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Sexy Things by ZIBWARE, Damiani & Tousled

Here I am with something different – not cute this time but sexy :-))

“Elle hair 2 tone” is the October group gift by TOUSLED (touch the subscribe-o-matic to be added as a member, touch it aain, go to History, its the frist notice). You get “Elle” in black/pumpkin (worn), black/wheat , pumpkin/wheat, pumpkiin/black, wheat/black (worn) as well as in pumpkin  only. The colors are perfect for your Halloween gear. Also, I think it´s the next perfect hat hair …. just in case you want to wear a witch hat :-))

ZIBWARE offers a new freebie, it´s sitting on a table at the main floor along with other freebies/dollarbies. “Desiree Black” is sexy, hot, amazing … in my opinion, but I´m just a  “girl next door type” …. perhaps, I´m wrong. At the other hand … I can´t be that wrong because I tend to type “Desire” instead of “Desiree” 😉  However, I liked this dress at first sight. If you dare  wear it with a tiny top only, I didn´t. I`ve worn it without a top at all :-))

But just because I want to show off this wonderful “Gabrielle sunkissed Deco Tribal Skin” by Damiani Fashion Design. It isn´t free, you have to stump up 10 Linden if you want to own “Gabrielle Skin” – that´s a steal! Take a look at the eyes … just the “eye decoration” is worth much more than 10 Linden! You find  the skin pictured on a big sign at Damiani`s skin section.




My Strawberry Dream by katatOnik & Dakota Lubitsch

I hate Mondays. But I love strawberries … the color, the taste … and how they smell! Sooo … I tend to like Mondays a bit more when I can wear an adorable cute “Strawberry Dream” dress by katatOnik 🙂 This dress can be yours, too, if you are lucky and your letter comes up on the Lucky Chair.
I can`t stop staring at the dress … all those lovely details as bows and laces … and strawberries, of course! The texture is very well done!  Gloves and fishnet stockings are parts of your price, so all you need is a pair of matching shoes. I didn´t search for a long time because there are my beloved Loli*Sweet shoes by MAc. They go so well with this kind of dresses.

A dollarbie skin is slumbering in my inventory for a long time, and I´m sure this skin was dreaming of strawberries, too. Look at the lip color – strawberry lips 🙂 This ElohMod skin is simply called “1 LD skin by Dakota Lubitsch”. You find it as a pic on the wall at Dakota Lubitsch`s store.
My hair is not free, it´s just one of my favorites styles, no matter it´s a male style. “Michikan” by Bryce Designs, worn here in brunette-black, is 200 Linden (3 shades/pack).