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Hair Today… Gone Tomorrow!

Hair Fair ’08

I thought I was nearly done with the Hair Fair goodies, but after a trip across the sims I found that I had missed a few.

The Comme il Faut – Le Salon booth has a nice gift of shirts, skin, and two hair styles.  The Dulce skin is in Promo wine custard.  The ringlet Victoia style is in brown, blonde, and red.  I am wearing the pink one strap tank top.  This tank also comes in black, blue, green, red, and yellow.  The Lazy Jane ponytail style is a wearable color demo pack with a lot of nice colors to choose from.  The “Mind The Lag” t-shirt is in shirt and jacket form, so guys if you are in need of clothing then you can wear this one without the mid-drift look.

The gift from H2L is a useful hair fitting book.  This would have been very helpful during my newbie days.  The Curl Up and Dye booth has a gift that includes furniture and three very cute hair styles. The Mandi style is a half medium, half short look.  This hair comes in golden brown and really reminded me of the 80’s pop singer that wore the half guy half girl look…  who was that?  Boy George?  (Hehe, ok someone should recreate that look in world)!  The spikey Jaiden style is edgey and great for a child AV as well as adult.  This style comes in ashbrown, brown red, and red.  I know y’all probably love the long Azrael ponytail.  The bangs drape over the eyes and are so sexy.  The Azrael style comes free in black and sand colors.

From the TorridWear booth you can get two really nice poses.  I haven’t shown them because I can’t seem to find them in my inventory.  But they were nice, I promise!

It took me the a while to figure out where this next hair was from…  All that hair has a bunch of really nice gifts at the Hair Fair.  The Maiden style comes in all shades and is great for a casual look.  The gift also contains a color changeable veil, flowered Hula Hula girl outfit, a market set (which has everything you could imagine to decorate a budding business), and an adorable wash basin w/ washboard pose stand.

The next hair is from Pixelated Dream and would look really cute on a female child AV.  The Piggies hair comes in red and purple and reminds me of poofy candy wrappers.  The gift bag also includes black and pink capris, shorties, and a tank.

Twisted Rose has this beautiful black and crimson ballerina outfit.  This beautiful dress can be worn with the short or long skirt and with rose pin, the butterfly choker, or no accessory at all. The curly pigtail Penny style is from MAU’s & MEJ’s and comes in red and black.  The gift from Sky Everett Designs is Tossable panties… I can not figure these out so if anyone else picked these panties up please let me know what I am suppose to do.  All I can figure out is panties fly everywhere, but I cant get them on my body.  ehhh,help?

Adimu has the Oh Lye, My hair in an auburn, black, brunette, and goldilocks fatpack.  So if you want this shade you should be able to find it in the color you wish.  The gold Bright Side of the Moon necklace is also in this gift.  At the Aden booth you can get a wearable color demo.  This demo hair is only 1 prim so if you can’t enter an event without hair, why not try this wig and go for the 2 prim look.

The gift from Laqroki is very nice.  The September hair is in black only, but this style made it’s way into my permanent folder as soon as I tried it on.  Ladies, you are gonna love the way this hair flows!  Laqroki also has a grey male hair fair jacket shirt and a yellow “It’s just a wig!” tee for the ladies.  The brown pilot shades are amazing as well and great for guys as well as girls.  My man looks HOT in these!

At the Eat Rice booth you can pick up this messy Puety hair.  This style comes in a huge variety of colors.  The gift from Tekeli-li! dark artistry is the scripted Eve GenII style.  The gift also comes with Ouroboros color changeable bracelets and prismatic scuplted earrings.  I am wearing these two styles with the olive Ghostfire dress from the katat0nik booth.  Oh and the Tekeli-li! dark artistry gift comes with this small little treasure chest!  This chest would look great in a castle or a house.

The gift from the Draconic Kiss booth is a pair of Skulls N Ribbons wrist Wraps.  These wrist wraps look so good with a dollarbie dress I found at Huxly’s Castle.  Some of the sexiness of Sin & Secrets must have been left behind at Huxly’s Castle, cause this black Movie Night dress is HOT!  This dress is a 1L for a limited time, so hurry over to the castle and grab this one!

The wonderful owners of the Rezzable sim has a gift that includes green and white stripe pajamas, an Aloha backpack, a Greenies handbag, a huge greenies house key, a camera that is about as large as I am, and carnival of foom skeleton balloon with pose.  I am wearing the amazing brown Medium Length Ella hair that I bought from the Laqroki booth.  (eeek, Renee actually spent money on something!)  hehe, it looks like my rl hair and it’s for charity!!!  I am wearing this hair with one of the many hair accessories from Jolie Femme.  There are so many different colors of Sunflower Crystal Headbands to choose from that if I were to name them all you might miss the end of Hair Fair 2008!

Okay, so that’s the last of my Hair Fair finds and just in time to end a wonderful event!  I did pick up a cute pink bandanna, but you will have to wait til tommorrow to see it.  Hair Fair donates proceeds to Locks of Love, an organization that donates wigs to children who suffer hair loss due to cancer, burns, and other conditions.  On the last day of Hair Fair, September 7th, people around the grid are asked to take off their hair for Bandana Day!  So tomorrow can I count on you to join me and take the hair off in support of this worthy cause? 

Here’s a list of the Hair Fair Participants  (there are asterisks (*) by the booths that have free or dollarbie gifts, 0 – next to the booths I was unable to find a gift, and ? next to the couple of booths I just couldnt find… if you find gifts at any of the places that I have 0 or ? by please send me an IM in world!)

Hair Fair Participants:

* Adam n Eve
* Aden
* Adimu Specialty Salon
0 – Aitui
? – Akina
* Alice Project
* All That Hair
* analog dog
? – Armidi Beauty
* Atelier Caraway
* Audacity
0 – Baskin Bobbins
* BishHair
* booN
* BP
* Bryce Designs
* Calico Ingmann Creations
* Calla
* Color Me Couture
* Comme il Faut – Le Salon
* Crimson + Clover
* Crush Factory
* Curio
* Curious Kitties
* Curl Up and Dye Salon
* DamselFly Designs
0 – Deviant Kitties
* Dernier Cri
* Discord Designs
* Diversity Hair
* Draconic Kiss
0 – Dreads N Threads
* Eat Rice
* Exile
* Find Ash~Find Attractive stylish hair~
* Goldie Locks
* GuRL 6
* Gwendolyn Cassini Creations
* H2L
* Hair Solutions
* Here Comes Trouble
* House of Heart
* Ingenue
* Jolie Femme
* katat0nik
* Kin
* Kiss
0 – LALA Moon
0 – Laqroki
? – Laydi Bailly
* LaynieWear
* LOTSA Hair & Fashions
* Magika
* Maitreya
* Marlys
* MAU’s & MEJ’s
0 – Minnu
* Mirada
0 – MiraiStyle-HairSalon-
* Miss B
* Moonshine
* Mystikal Hair Designs
0 – Novocaine
0 – Panache
* Pazazz
* Philotic Energy
* Pixel Dust
* Pixelated Dreams
* Ravenwear
* Refuge
* Rezzable
* Sanctum Hair
* Sinsation
* Sirena Hair
* Sky Everett Designs
* SkyShop HairResort
* Sparkle Skye Designs
* Tekeli-li! dark artistry
* The Stringer Mausoleum
* Tickled Pink
0 – !TM – Hair Styles by Tami McCoy
* TorridWear
* Tousled
0 – Tukinowaguma Hair Style
* Twisted Rose
0 – Virtual Creations
0 – Vixen Hairs
* Wilted Rose
* WonderHair
0 – Zero Style
Hair Fair 2008 – Pink, Rezzable Discover ( 205/51/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Red, Rezzable Discover ( 51/51/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Purple, Rezzable Discover ( 205/206/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Orange, Rezzable Discover ( 50/205/23 )

* !Huxly’s Castle!: Movie Night Dress (L$1)
Sooseunhwa ( 220/249/54 )

::69:: – Sari`s – *OC* – Blackberries – SSUS – Copykat – KA Designs

Skin worn in all pics by KA Designs “V1 Special Edition2” – sunkissed, free in-store, posted here

Hair worn in all pics by ::69:: “Butterfly Dolly” (tintable hairband) – free from Lucky Chair (2nd floor)

Pic 01: Delicate Dress Orange by “blackberries” @ Fashion Fruit, 1 L – in-store

Pic 02: Top – part of DelicateDressOrange, Mystery Skirt green by *Ki2*, 1 L – in-store

Pic 03: Green Satin Shirt by *OC*, free in-store / HippieHurray Skirt by Sari`s, free in-store

Pic 04: Black Botolo Dress by *OC*, free in-store / Delite Flur Sandals by CopyKat, not free 20 L

Rowan Carroll, designer and owner of SSUS She`s So Unusual Shoes , was so kind to drop me her latest group gift. Thanks again 🙂 “Angelic Wings pumps” in white/gold and “Devilish Flame pumps” in orange/gold are one of a kind 🙂 You can find more of Rowan Carroll`s “unusual stuff” in her store, check it out! There are heels, flats, sandals, pumps …. one could get addicted 🙂 Oooh, and there are Lucky Chairs and item camps, too! To get this wonderful group gift join the  She`s So Unusual Shoes Update Group. How to join and more read on SSUS blog, please 🙂

At CopyKat you can find more cute shoes for 20 Linden as well as free black boots, free sandals and free pumps (look for bags). Lucky Chairs are outside.

Also the lovely Intarsia Bracelet worn with Hippie Hurray-skirt is from  Sari`s. Not free, but 10 Linden is a steal 🙂 The skirt is a “Thank You Gift” from Sari`s to her customers, and I love this skirt to pieces :-)) You will find it outside next the sign with the opening gift.

Dont miss out the Lucky Chair at ::69::! Butterfly Dolly hair is too cute 🙂

The pretty Mystery Skirt by *Ki2* is perfect to match with any top or shirt, and it goes soo well with the top of Lovely Delicate dress by “blackberries”!

Black Botolo dress has a very lovely lace fringed  skirt 🙂 Try to match the great textured Satin Shirt in green with this skirt, looks really nice! Both goodies you can find at *OC*.

Last but not least I show the cute “Eil violet dress” worn with “Maika sandals” by KA Designs. Dress and sandals are included in each box of the free skins.

Have a great weekend!