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Hunting 9 For Guys

LikeA - Denim Jeans and Red T-Shirt , and Glasses

There are some very nice prizes for guys to be had on the Hunting 9. This is a HUD hunt where you need to find a hot pink star. Find all nine prizes and receive a bonus gift.  LikeA has a their gift, Denim Jeans, Red T-Shirt and GlassesTukinowaguma has the Rage Hair FatPack in both men’s and woman’s sizes. Connors has a Scarf and a Bob Broono Shoulder Pet as their gift.

Tukinowaguma - Rage Hair, Connors - Scarf and Bob Broono Shoulder Pet

Also in the gift from LikeA is a Full Zip Parka+grasp+ has a Graphics Tank as the hunt gift.

LikeA - Full Zip Parka

Even though not every store has a male gift, I suggest you find all nine stars to win the bonus gift from +grasp+.  Complete the hunt and also get the Denim Shorts and Black Leopard Hoodie.

+grasp+ Gaphics Tank, Denim Shorts and Black Leopard Hoodie

Hunting 9 continues through October 9th.

* LikeA – Denim Jeans, Red T-Shirt and Glasses  ($0L)
Hunting 9
* LikeA – Full Zip Parka ($0L)
Hunting 9

* Connors – Scarf and Bob Broono Shoulder Pet ($0L)
Hunting 9

* Tukinowaguma – Rage Hair FatPack ($0L)
Hunting 9

* +grasp+ – Graphics Tank ($0L)
Hunting 9
* +grasp+ –  Denim Shorts and Black Leopard Hoodie ($0L)
Hunting 9   Bonus Prize

* * Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free

Fab Carson


Hunting9 Hunt

If you’re looking for a quick easy hunt with high quality prizes check out the Hunting 9 hunt.  The Hunting9 hunt is a HUD based hunt.  Grab the HUD by clicking the pink circle from any of the posters in the 9 participating stores.  Wear the HUD while finding the Hot Pink star hidden somewhere within the stores.  Each time a star is located a light will turn pink on the HUD, when all the boxes are pink return to +grasp+ for a final prize.  There are gifts for men and women to be found!  So ready to see the prizes?

LikeA – Red T-Shirt/Glasses/Black Zip Parka

Tukinowaguma – Rage Short Unisex Hair in all colors


AZUL – Pink Fur Coat

+ROZOREGALIA+ – Gemma Earrings

AMERIE – Sailor Top/Shorts/Hat

+grasp+ – Graphixx Tank

+grasp+ – Denim Sarrouel Shorts/Black Leopard Hoodie (Special Prize for completing the HUD)

The skin I am wearing is a past group gift from JeSyLiLO.  The JeSyLiLO group is free to join and past gifts are located on the front wall near the entrance.   Carson will show more of the Hunting9 Hunt prizes soon!


*Pixel Mode: Baby T Heels (Past SOM)

*Poetic Colors: Autumn Moon Eyes (L$0)

*JeSyLiLO: Tan Skin (Group – L$0)

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$100)



Heartsick Opening Gift

Its unlike me to me be late in blogging something as yummy as free skins! But RL took a bit of a priority yesterday so Im a little behind with everything.

You remember the Pure Morning skins I blogged last week that were the prize in the Burning Chrome Midnight Mania board? Well they finally opened the new skin store called Heartsick and as an opening gift they set out a whole new fatpack of skins as a freebie for the girls aswell as a freebie of 2 cute male shapes for the guys.


The make up is called Dark Shines and comes in 6 tones, all with cleavage and freckle options just like the Pure morning fatpack did. I am wearing the Aether tone in the main picture which is the lightest tone.



And here is Nao modelling the male shapes for me. He is wearing the Belleza Ewan group gift skin (250L join fee) which is still available as I write this.

The shape on the Left is the Jasper shape and the shape on the Right is the Lucus Shape. The differences are mostly facial. Lucus is more softer and rounder whereas Jasper is more chiselled around the jaw and cheekbones. The body shapes are both well proportioned with sleek muscles rather than being overly bulked out. Both come in 4 realistic heights from 5ft 8 – 6ft 2, but both are Mod/Copy so you can make yourself SL tall if you really want to.


Also worn in Nao’s pictures:

+ Hair in Left picture Free Reed hair from Uncle Web
+ Hair in Right picture, Group Gift 1L Hair from Find ASH
+ Group Gift jeans from LikeA Follow the red beacon to co-ordinates 168, 51, 22
+ Group Gift 1L Scarf from Find ASH


LikeA Rocker Emo Chick


This black and scarlet tip jagged hair was a free gift from the hippoGroup for The Stringer Mausoleum.  HippoGroups are similiar to subscribe-o-matics; they do not take any group space.  The gift was sent to existing members on the 16th, but join the group to receive future notices and group gifts!

Special thanks to Nariko Shinn, the owner of Lazolli, for letting me know about the Takako 008 (have fun) skin available free in store.  Search the skins until you find this one and buy it for free!  The skin and hair combo gives a sort of punk rock/emo flair.

Elemiah Designs has this adorable teal sweater free in store.  The sweater has lips jeweled on the front.  The jeans are a group gift from LikeA.  I love these jeans and there is another free pair in the store.  I have RL denim jeans that look very much like these jeans with the low front pockets and I adore them.  I just wish the prims were mod so I could adjust the color of the prim cuffs to match this SL pair. SL settings distort prims that matched perfectly in the past.


heart-necklaceThere are several dollarbie gifts at Ztique.  Stephie’s red pumps are stunning.  This Valentine special shop is packaged with a red charm necklace.


There are at least four other dollarbies hidden amongst regular priced shoes at Ztique.  The Amali velvet chocolate pumps with the voilet  brooch have a classy look to them.  The black dragonfly Bibe pumps and brown chocolate Cupcake heels (these come with or without the cupcake charm) are so fun and cute!  The brown Diva Chic lace-up ankle boots have a very eccentric flair that are indead divalicious!



*Elemiah Designs: 4you22 lip print sweater (L$0)
George 5 ( 71/208/21 )

*LikeA: Denim Jeans (L$0)
tricolore ( 142/27/30 )

*Ztique: shoes (L$1)
Dollz Town ( 174/101/25 )

*The Stringer Mausoleum: Black/Scarlet Hostel Hair (Hippo-Group – L$0)
Lyashko ( 154/172/50 )

*Lazolli: Takako 008 (have fun) (L$0)
Eros Island I ( 130/87/37 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )