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New Urban Shopper by the Sea / Topaz Square

Hmmm … my inventory appears piece by piece, but it will take a while till all items will be mine again 🙂

In the meantime I can give you just a quick note about 2 events. Sadly, without pics of the great gifts.

Desdemona Young, owner of SD Wears,  let me know about a Re-Grand Opening Event on September 6th, 7th and 8th at Urban Shopper by the Sea. Thanks again, Desdemona!  Here´s what the notecard says, and it sounds great 🙂

” :: Urban Shopper’s Re-Grand Opening Event ::
Starts Saturday, September 6th

The Urban Shopper has undergone some heavy construction and with the magic of SL, we are now by the Sea! Brand new theme. Brand new stores. Brand new (and old) designs. PLUS a big celebration with a great BIG sale & gift event!
*** Special Gifts available in-store***

Visit Urban Shopper, to receive these gifts from following designers:  (nova),  Body by Eve, Samara Studios, Love Me Skins, Liann`s, Primal Arts Tattoo’s, !mpossible, Dani`s, Jairis Designs, Pixeldolls
The gift event ends Monday, September 8th @ midnight”

Topaz Square has a “Summer End Sidewalk Party/Event” to celebrate its 1st anniversary (ends on Sept 11th), and there´s not only a 50 L-sale with stuff from many designers but also a complete, cute Mime outfit as a free gift 🙂 Topaz Square has a new great design, check out the store as well as the booths outside. You will find the Mime outfit outside (and more gifts), and some very nice and totally free stuff inside on the counter desk:-)

Please, do me a favor 🙂 No matter at what place you are hunting for freebies …. don´t forget your good manners! I saw a “nice” lady yesterday, she tped in and after about 6 seconds she shouted out several times “where is the freebie, cant find it”.  No need to shout, just type your question in the chat, and add “please”. But first be patient until all is rezzed, open your eyes and TRY to find the freebie. Next words I heard from  said lady was “I´m sure they have hidden the freebie because they want us to look at their other stuff and buy something”. Aaargh! Oooouch! Omg! How mean designers are … they want us to look at their non free stuff! :-)))) I really, really hope from the bottom of my heart that it hurts a lot to be lazy AND stupid AND without any good manners  … however, finally the lady found the freebie. Standing in front of the designer, she clicked the box …. and went away without a word. No thank you, nothing, nada, nix. I clicked the freebie box, too … and I said hello to the designer, a few nice words about the place/stuff and thank you, of course. The lady TPed away. I know her name. And I will keep an eye on her. I´m not mean, I don´t want drama … but next time I see her, I´ll kick her *coughs* off :-))

Enjoy your freebies, and enjoy your good manners!


Sinsational Sin & Secrets!

Hair Fair 2008 (2 days left!!!)

Oh my goodness I still have tons of hair to show you and Hair Fair 2008 is nearly over!  If you haven’t gone you are running out of time, so go quickly!

Sinsation has tons of gifts available.  There are skins for the ladies and the guys, as well as hair!  The long flowery Eris style comes in Chocolate, Honey, Pinkie, Shiny Black, and Sunny.  The Anna style, with the big ball pigtail elastic bands, is perfect for the child AVs.  This style comes in Silver, Strawberry, Strawberry Blonde, Sunny, and Vanilla.  The Sinsation skins I am wearing are called Lust and Woe.  They both come in China Doll, Ebony, Fair, Pale, and Tan.

The Odine medium length curly hair is perfect for any formal event.  I am wearing the Flat Black color, but this hair also comes in Cherry, Mocha, Red, and White.  I’m wearing the Woe skin and some might wonder if I wasn’t asked to dance, since it looks as if I am crying. The straight pigtails come with two barrettes on both sides and is available in Charcoal, Fuscia, Snow White, and Strawberry Blonde.

The long pulled back Monique style with black and white hair sticks comes in Black Raynebow Tip, Flat Black, Pink Black Tips, Pinkie, Red White Tips, Sandy, Walnut, and Whore White Tips.  The Sinsation’s hair for men is thegun style in a white bandanna.  This guy hair style comes in Carmel, Cherryice, Chocolate Covered Cherry, Dirty, Shiny White, and Sunshine.

The Stringer Mausoleum booth has more goodies for the guys.  The gift incudes the Men’s Crying Spider skin and the Thunderdrome long mohawk sty;e in Ashes, Black/Red Tip, Grass Tipped, and Violetta Tipped.  Men youu also get the Aneema ling haired ponytail in Crimson Tipped, Deep/Razzerberry, Dirty, Hotberry/Black Tip, Mahogony, and Peacock.  This Aneema hair would look nice on the ladies as well.

Ladies the Stringer Mausoleum gift has PirateGirl flats in Black, Green, and Purple.  The details to the skull and cross bones are very nice.  The gift also includes a Blood Orchid Massive hair flower, and a ladies Pale Face Doodles skin.  LOTSA Hair & Fashions a pink tulip outfit with dragonfly wings in their gift bag.

The Philotic Energy booth has three hair styles in a ton of colors.  The Kama style is perfect for a classy updo look. The short haired Gale ponytail is a very pixie look that would look nice on ladies of all ages.  The demale skin I am wearing is Pale Face Doodles skin from the Stringer Mausoleum gift.  Guys the Faris short messy style is for you.

At the Miss B Hair Fair booth you can get three styles and a box full of hair accessories.  The medium length Anne hair comes in black.  The braided Babe pigtail hair is in an Ash color and the ponytail Natalie style is in Auburn.

The Calla booth has four different styles and so many colors in the I Want Them All packs.  Of course I picked one of the many brown colors to show you from this ImSoElegant style.   I must agree this style is So Elegant and has quickly found its way into my permant closet.  The ImSoPreddy V1 style also comes in a huge variety of colors.  It is a shoulder length style and is very similiar to the ImSoPreddy V2 style.  The ImSoPreddy V3 style is a longer hair and just like the others it comes in a ton of color choices and is oh so pretty!

Ladies, from the Tickled Pink booth you can grab these pink Rebecca heels and the pink drop Flower Petal earrings.  I am also wearing Onyx Wire bangles from Philotic Energy.  The sexy low cut black dress is a dollarbie from Sin & Secret and is called LBD Oscar Night.  (Told ya there was sexy stuff at Sin & Secrets!)  This dress is beautiful for a night out or just relaxing and seducing your man!

* Sin & Secrets: LBD Oscar Night Dress (L$1)
Nemnem ( 154/194/31 )

Here’s a list of the Hair Fair Participants (there are asterisks (*) by the hair I’ve covered thus far).

Hair Fair Participants:
* Adam n Eve
Adimu Specialty Salon
* Alice Project
* analog dog
Armidi Beauty
* Atelier Caraway
* Audacity
Baskin Bobbins
* BishHair
* booN
* BP
* Bryce Designs
* Calico Ingmann Creations
* Calla
* Color Me Couture
Comme il Faut – Le Salon
* Crimson + Clover
* Crush Factory
* Curio
* Curious Kitties
Curl Up and Dye Salon
* DamselFly Designs
Deviant Kitties
* Dernier Cri
* Discord Designs
* Diversity Hair
Draconic Kiss
Eat Rice
* Exile
* Find Ash~Find Attractive stylish hair~
* Goldie Locks
* GuRL 6
* Gwendolyn Cassini Creations
* Hair Solutions
* Here Comes Trouble
* House of Heart
* Ingenue
Jolie Femme
* Kin
* Kiss
Laydi Bailly
* LaynieWear
* LOTSA Hair & Fashions
* Magika
* Maitreya
* Marlys
MAU’s & MEJ’s
* Mirada
* Miss B
* Moonshine
* Mystikal Hair Designs
* Pazazz
* Philotic Energy
* Pixel Dust
Pixelated Dreams
* Ravenwear
* Refuge
* Sanctum Hair
* Sinsation
* Sirena Hair
Sky Everett Designs
* SkyShop HairResort
* Sparkle Skye Designs
Tekeli-li! dark artistry
* The Stringer Mausoleum
* Tickled Pink
!TM – Hair Styles by Tami McCoy
* Tousled
Virtual Creations
Vixen Hairs
* Wilted Rose
* WonderHair
Zero Style
Hair Fair 2008 – Pink, Rezzable Discover ( 205/51/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Red, Rezzable Discover ( 51/51/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Purple, Rezzable Discover ( 205/206/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Orange, Rezzable Discover ( 50/205/23 )


SyDesigns / KA Designs / House of Heart

Hey 🙂 There are really annoying issues today in my little virtal world …. my inventory vanished, after clearing cache I couldn´t login for a long time …. later login was succesful but I was a “cloud” for about 10 min, TP didn´t work … and my inventory was still  … gone 😦  I.want.my.inventory.back!Now.Please!! I can´t do my job without my inventory! *takes a deep breathe*

Well, I`ll show you what I´ve done before the big, fat bugs has entered the grid again. Sorry for  wrong SLurls, or wrong item names, or not knowing the name of the freebie at all. Sadly, again the doors to SL are closed for me atm ….. *sighs*

Let´s start with a breathtaking Quickie 🙂 SySy Chapman, designer and owner of SyDesigns offers her “Limited Edition Gown Fleur Noir” for 1 Linden! Run! This amazing dress is a dollarbie only for a very short time! Fleur Noir comes with top and pants (both on 2 layers), gloves, and 2 skirts.

HOH House of Heart has sent out a “groupie appreciation gift Sept 4” (to be added as a group member touch the subscribe-o-matic in-store). You will get 10 beautiful hair styles, great styles 🙂 And I`m able to show you pics but I`m not able to remember the names of each style *LOL*

UPDATE: hairstyles are: Abraxxa – heather/Atonement – birch/Browny – stell/Hilary – sandy/Hiromosi – lychee/Jordan – bitter chocolate/Romantic – mahagony/Scoop – vanilla cream/Victoria – coffee brown/Willis – cupcake + Willis bangs

KA Designs offers a new free skin. It´s the very pretty “V1 Special Edition2” skin. You can find 4 boxes, each containing a different skin tone PLUS a cute “Violet Eil Dress” PLUS “Maika Sandals”, inside the store on a table. Dress and sandals I will show in my next post. Skin tones are pale, sunkissed, darktan and ebony (worn here pale/sunkissed). I like this skin a lot, the face is soooo lovely. One thing I have to mention, in a nice way 🙂 There´s a tattoo on the back and on the belly. It´s a small, black KA Design logo. I don´t care about this logo thing but that´s just me 🙂 Oooh, and each box is totally free!

Shoes are Instinct Pumps in Shiatake (part of Instinct Pumps Fatpack) by Sole Sisters not free.

Enjoy! Read me later … hopefully :-))