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I´m back! Got a haircut (cute!), a pair of boots (cool!) and a cup of coffee (yummy!) I love shopping in RL but why don`t the RL shops have a freebie corner? Or a Lucky Chair? Nothing, nada, nix … a nice “KaChing” is all you get for free :-)) Speaking of freebies …. on we go:

Quickies first :))  Elemiah Designs has a new gift for us, this time a charming, blue dress with collar and nice textured skirt. Simply called …? … right! … 4you7 🙂 Grab it now, it´s only for free until Sept 25th!

To get “Antique Denims- darkblue” and the pretty “Paint Splatter Hoodie” head over to Pink Oufitters. There`s a gift box sitting on a small table inside the store, it´s a bit hidden in the corner.

Worn in all pics is “Melinda hair” (dirty blackened/black pink) by ETD.

It´s on the freebie wall, and you get the fatpack for 1 Linden.

Rosy Mood – Skins from Japan – offers 2 lovely skins (1 Linden/each): RM* Skin Sayaka and RM* Skin Sayaka red chic (I´m not sure if both skins come with shape, too). I couldn`t resist to grab the free “Strap Shoes” 🙂 They come in black, red, simple red, pink, blue and graffiti. There are more freebies/dollarbies, take a look.


She forgot about this Line

Renee had so much stuff to post she failed to mention this great male freebie…cue me…

Alright guys, lets gear up for the last bit of summer with this great gift from Line.  Plaid board shorts and a tank make going to the beach stylish.  Now, I must warn you, it wont help you surf any better (believe me i learned the hard way), but you will surely get a few of the ladies to turn their heads.

Over and Out.


Surfer Outfit @ Line

Skin @ The Abyss

Hair @ Uncleweb Studio

I´m Cute AND Cool – No sh** :-))

Hi there!

Guess what … I `ve found freebies :-))

Look at the first pic … AM I cute and cool? *grins* However, the funny “I´m Cute No Sh** tee” (I´m not sure if I can write the bad, bad term in a post  … don´t want people to be upset again …) is my Lucky Chair prize from Kawaii Style.

The “Police Shades Black” are a subscribe-o-matic gift from Savvy Avvy Fashion & Shape – just click the subscribo at the entrance, or in-store, and find them in your object folder. Cool shades 🙂 Ooh, and there`s a discount section for both men and women with stuff “for as little as 10 Linden” – good deal, I think.

Inimitably Designs offers “Black Cat Jeans” (worn in all pics) for having the store in your profile picks. Tp over, there´s a sign with detailled instructions. I for myself can´t have enough jeans, and this pair comes with cuffs … cool, huh? :-)))

If you aren´t already a member of “Pig`s Kick Closet Group” join now! Rin Paine is such a generous designer, and there´s no store to grab her cute clothes! Worn here is “Panel Dot Cami pink” (also comes in blue and yellow, as usual on several layers). It´s the latest group gift “No 62 PanelDotDCA” but there are a more gifts still available. Use the phrase “pigs” in search (or make it easy and look at my profile), Pig`s Kick Closet Group is open enrollment, and free to join.

Lady Beetle gives away another cute (or is it cool? *grins*) freebie – the dotted “Mizutama Parker”. It´s that cosy! 🙂 You get both male and female version in one folder, for free. NOTICE: Right now I checked back the Slurl and it doesn´t work … I´m not sure if this depends on the server updates, or if the place has gone … confusing … hope it will work again!

Hair Exile avant-garde vermillion rust worn in all pics is a hunt gift from Exile Birthday Hunt – Syler blogged it here . What a cute style! (or if its a male style … what a cool style!)

Last but not least, let me show you one of my favorite skins by SYD Style Your Destiny 🙂 Join our group Fabulously Free in SL, and you will get 2 cu.. – uhm – lovely  “Bubblegum skins” by Teagan Blackthorne for totally free (it´s the notice dated 9/23 .. subject “2Free SYD Skins …”). There is “Rosepetal Skin Bubblegum Make up – no face moles”, which I wear in the pics, as well as “Wheat Skin Bubblegum Make up”.

Chucks Flowers are by ::LiNe::  – a former group gift, not longer available –  but don´t worry, there are always co…  –  *hm hm* – great gifts as Renee posted here.

Now me is that cool and runs off for a cute RL hair cut *grins*


Have I got a Line for you…

If you are a member of the Line group you really should rush over there and grab their new group gift.  There is a new group gift for the ladies and the men.  Members can get the new Dark Girl outfit with the black spider on the shirt.  This outfit is perfect for the upcoming Halloween season!  Men there is a Surfer Outfit (I didn’t grab it so no pictures).  While you are in the store grab the other group gifts that are still available.  Groupies can get the Red ballet flats, this Pink Sudyen tank, and the brown Outfit C which comes with skirt but I messed it up trying to fit it over my waist.  Also you can grab a tail in four different colors, an orange belt, a pair of sheer black bikini pants, and Color Body Red sweater.  If you’re not a member of the group… no worries, join it’s free!

Now I want to show you some of my lucky chair finds.  I am in love with this Blue Ornamental Tunic that I won from the lucky chair at Marinoco Fashion.  I think I waited around all night at this 10 minute lucky chair, but it was sooooo worth the wait!  After trying this on I decided that it might just be my favorite shirt in my closet.

If you’re feeling lucky head over to RockBerry and try for one of these beautiful skins. The lucky chair letter changes every 5 minutes and there are eight different skins from the Megan Series.  You could win either the Megan A Dark, A Light, A Natural, A Natural FR, A Tan, B Natural, C Natural, or Dark Tan.  My favorite is the freckled one (of course), but I think every one of these skins are breathtaking…  Don’t you?

The fancy Airy ponytail is a dollarbie from ETD.


*Line: Dark Girl,  (Group Gifts – L$0)
Diamond Land ( 182/176/23 )

*Marinoco Fashion: Blue Tunic (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Sunny Island ( 107/125/22 )

*ETD: Airy hair (L$1)
ETD Isle ( 193/191/31 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )

*RockBerry: Megan Skins (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Scaramanga ( 20/57/67 )



INDI last chance

This is your last chance to grab up these stylish outfits at INDI Designs. There are four shirts (two blue and green short sleeve and two long sleeved) some shorts, socks, and pants. Each week INDI designs puts out one element of the whole outfit(s) it is offering. So you need to remind yourself to hop over there once a week so you can grab up all of them. The detail of these items are top notch. Just ask Renee, I’ve been wearing mine all week. And don’t worry…if you miss a week because either RL throws a curve ball or you are too busy wooing your SL girlfriend, you can still snatch up old pieces, but it will cost you a little bit more (5L instead of 1L). Take a few minutes out of your busy SL schedule and tp over to INDI Designs.

Over and Out.


Shirts @ INDI Designs (1L/5L)

Pant @  INDI Designs (5L)

Skin @ The Abyss (not free)

Boots @ Acid and Mala (not free)

Hair @ UncleWeb Studio (0L)