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She’s So Unusual… Dancing into the Halloween Spirit!

So ya know how I told you about the beautiful Blue Ornamental Tunic that I won from the lucky chair at Marinoco Fashion.  Well, there’s camping chairs for gorgeous outfits and a huge freebie wall as well.

Hazel actually pointed me in this direction.  I was telling her that I have tons of ball gowns but I wanted something new.  She asked, did you look at Marinoco Fashion?  Umm, I guess I was too busy wishing the letter would change to R to look at anything else but the Blue Tunic.

When I saw the lovely gowns on the freebie wall I knew I had to have them.  I absolutely love the details in the pink formal flowered ball gown, white flowered wedding gown, and black flowered wedding gown.  Yes, the last two are wedding gowns…  and yes, I’m single.  But these two dresses make such beautiful ball gowns and this single girl loves to dance and party!

If ball room dancing isn’t your thing but you still want an extremely nice dress then you really must grab the black gown with silver borders.  This simple evening gown is the perfect dress to complete your wardrobe.  The dress is stunning alone, but with the right jewelry this is absolutely breathtaking.  The black and white polka dot dress is great if you want the more casual look.

If you’re not really a dresses and ballroom girl no worries, Marinoco Fashion has something for you too.  There are gray striped Capri pants, a classy Snake skin top, pink sweetie pie top, turquoise polka dot bikini, and even long ponytail hair!

So by now you have probably noticed the oh so cute pumps I am wearing.  Aren’t these shoes adorable?  I was so excited to get the Cat Eye Pumps, Ghostly Pumps, and Skully Pumps from She’s So Unusual Shoes.  These Halloween pumps can be won from the lucky chair.  Syler and I have been on the search for Halloween costumes lately and these shoes are the first festive thing I’ve found that doesn’t cost a fortune.  If you happen to see any fabulous free (or almost free) costumes out there please let one of us know!

The Taevin hair is a unisex style free from the Curl up and Dye Salon.  I’m not really a short hair girl, but this hair is fun and sexy.  There is also a wearable color demo called Liberty and two chairs to camp for hair.  I am wearing the Natural Freckled Megan skin from the RockBerry lucky chair.  I can’t seem to take this skin off lately, it’s really beautiful.  If you haven’t won one of the eight skins yet tp over there and try your luck.



*Marinoco Fashion: Freebie Wall (L$0)
Sunny Island ( 169/173/22 )

*She’s So Unusual Shoes: Cat Eye Pumps, Ghostly Pumps, Skully Pumps (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Unusual Isle ( 71/53/29 )

*Curl up and Dye Salon: Taevin Hair (L$0)
Inari ( 35/188/400 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )

*RockBerry: Megan Skins (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Scaramanga ( 20/57/67 )


RockMeAmadeus but SweeterThanCandy … DEJAVU (or just a dream)?

Good morning … it´s 6.30 am … too much coffee to keep me awake … now I´m sleepless in Vienna …:-))

Let´s start with the amazing hair, it´s a groupgift from +++DEJAVU+++. Look at LilKim Lovell`s (owner of DEJAVU) profile to join for free because the group is a bit tricky to find. The “HalloweenGift!!!” is dated 9/23, it´s still in the archives but hurry before its gone.  The blonde hair is named “Gokumori Ageha”, the black hair “Yuruhuwa Ageha”. Both are that pretty with all the butterflies 🙂

Sweeter Than Candy sent out a new group gift today to her subscribe-o-matic group members. “Ocean Blue Leather Mini” is a hot, little dress. And beautifully textured, too 🙂 Tp over to Sweeter Than Candy to be added as a group member by touching the subscrib-o-matic next the entrance. Oh, and have a look at the tons of freebies, dollarbies and bargains!

Rock Me Amadeus offers “Babydoll Duo” as a dollarbie. For only 1 Linden you get both pretty dresses – Black BabyDoll and Red BabyDoll.

I´m off for a very short nap … dreaming of shimmering butterflies … dressed in babydolls …stars and bows on it … fluttering across a blue ocean … full of sexy leather minis