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Off to Hogwarts!

Off to Hogwarts
Good day my lovely witches and wizards! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE all things Harry Potter? I have been a Potter-maniac since I grew up with the series as a child and this week I was able to collect a few free and on-sale goodies in SL that are HP-inspired! What a treat!

Goodies from Muggleborn

At least one store in SL that is partially inspired by the Harry Potter series is Muggleborn, although it certainly takes an adult twist on the theme. Note that Muggleborn is an Adult-rated sim and if you are not over 18 you definitely cannot visit it; there are a number of adult-only themed items sold here. Aside from that warning, however, I absolutely LOVE this store! They even have this AMAZING top, shorts and ties set on their lucky boards to play for all to win. It includes a top, shorts and a tie. There are different styling/ stripping options for the top and tie, and the shorts can be adjusted for male/trans avatars as well. The tie also has different styling options. Each item comes with an HUD to change the colour pattern to the respective four Hogwarts houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff). To get these items, walk towards the back of the store until you see the “muggle” lucky boards and join Muggleborn‘s free group to play and win this amazing outfit!

In addition to these amazing gifts, Muggleborn has many fantasy-themed free group gifts and free past hunt items which you can get at the front of the store. This is also a brand new Stay at Home Club gift from them, which is a wand with a colour hud! This one may take the cake from me because now I can run around SL with a wand whenever I like with this free gift!!! I am so psyched about this!

Wisteria is Perfect…

This hair is perfect for visiting Hogsmeade, or for bundling up in the winter (even if it is spring now… it’s still snowing where I come from). The hair seen in this look above is Wisteria from EscalteD. This is a past MM board prize, and you can also win it on their Lucky Boards if you join their VIP group for 99L. This hair is a full fatpack of natural and unnatural colours which allow you to change the hair to different styles, change the colour of the hat and the pom pom and the hair bows on each braided ponytail. If you have no attention span for that, every hair at EscalteD is currently on sale for 50% as part of the Let’s Stay at Home event, so anyone can buy it right now at a discounted price.

Harry Potter Skins @ Ritual

Ritual Skins Sale- A Harry Potter Skins Collection

I should also mention that these gorgeous skins I am wearing are from Ritual. They currently have a massive sale on, where all of their skins are on sale for 100L. This is an amazing deal, and although not under our 75L limit, it is a steal I thought I should mention with this post. These skins normally go for hundreds and they are just gorgeous. These are four Harry Potter-themed skins which were previously sold at the Majik event sponsored by Muggleborn. Seen in order, this is Griffin, Slyther, Raven and Huffle. The skins include two tones each and the makeup is included in the skins; they can’t be removed. These are beautiful, so I just had to mention them! The Ritual store may be downsizing, so now is the time to support this amazing skins creator.

Have a magical day, Fab Free!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Wand– Muggleborn Magic Wand (Free Stay at Home Gift/ No Group Needed) 
Top– Muggleborn Eclipse Top (Muggles) (Free Lucky Board Prize/Group is Free to Join)
Shorts– Muggleborn Jessie Shorts (Muggles) (Free Lucky Board Prize/Group is Free to Join)
Tie– Muggleborn Strip Tie (Muggles) (Free Lucky Board Prize/Group is Free to Join)


Skins & Makeup–
Top Left- Ritual Griffin (100 L/ Ritual Temporary Sale) Includes skin & makeup palette
Top Right- Ritual Slyther (100 L/ Ritual Temporary Sale) Includes skin & makeup palette
Bottom Left- Ritual Raven (100 L/ Ritual Temporary Sale) Includes skin & makeup palette
Bottom Right-  Ritual Huffle (100 L/ Ritual Temporary Sale) Includes skin & makeup palette
Eyes– Euphoric Hope Eyes Applier (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join) (Previously Blogged by Aline HERE)
Hair – EscalateD Wisteria (MM Board Prize or Lucky Board Prize/ Rotating/ Group is 99L to Join) Or you can purchase the hair at 50% off during the Let’s Stay at Home sale at the store. 
Mesh Body – Belleza Freya
Mesh Head – Genus Project Genus Babyface
Nails – Belleza Freya
Photo Location– Muggleborn



Who Says the Weekend Has to End on Sunday?

FabFree: Who Says the Weekend Has to End on Sunday?

Hey there FabeFree!

So, I know we all have been blowing up the blog with Women’s Only Hunt, but there are so many amazing freebies to be had, we have to share. Oubliette has a super cute top out for everyone to find. I absolutely love it! It may only be Monday, but who says we can’t celebrate with Tequila and Tacos?! In my case, I prefer Jack, a girl’s gotta choose her poison right?!

Back to the top, it comes in a wide variety of sizes, but this top? I saw pictures on flickr and knew it had to be mine! The little bandana top, with the big baggie shirt over it, was just too me to pass up!

Head on over to Oubliette, search out the hidden coconut and this free top is all yours!

Oubliette- Tequila and Tacos Sizing:

  • Maitreya
  • Belleza- Freya, Isis and Venus
  • Slink- Physique and Hourglass

Nevi is Wearing:

Hair: Lamb– Dollface
Head: Catwa– Tala Bento
Eyes: Euphoric– Clara Eyes Applier [Catwa]
Eye Brows: L’Etre– Fierce Eyebrows
Make-Up: Veechi– Pinup Liner & Metal Matte RARE [Gacha]
Tattoo: House of Pain– Aquiver
Nails: alme– Gold Impressions- Black
Skins: L’Etre– Monica Skin [Buttermilk Tone] & L’Etre– Maitreya [Buttermilk Tone]
Body: Maitreya– Lara (Bento Hands and Feet included)
Shorts: Blueberry– Tazz Denim Shorts
Shoes: Breathe– Setsuko Heels RARE [Gacha]

Top: Oubliette– Tequila and Tacos ($0L/Hunt Item/Free)

Sim: Ironwood Hills
Pose: Luxe– Lia Series

It's Official♥

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Grand Opening Hunt & More @ {etinceler}


{etinceler} is celebrating their grand opening this weekend with a hunt! I fell in love with this cute owl sweater, and these quirky striped jeans, but there are also lots of other awesome prizes waiting to be found as well. The hunt runs only from March 14th-16th, so this is a fabulous if limited time way to pick up some great stuff! This of course is on top of some great group gifts, and this dress from their Midnight Mania board that is simply cute as a button. Their Midnight Mania board changes frequently between several prizes as soon as it fills up, so check back often to get in on the next round!

This is a shorter post than I had hoped to make, due to my being under the weather the last few days, but this is only a small portion of the great things available. It is most definitely worth a look. I will be back for more posts once I am feeling better in a few days.


Satu is wearing:

Pic 1:

Shirt: {etinceler} – Piper Sweater (Grand Opening Hunt Gift)

Pants: {etinceler} – The Hazel Jeans (Grand Opening Hunt Gift)

Necklace: {etinceler} – The Fefe Necklace (Grand Opening Hunt Gift)

Pic 2:

Dress: {etinceler} – Audrey In Burger (Midnight Mania Prize)

Satu is also wearing:

Skin: Curio – Ember

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Petit Hair (Dark Dye)  @ The Arcade *shown with and without plushie

Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes (Ice)

Shoes: Slink – Ilena Sandals (Brown)


Oh Rats!


I decided I had to do this mini-hunt at Grumble , because the name was pretty amusing. I also discovered this mini hunt is just a little different than most. It has you hunting, not in the store, but in the sewers and subway under the store, for you heard it correctly RATS!


These cute tops are just a few of the great hunt items to be found in this hunt. Each little critter you find also contains a men’s gift as well, so there is a lot available for our male readers as well.

There is a lot more than cute mesh tops to find in this hunt, jewelry, gestures and even these cute sneakers 🙂 This isn’t a long hunt, but it is a fun one. Bring a friend along and have fun scurrying around in the dark. Be prepared to look high and low, those little squeakers are good hiders.


Satu is wearing:

Tops & Sneakers: Grumble Oh Rats! Hunt Gifts (1L Each)

Skin: Curio – Penelope

Hair: Truth – Lyma

Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes (Denim)

Shorts: League – Frayed denim shorts

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Cupcakes Hunt!

Cupcakes are celebrating the opening of their new Sim with a Simwide treasure hunt. 29 yummy gifts are there for you to collect with skins galore and some gorgeous clothing and underwear inside too!

You are looking for gift boxes in various colours. They are obvious to find really and it took me around 30 minutes to complete. Remember they are OUTSIDE the building aswell and that means on rooftops and behind the store aswell as around the ministores outside.

First the skins. There are 11 skin tones and two different make up sets. There is a basic neutral make up tone and then one called Raspberry, plus Freckled option for each skin tone.

This is the Neutral Make Up

Goth, Cameo and Lace

Honey, Copper, Wheat

Nutmeg, Coconut, Mocha


This is the Raspberry Make up

Goth, Cameo and Lace

Honey, Copper, Wheat

Nutmeg, Coconut, Mocha



These are the two Night Elf skins you get in the two make up tones

Full length of the skins. I decided to show the Cameo, Sambuca and Night Elf skins so you can get a feel for the shading on the lightest and darkest. These skins are really beautiful so you really really do have to go and get them all while you can.

Also in the hunt you get 4 really beautiful tops, plus 3 lingerie sets that are to die for.

Im not entirely sure how long the hunt is running for, so try to get over there in the next couple of days so you can snag this goodies.  Also make sure to take a look around the store itself as in every tone and in every skin line, there are skins marked down in price from between 50L – 100L. So make sure you check those vendor boards really well!

There are apparently more goodies to come too.. oh my! With all of these free skins around at the moment, Im like a very very happy kid in a candy store! Weeee!


Other Info
+ Brown Piper Hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Silver Makenzie Hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Hoopla Elf Ears by Elfpyre ( not free )
+ Shape is made by me and is my own personal shape… not available to buy sorry guys!

Sassy Kitty

I was in a bit of a “Rock Chick” mood today, so I flicked through my wardrobe to find something that would reflect my mood. Finding one of my favourite dresses by Sassy Kitty, I decided to head over to the store to see what delicious offerings their Lucky Chairs had and I was pleasantly surprised. I came away with a bundle of free booty and I even bought a few seperates.. but the prices are so low and their clothing is so yummy, I couldnt resist!

First the Lucky Chair goodies. It took a little while, but I managed to snag 4 pairs of pants and a pair of shoes. The tops in these pictures are from a pack that is currently Sassy Kitty‘s subscribo gift, so don’t forget to slap that board to get them.

These are the Velvet Hippy Pants in Grey. They come in two versions as shown. The top picture shows the undamaged pair, the second picture shows the distressed pair. They also have 3 different cuffs for the legs. You can have them uber wide, normal like Im wearing or really tight.

Below are pictures of the Velvet Hippy Pants in Pink, which are a sort of magenta colour rather than all out pink.




You don’t get much Rock Chick than Snakeskin pants.. and these are really cute. I love the neutral colour and that they are uber low cut. But thankfully for those who arent quite so daring, there are a pair that comes with a thong attached as you can see from the close up picture.



And talking of low cut.. look at these colourful jeans! They are tight fitting and very sexy and again come with the option of with or without the thong attached. Of course if you don’t like the look of the thong but you love the pants, simply wear the non-thong version and wear a pair of your own on the underpant layer.



Now for the few things that I bought. I think they deserve a mention simply because they are so low priced. The shoes that I am wearing in these pictures are the ones I won from the Lucky Chair.

This dress is the Bare Shoulders Black Torn Dress and costs 60L


This is the Black Emo Hooded Dress and costs 60L


The top worn in this picture is from a pack of 3 tops called Back Flirt Tops. The pack cost 60L and they are so sexy. I absolutely love the bared back. The skirt worn with the top is the Zipped Denim Skirt in Grey and cost 60L


The skin worn in all the pictures is the Cupcakes Halloween gift that you can find in a bag just inside the store, sat on a table. There are 10 shades inside each with a freckled and no freckled version. In the pictures I am wearing the Goth unfreckled skin. This skin is so so pretty and I love the eyemake up.



Other info

+ New Rock Boots by Little Britain Designs ( not free )
+ DDUC Lip Piercing by Skin Pop ( not free )
+ Shooting Stars Tattoo by Paradesigns ( not free )
+ Corvinus hair by Gauze ( not free )
+ Bewb Tape is part of the Foxy Kitty outfit by K&L that you can buy on SL Exchange for 50L
+ Thong is part of the Dominus Bikini Set by Torridwear ( not free and Im not sure if its available anymore )


M & R Cupcakes New Releases and Freebies

What a nice suprise today when I logged in! M&R Cupcakes sent out a group notice about new releases and freebies to their update group … secret sale, ladies! 🙂 Hoover your mouse over the lovely designs … and see what you get:

Button Dress Gold, free, comes with cute hat

Modern Suspender Set Modern Brown, free, several options to wear

Fun Tee Rosebud, free

Long Silk Tank with Cardi Orange Brown, free, several options to wear

Corduroy Skirt/Leggings Olive/Gold, free

This is what I´ve found, perhaps there are more pretty goodies for you. So head over to M & R Cupcakes and have a look for yourself. Ooh, and better go now –  I´m not sure how long the freebies will be there!

Skin: “M&R Birthday Suit Skin -Cameo Freebie 3 (nopubes/freckles)” – group gift 10/6/2008

Hair: “Boarder Chamagne” by Bryce Design – Star Hunt gift at Hair Spray2


Jaywalk – Haute Style & Co. – Philotic Energy

Lyra Muse, designer and owner of Jaywalk, kindly informed me about her great Lucky Chair prizes (there are a few like corsets and dresses).  Thanks again, Lyra! 🙂 Look at my beautiful, welldone prize: Cosette – Giraffe/Natural” heels!

Perfect to match with the “Natalia” outfit by Haute Style & Co. “Natalia” includes pants with flared legs and a pretty corset-like top. It´s the October group gift, so you have to join Haute Style & Co.`s group to receive it. Activate your group tag, and click the box in-store.

The pretty hairstyle “Kama” is a dollarbie by PHILOTIC ENERGY, and you get the fatpack with tons of colors. “Kama” comes with a cute, tintable hair flower. You`ll find it above the Lucky Chair pictured on the wall. Worn here is “Kama Honey White Tipped”.

Once againt he lovely skin worn in all pics is a hunt prize (1 Linden) from the Imagen Rezzday Hunt, it´s Eva 2.0 – Norte Base

Good Night – Thank God, it´s Saturday now :-)))


FabFree Jeans worn with Freebies by SSUS, InimitablyDesign & Pulli-Shop

Quickie: Cherlindrea Lamont pleased me – and all other members of Fabulously Free in SL group – with a huuuuge collection of “Free Jeans”. Thanks, Cher! 🙂  You get 18 colors! Join the FabFree group for free, go to notices, it´s the notice dated 9/29, subject “Free Jeans”. Save attachement, you are now prowd owner of free jeans in 18 colors by Cherlindrea Lamont.

Inimitably Design offers a new “Pick Rewards” gift. To receive the pretty, hoodied “Blue Caro Jacket” you must have Inimitably Design´s store in your profile picks. It will take about 24 – 48 hours before you will get this goodie by clicking the big sign in-store.

Rowan Carroll, designer and owner of SSUS – She`s So Unusual Shoes, was so kind to drop me her cute, funny tees. Thanks again, Rowan! 🙂 Those tees are a group gift, so you have to join (for free) She`s So Unusual Update Group if you want to own them. There are 2 group gifts: one is dated 10/2, subject “Group Giftie”, you get “Will Camp For Shoes Shirt”. The other notice is dated 10/4, subject “Giftie resend”. Unpack the box, and you are prowd owner of “I Heart Shoes Shirt”, “Dare To Be Unusual Shirt” and “Shoe Sale Shirt”.  My favorite is the pink tee, just because .. it´s so unusual 🙂

And don´t forget: the Lucky Chair at She`s So Unusual Shoes store is updated with “Halloween Pumps”! You can take a look in advance at Rowan Carroll`s blog.

Last but not least, Marianas Pulli-Shop gives away a pretty “Pulli Orangina”.  You can wear it with or without the big collar. Just click the picture on the wall, buy it for 0 Linden, and enjoy 🙂

Skin by IMAGENHair by GLITTER HAIRBoots by (=CF=) are the same as in this post!



I´m back! Got a haircut (cute!), a pair of boots (cool!) and a cup of coffee (yummy!) I love shopping in RL but why don`t the RL shops have a freebie corner? Or a Lucky Chair? Nothing, nada, nix … a nice “KaChing” is all you get for free :-)) Speaking of freebies …. on we go:

Quickies first :))  Elemiah Designs has a new gift for us, this time a charming, blue dress with collar and nice textured skirt. Simply called …? … right! … 4you7 🙂 Grab it now, it´s only for free until Sept 25th!

To get “Antique Denims- darkblue” and the pretty “Paint Splatter Hoodie” head over to Pink Oufitters. There`s a gift box sitting on a small table inside the store, it´s a bit hidden in the corner.

Worn in all pics is “Melinda hair” (dirty blackened/black pink) by ETD.

It´s on the freebie wall, and you get the fatpack for 1 Linden.

Rosy Mood – Skins from Japan – offers 2 lovely skins (1 Linden/each): RM* Skin Sayaka and RM* Skin Sayaka red chic (I´m not sure if both skins come with shape, too). I couldn`t resist to grab the free “Strap Shoes” 🙂 They come in black, red, simple red, pink, blue and graffiti. There are more freebies/dollarbies, take a look.