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Hers and His Hairs!

Hair Fair 2008

Sorry about skipping a few days of hair fair updates, but was enjoying a few relaxing nights with my man.  He’s so amazing!  Please forgive me, but I can’t pull myself away from him when he is on.  I’m getting all gushy and lovey dovey on ya, I’ll stop.  hehe.  So ready for more Hair Fair finds?

The Find Ash booth has this cute short Normal Hair.  This style would look good on the guys as well and comes in charcoal gray, golden brown, and royal blond.  The short chocolatecolored style is called Vannie and is from Audacity.  This style comes in a huge variety of colors and is probably a guy hair, but as you can see it looks nice on females as well!

At the Sirena booth you can grab a female and a male style.  The Zoey hair for females can be worn with or without the classy diamond studded headband.  This hair comes in black-jet, blond-seashell, brown-chocolate, and red auburn. The male hair style comes in the same variety of colors and is called Dave.

The Pazazz booth offer two casual styles for the men and women.  Ladies, you can get this medium Allison style with the white headband.  The Peter style is for guys and is adorable with the cream colored hat.  I may drag my Hawks out to get this style!  Both of these hairs come in a large assortment of colors and each color has more scripted shade options.

Guys, if you liked the Pazazz hat hair, you will love the gifts from Bryce Designs!  Their are five styles to choose from, one for the ladies and four for the guys. The Dupe style in plum blonde is totally HOT.  I’m not too keen on blondes, but this look is dreamy!  The beanie style hat is texture changeable with just a click of the hat.  The Black Slate Emoh hair is great for an everyday look.  The Slate colored Noah II style is similar to the Emoh hair but without the bangs over the eyes.  The ruby red Pickins style is gorgous!  Yes, after seeing this style I am definately dragging Hawks out to grab this hair…  maybe I can talk him into getting it in brown.

Ladies, Bryce Designs also has a style for you as well.  The black plum Serendipity hair is great for the pixie look.  This hair is pulled back in two little buns at the nape of the neck.   In the Tousled goodie bag ladies can grab the long Therese style.  This gift comes in seven colors and there is also a silver Monroe upper lip piercing.

The Wonderhair booth includes gifts for everyone as well.  The ladies gift includes Aqua London Bracelets and Necklace, a Marilyn Shape (not shown), Marilyn Eyebrows, and the Tamara hair.  This hair style is so adorable and reminds me of the “I dream of Jeanie” show.  The Wonderhair gift for the men comes with the John Shape, John Eyebrows, and Philip hair.  This is another hair style that would look gorgous on the men and yet another reason to drag my man to the Hair Fair.  (I just adore this man so much…  Am I grossing you out yet?)

The outfit I have on is the new gift of the month from Haute Style.  The black Ultimate Gladiator Mules special 1500 member group shoe from Shoe Fly Shoes are perfect with this black and white Serendipity outfit.

The female skin isn’t free, but it’s my normal Blowpop Mellie3 skin with freckles.  You can get the unmakeuped naked version for free.  The male skin is a freebie from Belleza.  I seriously need to find another place that has male freebie skin!

*Catch me tomorrow for more free and dollarbie hair that you can only get at the hair fair.*

Here’s a list of the Hair Fair Participants (there are asterisks (*) by the hair I’ve covered thus far).

Hair Fair Participants:
* Adam n Eve
Adimu Specialty Salon
* Alice Project
* analog dog
Armidi Beauty
* Atelier Caraway
* Audacity
Baskin Bobbins
* BishHair
* booN
* BP
* Bryce Designs
* Calico Ingmann Creations
* Color Me Couture
Comme il Faut – Le Salon
* Crimson + Clover
* Crush Factory
* Curio
* Curious Kitties
Curl Up and Dye Salon
* DamselFly Designs
Deviant Kitties
* Dernier Cri
* Discord Designs
* Diversity Hair
Draconic Kiss
Eat Rice
* Exile
* Find Ash~Find Attractive stylish hair~
* Goldie Locks
* GuRL 6
* Gwendolyn Cassini Creations
* Hair Solutions
* Here Comes Trouble
* House of Heart
* Ingenue
Jolie Femme
* Kin
* Kiss
Laydi Bailly
* LaynieWear
LOTSA Hair & Fashions
* Magika
* Maitreya
* Marlys
MAU’s & MEJ’s
* Mirada
Miss B
* Moonshine
* Mystikal Hair Designs
* Pazazz
* Philotic Energy
* Pixel Dust
Pixelated Dreams
* Ravenwear
* Refuge
* Sanctum Hair
* Sirena Hair
Sky Everett Designs
* SkyShop HairResort
* Sparkle Skye Designs
Tekeli-li! dark artistry
The Stringer Mausoleum
Tickled Pink
!TM – Hair Styles by Tami McCoy
* Tousled
Virtual Creations
Vixen Hairs
* Wilted Rose
* WonderHair
Zero Style
Hair Fair 2008 – Pink, Rezzable Discover ( 205/51/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Red, Rezzable Discover ( 51/51/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Purple, Rezzable Discover ( 205/206/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Orange, Rezzable Discover ( 50/205/23 )