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QUICKIE: Gbberish Boutique / Urban Junkie / TekuTeku Opening & Hunt / Jetcity Shop


At Gbberish Boutique Main Store, Tresco 87, 61, 22, you can get for a very short time a pair of  cute “Princess Pumps Golden Tierra” for free.  You will find the freebie shoes inside the “sister shop” next to Gbberish`s main store. Go now, it´s a “Limited Period Offer” (says the sign).

Urban Junkie offers a free, scripted skate board, also available for free only for a short time. You will find a big box (contains the skate board and a free shirt)  inside the store. Grab it now, it´s fun!

Okay, done? 🙂 For the next freebies you don´t need to hurry 🙂

!Amajestic! offers a lot of dollarbies and freebies, too. There´s a vendor on the wall with dollarbie dresses. One of these dresses I wear in my pics, it´s called “Flowers For Fun Mini”. Squeake-able cute :-)))

Also  Jetcity Shop offers a bunch of various, pretty freebies, check it out! The Short Jeans in black I wear along with the free shirt from Urban Junkie are free at Jetcity.

=TekuTeku= has a new store, and you have to go there, really! It´s such a nice place 🙂 To celebrate the opening there´s a “30 % Off Sale” as well as 2 Lucky Chairs, a table with 3 cute hairstyles for 1 Linden each, and a hunt! Yes, next hunt, but it ends on Sept 15th, time enough to find the treasures 🙂 You have to find 6 tiny present boxes (they are wee wee wee wee tiny, or in german “klitze-klitze-klein”), and very hard to find. I was in a hurry – as usual :-)), I managed to find 1 box LOL But look at this hair, isn´t it pretty with this cute heart grip? It´s simply called “present 1”. The other lovely hair style by =TekuTeku= is a dollarbie from the table next to the Lucky Chair, named “freebie hair 2008summer sienna”,  and you will get 6 sizes, so you don´t have to worry if the hair fits your pumpkin-head :-)))

PornStar Xtra HiTops MultiColor by UBU Urban Bomb Unit are NOT FREE. They are 595 Linden, but I had to have it :-))

Oooh, and my cold isn´t getting better 😉 I still wear M&R Cupcakes` group gift “Plush Skin – Headcold“, this time in apricot non-freckled.

Pics of  =TekuTeku=

Ladies, before you run off to grab your freebies, take a look at your “Freebie Etiquette Book” 😉

Be nice, have fun and take care!



Lucky Showgirl…

This showgirl is ready for a party…

I love love love the midnight blue Beaded Showgirl costume with feathers from Hudson’s Clothing.  Haven’t figured out where I will wear this outfit, but for the next masquerade or Vegas themed party I might just drag this out.  Hudson’s Clothing has five absolutely free gifts for the ladies, including the Beaded Showgirl costume.  The other two complete outfits are this baby blues quaint little dress which comes with long Black Onyx earrings and the Midnight Blue Beaded Babydoll Dress which includes the black wraparound shoe laces and a Midnight Blue Beaded Choker.  There is also a Suede Beaded Choker and a red Rose Choker.  Look for the big red bows and you will find the free gifts.  Also, each time I’ve tped to the store the designer Candace Hudson is there, so make sure to give her thanks for these wonderful gifts!

The SIN “Michelle” pumps came in a fatpack of shoes I won from the lucky chair at Lya.  This fatpack of pumps comes with black, blue, cream, grey, white, and wine colors.  While at the Lya store, make sure to walk around and grab the other freebies.  Other free things I picked up were the Adonia Colorchangeable sunglasses, SIN “Melanie” wedges in black and in white, and the Mysteria Earrings and Necklace.

Also at Lya, I grabbed the free pale pink bikini and the fatpack of Acacia one piece swimsuits.  (The back of the bikini is super hot, but I think my Hawks would just die if I were to show you!)  The Acacia Swimsuit comes in blue, earth, gold, ocean, olive, orange, pink, purple, red, and watermelon.  I am wearing the watermelon color.

I decided to take a stroll through Silent Sparrow and I won this beautiful rosey caged bird lolita layered dress from the lucky chair.  This dress matched perfectly with the wine colored “Michelle” pumps from Lya.  There are many people usually waiting around the chair at Silent Sparrow so the letters change quite often.

The Argento eyes are free from Pelle Occhi.  There are eight eyes to choose from.  Also on the counter there are five free boxes that contain Tribal Tattoos, Jeans, Handbags, Jewelry, and Bikinis!  I havent opened these boxes yet so I don’t have pictures for ya.

The Blowpop Mellie3 Cream skin I am wearing is not free, but this is my normal skin.  There is an unmakeuped naked version that is free, so go try it out.

The bandana I am wearing is from the Hair Fair.  For locations please scroll down to one of my posts on the the Hair Fair.  Each bandana is 50L and goes towards charity.  Hair Fair donates proceeds to Locks of Love, an organization that donates wigs to children who suffer hair loss due to cancer, burns, and other conditions.  Today, September 7th, on the last day of Hair Fair, people around the grid are asked to take off their hair for Bandana Day!  Join me and take the hair off in support of this worthy cause?

* Hudson Clothing Co.: Dresses (L$0)
Paektu ( 52/165/94 )

* Lya: “Melanie” Wedges (L$0),  Acacia Swimsuit – fatpack (L$0), Adonia Colorchangeable sunglasses (L$0), Mysteria Earrings and Necklace (L$0), Bikini (L$0), Sin “Michelle” Pumps – fatpack (L$0 – Lucky Chair)
Boudoir Isle ( 171/30/23 )

* Silent Sparrow: Lucky Chair (L$0 – Lucky Chair)
silent sparrow ( 208/92/21 )

* Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )

*Blowpop: *blowpop* Mellie3 Nekkid Skin (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 237/168/36 )


Katatonik – Stringer – M&R Cupcakes – Wings of Angel – Angelwing – MAc

M & R Cupcakes, owned by Mimi Coral and Rosemary Galbraith, has sent out another adorable group gift: Plush Skins – Headcold (well, if my RL-avi would look so cute while having a cold ….. my dear! I would be more than grateful *LOL*) My SL-avi is grateful to be pleased with M & R Cupcakes` “Headcold Skin” in vista, apricot, cioccolato, piper and tamarind (each skin tone comes with a freckled and none freckled version). Worn in my pic is Plush Skin-Headcold vista freckled.

I´ve already mentioned that M & R Cupcakes Update Group isn´t free to join but worth every single linden. Join fee is … uhm … is …. 200 L or 250 L … not sure right now, sorry :-))

Helena Stringer, owner of Stringers`Mausoleum & Shrine, was so generous to leave a freebie box for all of us (next the subscribe-o-matic) including the lovely Bellazane hair in 8 colors. In my pics I´m wearing it in black and passionberry tipped.

Inside Katatonik`s store at Juicy Bella I´ve found a dollarbie: Rina Dress Pink – isn´t it cute like a button? 🙂 Look at the back! Rina Dress comes with top, pants, skirt and stockings. For those of you who don´t know Katatonik, there´s  also a lot of wonderful dollarbies at Katatonik`s main store @Axis Mundi.

The pretty Kimono Dress by Wings of Angel I won on a Lucky Board at Toyosu 161, 101, 4000. There are lots of Lucky Boards, changing the letters every 5 minutes or so ……. good chance to win some goodies as this Kimono Dress, or hair, scarf, bracelets, drawings, shoes and so on. Check it out!

Kimono Dress comes with top, pants, skirt, cuffs, obi, boots and parasol. It`s very pretty, wearing it I feel like a japanese Mary Poppins.  And I like this feeling a lot 🙂

UPDATE!! Sadly, the Lucky Boards have vanished in the sky or elsewhere …. I´m not sure if this is one of today`s “bugs”,  or the owner has decided to remove them … all I can say is sorry 😦

Next lovely dollarbie dress – it´s called “darker set” – is a design by  Angelwing Fashion. This dress comes  with top, pants, skirt, stockings, armbands, and shoulder clasp. Pretty pretty, huh? 🙂

Worn in all pics are Loli sweet shoes (free) by MAc, a pair of shoes you should have in your inventory, in my humble opinion ,-)

Grab your goodies and enjoy! Thanks to all generous designers 🙂


Quickie: Hunt at miaSofia

Don´t miss out this hunt/event !

miaSofia Treasure Hunt – Sunday, September 7th

Ahoy! Ye freebooters are invited to search for golden doubloons hidden at miaSofia!

Doubloons with new free gifts from the shops by miaSnow and lurveBite.

12 pm SLT – Treasure Hunt begins

2 pm – Live Music with ColeMarie Soleil

3 to 4 pm ONLY – Exclusive Freebies from Catnip, Shadow Things, and Tart Gallery

4 pm – Live Music with The Dark Aeons

12 am SLT – Treasure Hunt Ends!! Make sure to grab yer booty!!

miaSofia HQ, Hwang 114/123/243



Punch Drunk… Locks of Love

Well Its the last day of Hair Fair and your last chance to grab some of the amazing gifts from the designers.

After getting the Clothes for the Clothesless gift from Punch Drunk, I found myself wondering if the girls scout uniform was a turn on like the cheerleader outfits.  So guys…  Are they?

I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout….  err I mean every FabFree group member.  hehe

This huge gift also includes the white Got A Date? dress, the red Tommy Was A Sailor pants, swirly Under The Yew top, I’m A Bit Blue Shorts, Blue Flower Tank, Pink Flower Tank, Yellow Flower Tank, white Philosophy Major outfit, pink Girly Tube Top, and tons of leggings!

The three skins I am wearing are from a lucky chair at Skin-to-Skin.  This chair has a ten minute wait, but it will go much faster if more of you get down there.  Each skin comes with a set of eyes, eyebrows, and the Hannah Shape (not shown).  These skins are tattooed up in all the right ways.

The bandanas I am wearing are from the Hair Fair.  Each bandana is 50L, but goes towards charity.  Hair Fair donates proceeds to Locks of Love, an organization that donates wigs to children who suffer hair loss due to cancer, burns, and other conditions.  Today, September 7th, on the last day of Hair Fair, people around the grid are asked to take off their hair for Bandana Day!  Join me and take the hair off in support of this worthy cause?

* Punch Drunk: Clothes for the Clothesless (L$0)
Mischief ( 197/185/25 )

* Skin-to-Skin: Lucky Chair Skin with eyes, shape, and eyebrows (L$0 – Lucky Chair)
Emerald Land ( 57/87/22 )