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Young at heart


Here is a short post to let you know about a cute store I discovered here the other day. The store is called Kawaii Couture, and it is filled with these cute babydoll dresses, shoes and wonderful avatar accessories that resemble sweets of all kinds. Many items in the store are as inexpensive as 10 to 25L. This store is an awesome place for the young avatar, or especially the young at heart.

Satu is wearing:

Outfit: Kawaii Couture – Cotton Candy Cutie (Grape) 25L

Skin: Belleza – Aiko

Hair: Exile – Stray Wishes

Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes (Coffee)

SMS (So Many Styles) Quicks my PULSE

Hi there!

I´ll try to keep my next posts short  because I´m pretty busy iRL and iSL. So let´s come right to the point 🙂

***So Many Styles***, New 90, 166, 21 sent out a notice to Fashion Consolidated Group (FashCon), announcing new releases AND a group gift. Well, I got an amazing gift an hour ago: “Baggy Shirt” in gold as well as in silver, both with matching scarves 🙂 If you dare wear it “solo” … if not you have to find a matching bra or any other nice thingy to wear underneath 😉 “Baggy Shirt” comes on several layers, of course. Worn here is the longer version: shirt and jacket layer.

Visit SMS`s store to join the group ***So Many Styles*** for free. You will find a “group inviter sign” on the wall next the entrance. Your gift is called “Glitter Gift”, and it´s the only group notice.

In-store you can get another freebie by touching the “free gift sign” above the group inviter: a cute Baby Doll dress in brown, Blue Swirl Tee and Purple Top 🙂

And if this is not enough stuff for you … keep an eye on So Many Styles blog for news :-))

PULSE Skin, Clothes & Jewelry, Nip Tuck Island 39, 183, 461 has several group gifts still available but I´m not sure how long they will be there. So if you are interested to be gifted with adorable skins join PULSE the group.  One skin worn in the pics is the latest group gift “Pulse Skin1 Caressa Makeup 7” , dated 9/21. It´s a darker skin tone, and I wear the freckled version … what else 🙂 The group gift dated 9/18 contains “Skin1 Tone 4 Makeup 10” in a lighter skin tone. Worn in the pic below is “Skin1 trn2m10” .  Join now, it would be bad to be too late for the amazing skins by PULSE!

The pretty Pulse logo tee as well as the “button shirt blue” are the in-store freebie, just click the sign on the easel. Enjoy 🙂


Quickie: Cosmopolitan Hunt / Annuarisu / Tukinowaguma

At Haute Couture Sim a Cosmopolitan Hunt is going on, it will end on Monday, June 23th, at 8 am SLT!

You have to search for “Cosmopolitan Glasses” inside the shops of the participating designers as Schadenfreude, Digit Darkes, Persona, caLLie cLine, Haute Style & Co, Fashions of RFyre, Reel Expressions, DeLa, SF Design, ZHAO Shoes and Bodyforming Silhouette.

Here are my great finds 🙂

Sweet Valentine pink, cute lingerie by SF Design, Innisfree 134, 48, 537

Cosmopolitan drink, earrings, necklace by Schadenfreude, Juicy 183, 184, 24

Aegina Silver, hot swimsuit by Digit Darkes, Addictive 84, 130, 22

Relay For Life ankle heels (bling and sound option) by ZHAO Shoes, Agard 225, 22, 24

Castaned Pants+Shirt Burgandy Men, Fervor Pants+Jacket Wine Ladies by

Fashions of RFyre, Isle RFyre 97, 119, 23

Blue Vernette Dress, Pinky Dress in black by HSC Haute Style & Co, Haute Couture 184, 177, 22

Army Baby (camo shorts, top, socks, patch jacket), Red Baby (beach set incl. umbrella, towel, bikini, radio, bottle of Corona Extra, glasses ….) by caLLie cLine

Globe pendant necklace + earrings by Persona, Levant 120, 100, 22

Poses “Luth” (Fashion, Party Dress, Runway, Sassy, SexSells, Sultry) by Reel Expression, Lalique 224, 95, 27

Pose “JaJaDyDeLa games people play” by DeLa, Isen Fell 155, 78, 22

Tp over to Haute Couture 138, 83, 22 and look for the cocktail glasses in every shop. They are easy to find.

Annuarisu Fashion offers CandyGirl skin Naked Cherry as a dollarbie. There are more dollarbies, take a closer look!

Tukinowaguma offers several free hairstyles as well as 5 Linden-hair. Go downstairs, there`s a big ad on the wall marked with red letters. I´m wearing free Daina Hair in black, comes in brown and gold, too.

And yes, I know , I`m looking a bit weird …. I had a few Cosmopolitans. And a bottle of Corona Extra …. 🙂


Quickie: Birthday gifts from LVS&Co / Rosemar / Izumiya

Ravenlynn Templar, designer and owner of LVS & Co, Cassiopeia Isle 172, 33, 22, was celebrating her birthday yesterday. I´m too late, as usual 🙂 However. Happy Birthday, Ravenlynn! And thank you for your gifts 🙂

The gifts are still there, but hurry, I don´t know how long they will last! There are big signs around the swimming pool in front of LVS store, might be easy to see. I´m in love with Lover Sunset Dresses (available in 5 amazing colors, lovely detailed, 1 Linden each color). You have 2 options to wear this dress: short skirt and long skirt. Both are lovely! I grabbed it in blue and orange 🙂

Barcelona Sunrise 3DSuit (bikini, string bikini) comes in 7 colors, 1 Linden/color). I´m wearing the string version in pink and the other version in blue. Hot 🙂

I made up my mind and joined the Rosemar Update Group. Yes, I know, it´s not free, you have to pay 250 Linden to be a group member. But I`ve seen so many posts about the skins, there are some Rosemar freebie skins in my inventory … and they are great! So I´m sure the group fee is worth every single Linden. And of course there is a group gift, dated 6/19/2008: Creampuff Skin Freebie Makeup 6 in 12 tones! Take a look at the pics, I´m wearing it in nutmeg Freebie 6 Brow 1. Isn´t this a wonderful skin? And the generous owner of Rosemar, Rosemary Galbraith, doesn´t only make great skins but also wonderful clothes!

The cute hair style comes from IZUMIYA, it´s called Free Wet Hair. I´m wearing it in brown. It comes in blonde and dark brown, too.


FLUKY moments of a FRIDAY´S GIRL

FRIDAY´S GIRL FLAIR OUTFITSLazing around today …. not able to change my clothes or wear hair ….. SL seems to hate me more as usual and wrapped me in a mystery gray. I must say there are people all over the grid making much more better skins than this gray one I had to wear for hours today! For example, FLUKY!

At FLUKY´s you can buy now 2 very well done skins (AnotherSkin MakeUp Mods) for 1 L each. Rave Skin (darker skin tone and two-toned lips) and Belle Morte Skin (light skin tone, heart-shaped upper lip, gothic touch) are pictured on the bargains wall (now inside the store, at your right when you step in).

FLUKY Belle Morte SkinFLUKY Rave Skin

And there´s even a Lucky Chair at FLUKY´s store filled with the new released EMO Dress. What are you waiting for? Maybe, luck is on your side!

While being gray-skinned and wearing a bald (omg, how awkward!) I checked out FRIDAY`s GIRL Custome Depot. There are wonderful dresses and costumes, it´s a wide store. And 4 Lucky Chairs are located next the entrance as well as 2 prize chairs (60 min/180 min to get the pictured outfit). There are also reduced dresses (boxes, 12 L – 23 L)) placed between the Lucky`s and this nice game “Guess what´s in the box”. While waiting for my first letter to be shown I guessed a lot and at least I guessed it – my Flair in Teal Outfit! Just click the rotating cube and you will get instructions how to play.

Well, at least my “H” turned up (twice!) and I tped home with Flair in Red and Teal Outfit and a cute Valentines Baby Doll in my luggage! Oooh, and 6 Linden richer! There´s a Random Trivia, too – if your answer is right you will get 2 Linden.


Wedge sandals I´m wearing in the picture I found someday at HAYSURIZA`s store. I checked it out right before posting this, the freebie box is still located inside the shop on the counter.

And the hair! The hair is the male hair ELECTRIC by GuRL6. It´s part of the GuRL6 Freebie Bag (Updated) and you will get it at PRIMFactory for free. (I checked out the freebie bag at GuRL 6, too – but Electric hair isn´t in it). The box is sitting on a table and it is pink and black and marked with “Freebie”. At your landingpoint there´s an TP-station with small colored points. The white point is the tp to the freebies.

So my day was turning out well and I`m able to show you all I´ve got!


Rave Skin, Belle Morte Skin (1 Linden each)

FLUKY, Gateaux Boulevard 96/138/22

Cher´s RezDay Skin (group gift 0 L)

FabFree, Talisman 230/192/24

Flair in Teal, Flair in Red, Valentines Baby Doll (Lucky Chair prizes, o L)

FRIDAY´s GIRL Costume Depot, Murderous Motion 27/128/13

GURL6 male hair Electric (part of updated freebie box, o L)

PRIMFactory Free items from established designers) 69/165/31

GURL6, GuRLyWood 112/58/33

Wedge Sandales (0 L)

HAYSURIZA MainStore, Osaka 138/49/21

Black Elise Mary Jane Heels (0L)

TESLA, Tesla 42/59/74
Fab Hazel


Big Booty group Divine DressBIG BOOTY, BIG MONEY is giving out a new group gift BOVINE BABY DRESS IN BURGUNDY.

If you missed the earlier group gift ABJECT DRESS – it´s still in the notices but hurry up!

Do a search in groups for the group called Big Booty, Big Money. (When I do a group search I use the phrase big booty and it is the 2nd choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 2/07/2008 with the subject New Group Gift (and to the one dated 01/11/2007 BBM Abject Dress). Click Open Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a box with dresses from Big Booty,Big Money. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives.

If that´s not enough head over to Big Booty`s store – at the entrance is a brown bag sitting on the ground (open your eyes, it´s hard to see) with another free dress VICTORY.

I matched the dresses with colorchanging heels (touch menu) which I`ve got for free at CASEY´S CREATIONS. There´s one box for the girlies and one box for the men.


Big Booty Abject Dress group giftBig Booty brown bag VictoryCASEYS free shoes colorchangeCASEYS shoes free men

Sophie Skin red lips, purple lips (0 L)

PLATINUM , Platinum World 183/65/23

AmorePacific Power Swing Wax Hair 5 (0 L)


Victory Dress, Bovine Baby Dress Burgundy, Abject Dress (0 L)

BIG BOOTY BIG MONEY, Envy 109/77/22

Colorchanging heels – girlies, colorchanging shoes – men`s ( 0 L)

CASEY´S CREATIONS, Nick Rhodes 171/128/21

Fab Hazel