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MOCKing Bernadette in Glitterati


I’m feeling all “50’s Pin-up Girl” in this fabulous, poofy dress, the February group gift from !Glitterati by Sapphire. The !Glitterati! group is 50L to join, but the monthly group gifts and member discounts are plentiful, and more than worth the join fee. My Loveshack updo is  by ::Exile::, and is available for only 95L until February 28th at My Attic. Does it remind you of the B-52s, or is that just me?😉 My bag is the Little Clutch by ::Duh!::. I sprang for the 50L fatpack, but you can get 2 colors for only 20L, if you prefer.


In search of accessories, I wandered into the Womenstuff Lounge and found this Pearl & Ruby set by Always Eclectic. The Womenstuff group is 50L to join and worth every Linden. This lovely skin is a group gift from M.O.C.K. Cosmetics . The M.O.C.K. group is 250L to join, but Mockie is more than generous with the gifts, and when she’s feeling creative, look out! Right now, there are so many gifts sitting in the notices that I haven’t even had enough time to open them all yet! Bernadette comes in 4 different brow colors, and includes skin appliers for Lolas. Also included are several different layer options for cleavage (I’m wearing the size D tattoo layer). I’ve added another gift: an eyeshadow called The Great Neutraliser. Both group gifts can be found in the notices, along with at least 2 dozen other make-ups and gifts!

* * * * *

Serena is wearing…

Skin – M.O.C.K. Cosmetics Bernadette (group gift / 0L / 250L to join)

Eyes – IKON Utopia Eyes Light Silver + Blue (not free)

Eyelashes – *Redgrave* 6-Natural (not free)

Eyeshadow – M.O.C.K. Cosmetics The Great Neutraliser
(group gift / 0L / 250L to join)

Hair – ::Exile:: Loveshack (95L / My Attic)

Nails – Izzie’s Classic Nails (not free)

Dress – ! Glitterati ! February Group Gift (free / 0L / 50L to join)

Jewelry – Always Eclectic Pearl & Ruby (WS group gift / 0L / 50L to join)

Shoes – [Gos] Sophia Peeptoe (not free)

Bag – ::Duh!:: Little Clutch (20L)

Poses by aDORKable (not free)

Location – petit pas

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Last Chance for the Summer Harvest


The Summer Harvest Hunt is wrapping up soon. You have less than a few days to find the tiny acorns filled with free gifts! Love and I thought we would head out to the field and show you some more nice things you will find on the hunt. Our colorful mesh outfits are the gift from (#45) Has Been. The male outfit includes the mesh sweater with mesh shorts and the female outfit includes the mesh bolero with mesh skirt. Were posing with the Sunflowers pose prop from (#64) Sparrowtree Studios. The Crate Stack which also includes a candle is the gift from (#49) Baffle! and the Barley Stock is the gift from (#11) Organica Specialty Trees. So don’t delay, hunt today!


Once your done collecting all the acorns you can gather…It’s fun to celebrate with a friend and start unpacking all the great freebies! You can find this fun couple pose named Summer Moved On in the gift at (#62) Focus Poses.

Summer Harvest Hunt Blog:

Get the Stuff!

*Has Been- Male and Female Mesh Outfits (0L Hunt Gift) (#45 SHH)

*Sparrowtree Studios- Sunflowers Pose Prop (0L Hunt Gift) (#64 SHH)

*Baffle!- Crate Stack w/ Candle (0L Hunt Gift) (#49 SHH)

*Organica Specialty Trees- Barley Stock (0L Hunt Gift) (#11 SHH)

*Focus Poses- Summer Moved On Pose (0L Hunt Gift) (#62 SHH)

Kyle is wearing…

*Has Been- SHH Male Mesh Outfit (0L Hunt Gift) (#45 SHH)

*COLORS- Free C Hair (0L Freebie)

*Ruca Tease- Flip Flops (not free)

Love is wearing…

*Has Been- SHH Female Mesh Outfit (0L Hunt Gift) (#45 SHH)

*Truth- Briony Hair (not free)

*Deco- Meadow Flat Shoes (not free)

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Cruisin’ USA

Ydea - Cruise USA

With Independence Day just around the corner, I realize that my Summer vacation is almost half over.    😦  But I’ll still celebrate the holiday in the new group gift from Ydea. The Cruise USA outfit has mesh shorts with blue star spangled cuffs, a flag inspired shirt and white sneakers. I think I spy a beer in still in the cooler.


* Ydea – Cruise USA  ($0L)
Group Gift

* Poses – Long awkward Pose
No Longer Available


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Taking Five

PeKaS - My Guns

I’m taking a break from my daily grind in one of the Midnight Mania items on the board at PeKaS. Slap the board for your chance to win the My Guns Outfit.


* PeKaS – My Guns ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* Duh! – Sport Sandals ($25L)



One Thousand Shades of Carson

Ydea - Conan

Inside the door of the men’s section at Ydea is the Conan Outfit. The gray camouflaged chambray shirt group gift comes with faded gray jeans, a cowboy hat and boots.

Just to let you all know, I’m celebrating my 1000th post on FabFree. I just wanted to send a quick tip of the hat and a thank you out to my FabFree family past and present, to all the designers that make the gifts available, to the hunt organizers who spend countless hours and don’t get the credit they deserve, and to all the readers because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be doing this.


* Ydea – Conan Outfit
Group Gift

* Poses – Long awkward Pose
No Longer Available


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Summer Learning

K at C'est la vie - Mesh Summer Cardigan w Marine Tee, Mesh Accent Tie, Hawker's House - Button Fly Capris

I decided, if I have to teach a few weeks of summer school, I’m going to be comfortable. I found just the look and I started at ::K:: at ::C’est la vie. I won the Mesh Accent Tie on the Lucky Board. While I was there, I also picked up a Mesh Summer Cardigan w/ Marine Tee for $200L.

The Button Fly Capris is just one item in the huge gift from Hawker’s House on the Make Him Over Mini Hunt at SLB9. There are 10 gifts hidden around the MHO display for both men and women. You do have to be part of the Make Him Over Group to participate.

* ::K:: at ::C’est la vie – Mesh Accent Tie ($0L)
Lucky Board
* ::K:: at ::C’est la vie – Mesh Summer Cardigan w/ Marine Tee ($200L)

* Hawker’s House – Button Fly Capris ($0L)
Make Him Over Mini Hunt at SLB9

* Duh! – Sport Sandals ($25L)

* Long awkward Pose – Back to School Pose with Props
No Longer Available


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Just Puckin’ Around

Just Puckin' Around

I’m feeling Puckish while hunting the gifts on the A Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt. Please note that gifts on this hunt are $1L each. Two of the gifts helped me get into the mood. The Got Puck? Outfit from Cilian’gel Boutique comes with a green tunic and brown cutoff pants. It also comes with a head and chest laurels, and horns.

Cilian'gel Boutique - Got Puck Outfit

The Unseelie Skin is the hunt gift from Niekra’s Dreams. The blue skin also comes with horns. There is also a ladies version of the skin as well as the Got Puck? Outfit.

Niekra's Dreams - Unseelie Skin

Over hill, over dale,
Thorough bush, thorough brier,
Over park, over pale,
Thorough flood, thorough fire,
I do wander everywhere.


* Cilian’gel Boutique – Got Puck? Outfit ($1L)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt

* Niekra’s Dreams – Unseelie Skin ($1L)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


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Kneeling Before Anubis


“Oh  great and powerful Anubis, hear my plea….”

I found two very nice Egyptian roleplaying costumes at Affinity Boutique. The  Simply Egypt Kilt 1 is a white kilt that would work well for a servant or a slave.


The second outfit is more suited for someone of a higher birth. The Egyptian Male Leather Outfit comes with a decorative neck collar and bracers. The Sandals of Hermes is a $75L find at BareRose. The sandals come in three colors. The Samson Hair is a hunt gift from Amacci on the Make Him Over Hunt.

Affinity Egypt - Egyptian male Leather


* Affinity Boutique – Simply Egypt Kilt 1 ($0L)
* Affinity Boutique – Egyptian Male Leather ($0L)

* BareRose – Sandals of Hermes ($75L)

* Amacci – Samson Hair ($0L)
Make Him Over Hunt

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


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Those Summer Nights


It seems that both Love and Renee are having connectivity issues, so I’m taking the night off and enjoying some fireworks at 2012 Summer Town, USA  to celebrate the first official day of Summer. I wanted to show off my patriotic colors and found them at Top Katz as part of the I’m Independent Hunt. I’m wearing the unisex U.S. Flag Tank and Stars & Blue Striped Pants. The outfit also comes with red pants and a Union Jack tank. For the ladies, there is also a flag navel piercing.

Top Katz - U.S. Flag Tank and Stars & Stipes Pants, Top Katz – Silver Rocked Hi Tops

The Silver Rocked Hi Tops can be won on their Midnight Mania Board with a low target. I also found the 3 Strand U.S. Flag Male Choker at Top Katz for just $75L. I’m kicking back and plan on enjoying the rest of the show. Enjoy your summer!

Top Katz - 3 Strand U.S. Flag Male Choker

* Top Katz – U.S. Flag Tank and Stars & Striped Pants ($0L)
I’m Independent Hunt
* Top Katz – Silver Rocked Hi Tops ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board
Top Katz – 3 Strand U.S. Flag Male Choker   ($75L)

* Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free



Dudding Up

* Cilian'gel 1920's - Got Dudding Up?

Look for the dagger on the Roleplayers Hunt at Cilian’gel 1920’s Boutique and receive the Got Dudding Up? Outfit. The brown jacket and pants also come with a white shirt and a fedora. The Brown Leather Dress Shoes from Duh! ($20L) match the outfit perfectly.


* Cilian’gel 1920’s – Got Dudding Up? Outfit ($0L)
The Roleplayers Hunt

* Duh! – Brown Leather Dress Shoes ($20L)

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free