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Tuli – Sari`s@Journey – Ema`s – SLC

Please, update your landmarks – Tuli has a own sim now! Head over to Journey 130, 170, 22 and have a look, it´s a really pretty place 🙂 Check out Tuli`s new main store, and the Lucky Chair (you can win a pretty sUmi bag!)  as well as the other shops, and have a closer look at the booths outside around the fountain. The lovely dreadlocks I wear in all pics are free at Sari`s booth.  “Journey Dreads Hair” comes with shawl in several colors.

Skin worn in the first pics  are a generous group gift (join fee 250 Linden, and worth every single Linden!) by Tuli, of course 🙂 Shown here are only 2 make ups: “Meredith sunkissed silver shine 1” as well as “sUmi starry 2 light green“. But you get more  amazing pretties 🙂

Ema`s is offering a “Dirty Black Dress” for free: shirt, glitch pants, and a very cute belted skirt 🙂 “Red/Black/Grey Bangles” are a Lucky Chair prize (Luckys are upstairs). If you are unlucky, no problem :-))) There´s also a Unlucky Chair, or you can bob for apples, and don´t forget to look for the Jack-o-Lanterns!

Next station is SLC Serina Lacava Collection: “Mr.Goth Skin” (not shown, comes with shape and skins) and the wonderful“Halloween Set” (comes complete with shape/eyes/hair (not shown), 3 skins with different make ups (shown here Miss Vampire Make up 1), vampire teeth, gloves, pants, jacket, long skirt) are free. Both boxes are sitting on the ground next the group inviter. You have to activate your group tag to get the freebies! On the counter desk you will find more presents. One present box for guys contains  “SkullShirtBlack” (not shown),  and the present box for women contains “GinaMaria” – a pretty lingerie set with bra, panties, shirt and stockings 🙂 Also available for new players is a “Newbie Voucher”.

Hair worn along with “HalloweenSet” is Scarecrow by HOH, part of “Spook-tacular Release Gift”




Perhaps you know my own blog … and if so, perhaps you read my little story “WE ARE FAMILY”.  If not … it doesn´t matter :-)) But it was my best friend, Sandmaennchen Polanski, who lets me know about Sway`s Creations Opening, and I want to thank him 🙂 Hmm … btw, if you like plants, trees and flowers you might have a look to Sand`s Plants. Sand(maennchen) Polanski is still preparing his store, and its not officially opened but he offers great plants with just 1 prim (and right now I´ve heard there are a few nice freebies, too :-)) As soon as this man (he isn´t a teddy all time long, he has a very attractive male avi, too *nods and smiles*) will ever be satisfied with his amazing designs I will shout out “Hallelujah, he´s done!”, and immediately will write a special post about him and his plants :-))) However … *coughs* …. this post is about


And that´s what the notecard says:

Sway’s Creations Marketplace & Village Opening

Friday 19 SEP – Sunday 21 SEP

All around Sway’s Creations you can find some special opening gifts..
look out for Hat Boxes, Cardboard Boxes and Bags 🙂

Please visit the Village with its great Designers:
Shiki Designs, Thistle Homes, Pet Paradise, Hydi’s Stuff, Amrita, Baby Love and Dedrie’s Designs.

Have a great time at Sway’s Marketplace and Village!
and dont forget to take part in the Photo Contest…

Sway Dench

A place to fall in love with it 🙂 Take your time to walk around, and enjoy every single piece … watch the cute, animated teddy bears … check out the amazing furniture and working sets … the lovely jewellery … the pretty, small shops of other designers … there is so much to explore 🙂 Don´t be in a hurry when you head over to Sway`s Creations … go for a walk, or better for a shopping spree like me, omg! :-)))

Oooh, almost forgot your freebies: cute Sway`s dolls (ruby, azure, sunny – 1 L each), lovely “Heart Gift” earrings and necklace, Sway`s bracelet seven colored, pretty “Sway`s Creations” logo shirts (blue and white), and a scripted bag in blue, an animated Sway`s good night pillow (not shown), Sway`s table lamp (not shown), and much more 🙂

If you join “Sways Creations Group” you can get wonderful bracelets as a group gift. Another group you can join is “Cookie Bears Group” … just in case you want to be gifted with a “shoulder teddy”. Cute as a button 🙂 Both groups are free to join. Make sure your group tag is actived, and click the box to receive your gift … from different boxes in different shops … as said, there´s a lot to explore :-))

Please, read Sway Dench`s blog for further information about the photo contest. Sounds pretty interesting! And it´s that easy … you will find great animated designs to try out. Have fun and take nice pics!

Hair: Stunning Hours in ashbrown by Glitter Loveflower Hair, NOT FREE – 155 Linden

Try your luck and get free hair – there are 2 Lucky Boards !!

Skin: Soft Touch Persia2 Sky Kiss (L) by Soft Touch Skins – latest group gift (also included in this gift: Persia2 Sky Kiss (b), angels eyes evil, Jess shape)

Jeans: Black Detroit Summertime Jeans low rise by Maschienenwerk – free

Shoes: Chucks Flowers by ::LiNe::NOT FREE – 250 Linden

Jacket: Flowerd Hoody by Miss Lily – you have to camp for 100 min to get it for free



QUICKIE: Gbberish Boutique / Urban Junkie / TekuTeku Opening & Hunt / Jetcity Shop


At Gbberish Boutique Main Store, Tresco 87, 61, 22, you can get for a very short time a pair of  cute “Princess Pumps Golden Tierra” for free.  You will find the freebie shoes inside the “sister shop” next to Gbberish`s main store. Go now, it´s a “Limited Period Offer” (says the sign).

Urban Junkie offers a free, scripted skate board, also available for free only for a short time. You will find a big box (contains the skate board and a free shirt)  inside the store. Grab it now, it´s fun!

Okay, done? 🙂 For the next freebies you don´t need to hurry 🙂

!Amajestic! offers a lot of dollarbies and freebies, too. There´s a vendor on the wall with dollarbie dresses. One of these dresses I wear in my pics, it´s called “Flowers For Fun Mini”. Squeake-able cute :-)))

Also  Jetcity Shop offers a bunch of various, pretty freebies, check it out! The Short Jeans in black I wear along with the free shirt from Urban Junkie are free at Jetcity.

=TekuTeku= has a new store, and you have to go there, really! It´s such a nice place 🙂 To celebrate the opening there´s a “30 % Off Sale” as well as 2 Lucky Chairs, a table with 3 cute hairstyles for 1 Linden each, and a hunt! Yes, next hunt, but it ends on Sept 15th, time enough to find the treasures 🙂 You have to find 6 tiny present boxes (they are wee wee wee wee tiny, or in german “klitze-klitze-klein”), and very hard to find. I was in a hurry – as usual :-)), I managed to find 1 box LOL But look at this hair, isn´t it pretty with this cute heart grip? It´s simply called “present 1”. The other lovely hair style by =TekuTeku= is a dollarbie from the table next to the Lucky Chair, named “freebie hair 2008summer sienna”,  and you will get 6 sizes, so you don´t have to worry if the hair fits your pumpkin-head :-)))

PornStar Xtra HiTops MultiColor by UBU Urban Bomb Unit are NOT FREE. They are 595 Linden, but I had to have it :-))

Oooh, and my cold isn´t getting better 😉 I still wear M&R Cupcakes` group gift “Plush Skin – Headcold“, this time in apricot non-freckled.

Pics of  =TekuTeku=

Ladies, before you run off to grab your freebies, take a look at your “Freebie Etiquette Book” 😉

Be nice, have fun and take care!



BAIASTICE Gifts – Grand Opening & Hunt

“New Baiastice Sim Opening!

You are cordially invited to the Grand Opening of the brand new BAIASTICE Sim. Thursday 10th July at 12am PDT/SLT.
Music provided by Baiastice face 2008 Giela Delpaso, who will be playing some 80’s 90’s and dance music and will be giving some hints for the hunting !!!
-More than 20 Baiastice new releases for day and night.
– J&J Skin – Pupa Evolution special price
– Behavior Body – Poses & Animations
– Stiletto Moody Shoes – New Store
– and a BIG HUNT !!!!
– FREE and Exclusive items released only to share this special openning with all of you:
20 special gifts including dresses, accessories, skins and poses hidden on the whole sim. Come get yours !!! Thank you, enjoy, and hope to you see you this Thursday!!”

Well, that´s what the notecard says, and it sounds fantastic 🙂 20 small, golden “boxes” are hidden over the whole sim for only a week. Please, remove all attachments like AO, sexy walk, facelight and so on to reduce lag! I only managed to find 2 boxes (right click and buy for 0 Linden). You have to look high and low, inside the store and outside too, and use your cameras. I found Old America (top, pants, flexi skirt, flexi transparent skirt and hat) and Pop Flower 🙂

Here´s your tp to Baiastice New Fashion Mainstore, Baiastice 152, 126, 5.

I didn´t receive only the invitation but also Blu Breeze (comes with pants and top both on 2 layers, gloves, and a belt in 3 sizes) as an amazing gift 🙂 Baiastice`s July gifts instore are this time 3 avatars: Mary Jane 5 years old, Mary Jane 15 years old and Mary Jane 25 years old. Shape, skin, hair, accessoires, clothes … all included! Freebie area is inside the store and there are still other freebies available.

To receive Blu Breeze and Leo Dress as a group gift you have to join the group ***Baiastice***by Sissy Pessoa. Go to search, choose tab “groups”, use the phrase baiastice, it´s the first choice. Join the group for free, go to the notices, the one dated 7/1/2008 is the July gift (Leo Dress). The other dated 7/10/2008 is the opening gift (Blu Breeze). Click “open attachment”. You are now proud owner of 2 boxes from Baiastice. Unpack your boxes (they should be in your object folder) ……. enjoy and Happy Hunting!


Black gowns are SELDOM BLUE but always great!

SELDOM BLUE has openend a new store at Akaesha Shopping Center and to celebrate this opening we are pleased with the gorgeous Petra Black Gown. This dress is free for a limited time only, so better go now.

Petra Black Gown comes with top, pants and 2 skirts (I´m wearing both) and … wow! It´s not the *little black dress*, it´s the *great black dress* every woman should have 🙂

The skin I´m wearing is not for free, it´s the FRICK Retro Pinup skin in Tan Rita (Fatpack comes with 4 make ups and 2 shapes, 99 Linden) but don´t worry! FRICK is offering a wide range of wonderful free and almost free skins. Don´t forget to touch the subscribe-o-matic, there are still a few gifts in the history 😉

My hair (I can´t remember if it´s free or a dollarbie) is Serafina Black by BishWear, available at SAVOIR HAIR.

Necklace is Freeform Pendant by SHINY THINGS . I´ve got it ways ago for free at Gnubie Store.

SDWears ARCANE, that´s the TRUTH!

SDWears AngstDress eastereggQUICKIE!!!

ARCANE offers for a limited time only an adorable Liquid Skin (LTD Opening Skin) for 1 Linden. Sorry for the bad pics but I think you all know how nice SL is today *grin* However, the skin by Ignite Nightfire comes in caramel, creme, fudge, ghost and latte, with eyebrow shape and facelight. And this skin is absolutely fabulous!

TRUTH also gives out 3 dollarbies for a limited time, so hurry. Buy Danny (worn in platinum dark), Danny 2 (worn in black) and Deanne (worn in apricot) for 1 Linden. All 3 styles comes in fatpacks with lots of colors.

If you tp over to Sweet Sorrow, please consider that you are not on a catwalk. There´s no need to be a beauty. Go without facelight, hair, shoes, A0 and so on ……….. it takes years until all is rezzed and its very laggy. Good luck, freekz 🙂

Desdemona Young, owner and designer of SDWears was so kind to let us know that there´s an easter egg in her mainstore. It´s in the basket on the coffeetable. You will get the cute ANGST Dress. Anyone of you know that Angst is a german word and means “fear”? Well, I think there´s no need to get scared, it´s just a thrill of joy when you see this dress!

Arcane LiquidSkinTRUTH dollarbie hair 3 styles ArcaneSkin

Liquid Skin Ltd. Opening Sale (1 L)

ARCANE, Sweet Sorrow 92/43/24

Danny, Danny2, Deanne (1 Linden/fatpack)

Truth Hair, Sweet Sorrow 106/121/26

Angst Dress (easter egg, 1 L)

SDWears Mainstore,Dubya City 35/158/25
Fab Hazel


Quickie: FREE SPEERIT Opening March 2nd 2008 under the WINTER MOON

Free Speerit Brigitta Hair SLSA Dress freeI have plenty of work to do in my RL and SL so I had nearly overseen it, bad me! So here´s the Quickie: Don´t miss the FREE SPEERIT Opening today at 12 pm SLT!

There will be tons of new and – of course! – free items as hair, lingerie, dresses and so on. The official freebie will be Sonia and also Sandra will return with some georgeous changes, and …oh wow! there´s so much listed in the notecard! The best you can do is take a look for yourself at all the amazing stuff created by the team of FREE SPEERIT.

And join the group! Do a search in groups for the group called Free Speerit. (When I do a group search I use the phrase free speerit and it is the 1st choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the notices – there are 2 groupgifts still available at this time!

FREE SPEERIT will send out a Welcome Anouncement – from this time on all new releases will be there into the store. If you want to stop by at the store sooner you will just find what I´ve found *lol* Well, it´s my job to find freebies and here we are with the cute Brigitta hairstyle (by Mewf). It comes in several colors with a big hairband. Brigitta is pictured on the wall at the hair section. Also pictured on the wall is the free Muddy – a funny idea! Look at the footsteps, reminds me of my hubby …*coughs*

The free SLSA Dress is still available. This amazing dress  is signed next the lounge. Well, now you can imagine how great the opening stuff will be!

The lovely skin I´m wearing is the newest group gift by WINTER MOON: AnotherSkinMod Lf0 Racoon.

Do a search in groups for the group called WINTER MOON Update. (When I do a group search I use the phrase winter moon and it is the 1st choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 2/27/2008 and 2/12/2008 with the subject New SkinMods / GroupExclusive Skins!Gift. Click Open/Save Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a boxes with skins from WINTERMOON . Find a place that allow build. Unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives so hurry.

Free Speerit Muddy freeFree Speerit Brigitta Hair freeFree Speerit Muddy footsteps

AnotherSkinMod Lf0 Racoon by Arbel (group gift 0 L)

WINTER MOON, Koreshan 70/71/24

Brigitta Hair, SLSA Dress, Muddy (0 L)

Fab Hazel

Green Eyes (group gift 0 L)

FREE SPEERIT, Quest III 157/150/22



Quickie: SYMPHONY SKINS – a Masquerade in major and minor

Unfortunately I missed yesterday´s grand opening of Claire Harford´s SYMPHONY SKINS, so here is the quick addendum.

The first would be to say Claire Harford has done a very good work – the skins are adorable! And the first skins which makes me look like a woman not like a cute little girl, as usual.


The free Masquerade skins comes in 6 skin tones: Alto, Baritone, Contralto, Falsetto, Soprano and Tenor with a particularly beautiful Make up.

Symphony Skins Masquerade eye detailDon`t worry all the naughty bits are in the right place, too (nicely trimmed pubic hair!)

Freebie boxes are located in front of the entrance inside the store. One with the Masquerade skins (plus feather with left or right option) and another box with an amazing pre-release skin named Red Barouque (plus skin tone illuminator)! Both for free – no idea how long they are still there, so better hurry up!

Skins: Symphony Masquerade, Symphony Red Barouque (0 L)

Symphony Skins, Aurora Quays 102/144/26

Boa: oversized cosy rainbowa (Callie Cline group xmas group gift 0 L)

caLLie cLine, caLLiefornia 225/196/22

Hair: Bewitched – Tara cimmaron, Teagon platinum, Tiffany silver, Sabine babypink, Ashley auburn (group gift 0 L)

Bewitched Hair, Lemon Island 129/136/23

symphony skins masqueradeskin-boa-3.jpgsymphony skins masqueradesymphony skins masqueradesymphony skins masqueradesymphony skins Red baroque

Fab Hazel