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Hunt at Exile…and some other goodies

Exile is having a SL birthday celebration. The hunt is going on now through Oct 5th. There are several hairs for guys hidden through out the shop. Don’t be afraid to look up.  Also, when you first walk in to your right you will see some freebies. There are several more hairs to choose from and a great outfit. The jeans are going to be some of my new favorites.

The shirt isn’t from Exile it is from GG’s. They have some unisex tee’s and jeans available.

The skin is from Belleza. The group gift that every guy needs.

The shape I made myself and the boots were a gift and most certainly are not free.

Over and Out.

Livin’ Free Syler

SMS (So Many Styles) Quicks my PULSE

Hi there!

I´ll try to keep my next posts short  because I´m pretty busy iRL and iSL. So let´s come right to the point 🙂

***So Many Styles***, New 90, 166, 21 sent out a notice to Fashion Consolidated Group (FashCon), announcing new releases AND a group gift. Well, I got an amazing gift an hour ago: “Baggy Shirt” in gold as well as in silver, both with matching scarves 🙂 If you dare wear it “solo” … if not you have to find a matching bra or any other nice thingy to wear underneath 😉 “Baggy Shirt” comes on several layers, of course. Worn here is the longer version: shirt and jacket layer.

Visit SMS`s store to join the group ***So Many Styles*** for free. You will find a “group inviter sign” on the wall next the entrance. Your gift is called “Glitter Gift”, and it´s the only group notice.

In-store you can get another freebie by touching the “free gift sign” above the group inviter: a cute Baby Doll dress in brown, Blue Swirl Tee and Purple Top 🙂

And if this is not enough stuff for you … keep an eye on So Many Styles blog for news :-))

PULSE Skin, Clothes & Jewelry, Nip Tuck Island 39, 183, 461 has several group gifts still available but I´m not sure how long they will be there. So if you are interested to be gifted with adorable skins join PULSE the group.  One skin worn in the pics is the latest group gift “Pulse Skin1 Caressa Makeup 7” , dated 9/21. It´s a darker skin tone, and I wear the freckled version … what else 🙂 The group gift dated 9/18 contains “Skin1 Tone 4 Makeup 10” in a lighter skin tone. Worn in the pic below is “Skin1 trn2m10” .  Join now, it would be bad to be too late for the amazing skins by PULSE!

The pretty Pulse logo tee as well as the “button shirt blue” are the in-store freebie, just click the sign on the easel. Enjoy 🙂



Introductions…and some great free hair

I suppose introductions are needed at this point. Hi *waves*  I’m Syler Morgwain.  I have been in second life for quite awhile now.  I have been following Renee around in hopes of stumbling upon great men freebies because she tends to forget about us guys.   Well, now I’m here to give FabFree a male voice.

My goal will be to help those new to sl or are just plain cheap (like myself) to be able to show up to any event and look fashionable.  Feel free to send me note cards to let me know of any great finds.  Be sure to include the store name, lm, and your name.

So let me get started with one of my favorite finds in all of second life.

This is some of the best free guy hair in all of second life if you ask my opinion. It is from  UncleWeb Studio and trust me I don’t leave home without it.  As many who know me may tell you, I’m always on the hunt for good affordable (and by affordable I mean 10L or less) hair. Though I have been known to go crazy and pay more, but in all of my time here in SL this is by far the best guy hair I’ve found. Search the store when you go…They have lots of great styles for very affordable (as far as hair goes) prices. If you have lady friends, there are also 2 free styles for women there as well.

Over and Out.

Livin’Free Syler

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Lisa’s Things Zullay the Elan Calla

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been around. Real life is really in the front seat for me right now. Renee Lowenhart has graciously agreed to take on the tough stuff regarding the blog and group so be gentle with her. FabFree HQ inquries will still go to me so if you are looking to place a freebie there, send me a note with the subject ‘FabFree HQ Freebie‘. We have also added a new male writer, Syler Morgwain. Keep on the look out for him.

Zullay has a great free skin pack located inside the store the right. It comes with 8 different skin tones to choose from.

I was over at Calla and won the Magnolia hair on the Lucky Chair. The Lucky Chairs are located inside the store to the right.

Lisa’s Things has this wonderful outfit out for the fall which is free until Tuesday at 1 PM SLT. The outfit is located towards the back of the store on the left wall.

To finish the look I headed to Elan to get their freebie boot collection. From the landing point you need to head west, make a right(north) when you reach Shop the Joker, and you should walk right into the store. The free boots are located on the left wall.

Calla: Magnolia – dark brown($0L lucky chair)
Calla Lily(150,160,37)

Elan: ($0L)

Fabulously Free in SL: Fantasy Eyes – Brown Rainbow($0L)

Lisa’s Things: Chocolat Corset Sweater($0L)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Zullay: Natural Skin_Honey($0L)
Archipelago Wild(64,101,25)

Total Cost: $1L

Fab Cherlindrea