.) Look near hunt poster (5L)



1.) Cash or credit? (0L)
2.) I’m looking for love (0L)


Other Participants Include…

You will be able to see these prizes on Flickr HERE

7 Deadly s{K}ins 
1.) My wildest fantasy (5L)

Amazing Creations
1.) Vests (0L)
2.) I am a jean person! (0L)

1.) I’m sure I can find some green goodies near the MESH items (5L)
2.) To see rainbows, you gotta check the outdoors! (5L)
3.) It’s a good time to look for some colorful accessories. (5L)
4.) Maybe it’s time to gift a friend some BOM attire! (5L)
5.) FabFree has been in my heart for over a decade. ♥ (5L)


1.) Butterflies like rainbows (5L)
2.) Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs…. (5L)
3.) Rainbow pollen and fairy dust…? (5L)
4.) In the Shadow of Night (5L)
5.) Osiris, Isis, All gods of the Nile: “Praise the Rainbow!” (1L)

Drama Libre
1.) Oh Yummy Snacks (0L)

1.) On the Subway (0L)

1.) Glub Glub (0L)
2.) It might be over your head (0L)

1.) Great gifts always REGISTER! (5L)
2.) You might need this to SWIM! (5L)
3.) My favorite shoes live in this BOX! (5L)
4.) I’m not old, I’m VINTAGE! (5L)
5.) Let us FRAME your face & beautiful eyes! (5L)

1.) Facebook, Discord, Avicrowd?…well i fit in well here i think 😛 (5L)
2.) We have all countries in our shirts vendor…and at a bargain price as well, that’s where you will find me. (5L)

Telsiope’s Couture:
1.) The Luck of the Irish won’t follow you here!  (1L)


You will be able to see these prizes on Flickr HERE


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FabFree Rainbow Hunt Item


Hunt Object created by Gaze Daddy of Afterparty