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FabFree Chat Guidelines

To join our Fabulously Free in Second Life inworld group, please log in to your viewer and copy and paste the following text into local chat for a prompt to join :  secondlife:///app/group/020fa7af-444d-f54f-01e2-557ec06315fd/about

Guidelines for FabFree Group Chat: (updated 03/06/20)

FabFree Organizer Contact: Aline Passiflora

The Fabulously Free in SL inworld group has become quite a warm and helpful, freebie loving community over the years.  FabFree chat permissions are granted only after agreement upon the following guidelines.  Failure to comply with the group rules may result in your immediate removal by our team of moderators.


1. Group Chat IS allowed.  Please be considerate and respectful to the other members.  DO NOT gossip!  Discriminatory discussions involving racial, sexual, religious, political, vulgar, and argumentative views are disallowed.  Take any arguments to private IM.  The group is not meant for debates or belittling of others.  Basically if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

2. Information about Midnight Manias are welcome in chat.  You may post the information about a Midnight Mania a maximum of three times per day.  Information you may include is the store location, the item that is available, numbers to get to the goal, and if a group is needed to access it.

3. Information about Lucky Chairs are welcome in chat, however to avoid potential spamming we ask that you don’t use chat for letter calling as it can get spammy. We also ask that you mention the Lucky Chair only once for the same reason. You may post different Lucky Chairs on the same day once a day for the benefit of all members.

4.  Designers, staff and event organizers are not permitted to promote their ventures in group chat.

5. Most designers do not want hunt locations revealed.  We ask group members to respect the designers’ wishes regarding hunts.  Find friends to help with hunts and take the tips to private IMs.

6. Do NOT complain about a gift, period!  If any member complains in group chat about the “quality” or “quantity” of a item, it will result in immediate removal from the group.

7. Do NOT post any external links into group chat, whether they be other websites or marketplace links.  With the uprising of false and harmful links being posted into group chat, it is simply unsafe to click on them.  Suggesting to another member that they do a search on marketplace to assist them in finding something is ok, however please do not post the actual link.  Posting inworld slurls is ok.  Chat Moderators and Bloggers reserve the right to post links to the Fab Free blog only.

8. Do NOT distribute items!   Distributing items you did not personally make could contribute to content theft and you could find yourself with a DMCA charge.  Please, do not support content theft!  *The DMCA can give you more information with regard to passing copies of items without permission to do so: http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf

9. Please be reminded that FabFree is a PG-13 chat.  Be aware that we may have members who do not wish to see conversations of a vulgar or sexual nature.  To that end, it is appreciated that when you are mentioning free items, that you announce to the chat if those items happen to be adult.  (Eg: I found a free bed, at SLURL, The item is ADULT)

**  Sometimes group discussions become overwhelming.  The small bottom x should close the group chat until you relog. Alternatively, most newer viewers give you the option of not receiving group notices and/or group chat through the viewer’s preferences.

**  If a group member is abusing chat privileges, contact one of the Fabfree moderators.  It is up to the moderator as to how the situation will be handled.  Moderators have the option to disallow chat for an individual or the entire group.


The following are examples of what is and is not allowed in group chat.

NOT Spam:

* I found a great new freebie at blablabla @ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Car%20Wash/94/228/24

* Can anyone tell me how I can get to group notices?

* I am helping a new player, where is the best place for male skins and a women’s AO?

* There’s an awesome hunt at BlahBlahBlah sim.

* Does anyone know the starting point for the OMGThisHuntWillKillMe Hunt?

* I saw this free hair the other and can’t remember the name of the store? It was a side braid that fell in front of the shoulder. Does anyone remember where?

* Help! I can’t seem to get my landmarks to load, if anyone has a House of Heart Landmark, could you please send it to me?

* I am at this party and they are giving out free stuff @ ShakeYoBooty (This is only allowed by group members attending the party, NOT the host)

* SuperawesomeStore has a midnight mania board, the current goal is 10/20  Here’s the slurl…

*  There are 6 lucky boards available at ThatFabulousStore containing women’s mesh shoes…(slurl)

IS spam:

* Next 5 people to IM me get a free gift.

* Come mobvend with me @  NeedTonsOfPeople

* 3 lucky chairs @  SomeAwesomeStore  Letters XOD

* Come on down to MY club!!!  ((There are other groups for this type of announcement))


* Come rent my mall space. It is cheap. It is FREE. It is an amazin’ price you just can’t beat. ((Do NOT advertise land at all!))

* Selling my land, come buy it from me. Only L$465,786,675,986,456,678,244,023 per sq m. IM me.  Really cheap! ((There are groups for this type of announcement))

* FREE <adult act name here>. All the time. @XRatedNastyPlace. Our girls are HOT. ((There are groups for this type of announcement))

* Does anyone have L$50 I can borrow? ((This group is about free items not money))

Welcome to the Fabulously Free in Second Life Group!

Are you interested in becoming a chat moderator?  Fill out an application here:  https://fabfree.wordpress.com/chat-moderator-application/

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