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New Urban Shopper by the Sea / Topaz Square


Hmmm … my inventory appears piece by piece, but it will take a while till all items will be mine again 🙂

In the meantime I can give you just a quick note about 2 events. Sadly, without pics of the great gifts.

Desdemona Young, owner of SD Wears,  let me know about a Re-Grand Opening Event on September 6th, 7th and 8th at Urban Shopper by the Sea. Thanks again, Desdemona!  Here´s what the notecard says, and it sounds great 🙂

” :: Urban Shopper’s Re-Grand Opening Event ::
Starts Saturday, September 6th

The Urban Shopper has undergone some heavy construction and with the magic of SL, we are now by the Sea! Brand new theme. Brand new stores. Brand new (and old) designs. PLUS a big celebration with a great BIG sale & gift event!
*** Special Gifts available in-store***

Visit Urban Shopper, to receive these gifts from following designers:  (nova),  Body by Eve, Samara Studios, Love Me Skins, Liann`s, Primal Arts Tattoo’s, !mpossible, Dani`s, Jairis Designs, Pixeldolls
The gift event ends Monday, September 8th @ midnight”

Topaz Square has a “Summer End Sidewalk Party/Event” to celebrate its 1st anniversary (ends on Sept 11th), and there´s not only a 50 L-sale with stuff from many designers but also a complete, cute Mime outfit as a free gift 🙂 Topaz Square has a new great design, check out the store as well as the booths outside. You will find the Mime outfit outside (and more gifts), and some very nice and totally free stuff inside on the counter desk:-)

Please, do me a favor 🙂 No matter at what place you are hunting for freebies …. don´t forget your good manners! I saw a “nice” lady yesterday, she tped in and after about 6 seconds she shouted out several times “where is the freebie, cant find it”.  No need to shout, just type your question in the chat, and add “please”. But first be patient until all is rezzed, open your eyes and TRY to find the freebie. Next words I heard from  said lady was “I´m sure they have hidden the freebie because they want us to look at their other stuff and buy something”. Aaargh! Oooouch! Omg! How mean designers are … they want us to look at their non free stuff! :-)))) I really, really hope from the bottom of my heart that it hurts a lot to be lazy AND stupid AND without any good manners  … however, finally the lady found the freebie. Standing in front of the designer, she clicked the box …. and went away without a word. No thank you, nothing, nada, nix. I clicked the freebie box, too … and I said hello to the designer, a few nice words about the place/stuff and thank you, of course. The lady TPed away. I know her name. And I will keep an eye on her. I´m not mean, I don´t want drama … but next time I see her, I´ll kick her *coughs* off :-))

Enjoy your freebies, and enjoy your good manners!


Author: hsm


3 thoughts on “New Urban Shopper by the Sea / Topaz Square

  1. Amen Hazel you rawk. I’ve had so many incidences with rude asses that I actually have to tell people to be nice in my notices or be banned permenantly. Speaking of banning. I’d love to have that shopper’s name so I could ban her now. OF COURSE we want you to look at our other merchandise and it’s not cause we’re not generous. It takes a lot of time and work to do a free item. Usually as much as the items for sale. It’s MARKETING and every successfull business does it. That free spinach souffle sample at Costco…ya they’re hoping you buy something after you taste it. For the people that do this as a full time living like I do, it’s part of my job and a part I enjoy VERY much. I get so many grateful and gracious IMs and meet some fabulous people by doing it…but sometimes you wonder if it’s worth it when you’re getting cussed out or some rude dimwit is screaming out the location of your hunt items. Thank goodness the nice ones usually make up for those few.

    For those few of you that are ungrateful freebie grabbing, hunt ruining dips…designers talk to each other believe it or not and soon you may not have many places left to shop.

    Thank you to my fantastic customers, almost all of whom are a pleasure to meet and to give to.


    PS: feel free Hazel to IM me in world with that “avatar’s” name. Ban and Mute are two really good friends of mine lol


  2. Clap, clap! Very well said!


  3. ty, Ivey and Suzan *amen* 🙂

    @ Ivey: okay, I´ll tell you the name of the “lady”. But please, don´t kill her :-))) Maybe, she had a bad hair day or was a bit under the weather 😉



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