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Inveigle Flower

This is gonna be quick because I just realized I’m running out of time to tell you about the Fabulous Inveigle Flower hair from Calla.  This hair comes in the I Want Them All fatpack of colors.  The hair is free on the counter at Calla until the end of today, so HURRY!!!

The green Annemarie dress was sent to the Baiastice update group members today.  The dress reminds me of a peacock’s feathers!!!  The silver Fae earrings are the April Dark Mouse subscribe-o-matic gift.  The Dark Mouse sub-o gifts are a one time deal, so join now to be eligible for the May gift if you aren’t already a group member.

The Spring Meadow eyes from Poetic Colors bring out the beautiful greens in the Annemarie dress.  These eyes are the new freebie at Poetic Colors.


*Baiastice: Annemarie Dress (Group – L$0)
BAIASTICE ( 115/125/25 )

*Dark Mouse: Fae Earrings (SOM – L$0)
Taber ( 90/187/22 )

*Calla: Inveigle Flower Hair (L$0)
Calla ( 128/130/21 )

*Poetic Colors: Spring Meadow Eyes (L$0)
Strata ( 79/237/903 )

*Exodi: Dael “He Loves Me” Skin (L$0)
Zion ( 113/95/758 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )



OMG WoE!!!

Have you been to WoE lately?  Throughout the month of April there are gifts for the ladies and the guys!  Dick Wiesel’s store WoE was unfortuantely removed from the Just For the Girls (JFTG) hunt, but he decided to give gifts anyway!  WoE and Exodi have collaborated to bring not one, but ten great gifts!  The sim was pretty packed when I dropped by, so if you can’t get in right away keep trying.  The gifts are free until April 30th!

So want to see the gifts?  Of course!!!

The WoE gifts for the ladies includes the steel Graecyn jeans, faded Christa shug, and Lean cami tanks in absinthe green and baby pink!

The WoE gifts for the men include this awesome Braylon striped sweater.  Even though the sweater is for men, it looks fabulous on women so I had to show you!

Exodi has also added five gifts at WoE.  There are two sets of nail polish in black and nude.  Also, two sets of eyes in dusk and green from Exodi.  Each set of eyes comes with and without veins (I am a huge fan of eyes with veins in them, so this was a plus!).  The eye packs also contain a large and small version.  Plus, a fatpack of “He Loves Me” skin!  The Dael “He Loves Me” skin comes in Pale, DkTan, Tan, and Neu.  Each skin tone comes with light and dark eyebrows, with and without freckles, and also with a cleavage option.  You can see the skins below with the freckle version. 


*WoE: Clothing (L$0)
Zion ( 113/95/758 )

*Baby Monkey: Classic Flats (L$0)
Dindrane Elfor ( 227/42/36 )

*Exile: Susan Hair (L$0)
Covet ( 185/62/32 )

*Exodi: Dael “He Loves Me” Skin, Eyes, & Nail Polish (L$0)
Zion ( 113/95/758 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )



WOW at WoE

Hot off the designer’s table just for you. Dick Wiesel from WoE has came up with this wonderful Braylon Striped Sweater and Wearhouse Jean set that is just what will put you at the fashion forefront this Spring season. This outfit is only available for the month of April so hurry down and get it.


*WoE Braylon Striped Sweater ($0L)
*WoE Wearhouse Jeans ($0L)
WoE Main Store, Zion (95, 115, 758)


Let The Hunt Begin

Wow, everyone is out looking for the Make Him Over Hunt 3. And with the fantastic items I found, I can see why. The designers have outdone themselves with their selections this time around. I chose for my first outfit the SSH After Hours shirt paired with the *FIR* Black Wifebeater and the JFL Elegant Trousers. This is a nice casual combination that works well together.

FIR wifebeater black JFL Elegant Trousers SSH After Hours

The next starts out with the House of RFyre Immortal TShirt paired with the [hate this] shorts. And on my feet I’m wearing .::SM::. Adverse Chuckers.

RFyre Immortal Tshirt SM Adverse Chucker Hate That Shorts

For my third and final pick of the moment, I found these Rubber Boots at Peeps. I knew exactly what outfit I was going to put together from the shoes, which is usually an after thought for me. I grabbed the Hell Bop Bibs that I reviewed yesterday and I found the White Feather tshirt at [name pending]. This outfit will be perfect for wading through the bulls@!t that we sometimes find in Second Life.

[name pending] Feather pen  shirt HB Bibs Peeps Rubber Boots

*SSH After Hours shirt #114 (MHOH3 $0L)
SSH … Designs, Merricks Landing 4 (193, 125, 23)

**FIR* Black Wifebeater #6 (MHOH3 $0L)
*FIR*, Men’s Clothing, Wadsworth (25, 30, 31)

*JFL Elegant Trousers #144 (MHOH3 $0L)
JFL at Australia Style, Australia Style (188, 226, 26)

*House of Rfyre Immortal TShirt #11 (MHOH3 $0L)
House of Rfyre, Isle Rfyre (96, 164, 23)

*[hate this] shorts. #125 (MHOH3 $0L)
[hate this], Diamond Dust (160, 42, 666)

*.::SM::. Adverse Chuckers #10 (MHOH3 $0L)
Sensual Mistery Store .::SM::. , Sensual Mistery (129, 160, 23)

*Peeps Rubber Boots #91 (MHOH3 $0L)
Peeps Fashion, SkyBeam Community (39, 185, 32)

*Hell Bop Clothing Bibs #49 (MHOH3 $0L)
Hell Bop Clothing The Wash (90, 73, 22)

* [name pending] White Feather TShirt #126 (MHOH3 $0L)
[name pending], Lionheart Sarafina (242, 231, 28)


All Wrapped Up

Yesterday I had sooo many problems staying in-world, so today I’m probably going to overload you with goodies…  If I can stay online!!!  Are you ready???

I really like the pink Bollywood top from the midnight mania board at E! – Eclectic Accessories.  The top is the perfect color and is classy enough to jazz up any outfit!  The dark skin with green makeup is a gift in the Alite subscribe-o-matic.

Love Doll is having a little Easter hunt.  Find the four hidden eggs for these three shirts!  The Flight jeans are only L$17 at GryphonWings.  The unisex jeans come in moody blue, chocolate, and charcoal.

If you’re looking for some special way to say “Happy Birthday!” grab the Wrapped Birthday Gift from the Fabulously Free in SL group notices.  Ms. Luna McMillan of Lunas boutique recently sent this special gift to the group in celebration of my Rez day!  Thank you, Luna!!!


*E! – Eclectic Accessories: Bollywood Top (MM – L$0)
Marsco ( 76/85/345 )

*Love Doll: Easter Shirts (Hunt – L$0)
Dreamers Destiny ( 153/91/51 )

*GryphonWings: Flight Jeans (L$17)
Friedman ( 115/79/32 )

*Lunas boutique: Wrapped Birthday Gift (FabFree – L$0)
TheQue ( 22/29/47 )

*Baby Monkey: Classic Flats (L$0)
Dindrane Elfor ( 227/42/36 )

*Exile: Susan Hair (L$0)
Covet ( 185/62/32 )

*Alite Skins: Green Skin (SOM – L$0)
Alite ( 125/145/28 )





Usually, when the Make Him Over Hunt comes around, it’s really hit or miss with me. I was a bit surprised this time around however. What I had gotten so far, I like, some I even love.

Let’s start with the basic that we all need, skin. I was really happy to see that Atomic Bambi had been part of MHOH3. I’ve been wearing AtomicSparkle Skytower’s Christian skin in pale for about a week and have yet to take it off, so I was excited to see her in the hunt. She did not let me down either. Her gift was a skin, albeit in beta, still a great looking skin. The fact that it has freckles, which is hard to find in a male skin, is a big big bonus to me. Look forward to more from her.

I am far from finishing the hunt, but so far, I’m digging what I’ve found. If you need any help with locations, I’m always around, and enjoy doing the hunt.

Skin – AtomicBambi-Benicio-Beta #79

Not Free (but still awesome):

Undies: Zoobong – Zundiez (Red)

Hat/Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BRADY flat cap (suede) ~ Irish Coffee #1
Shirt: Alphamale – Slate shirt #2
Pants: Alphamale – Formal Pants II #2
Shoes: Kalnins Shoes – Crossyard #4

Hat/Hair: [Avoid] Blake – Onyx #14
Sweater: .::SM::. JEFF SHIRT #10
Jeans: .::SM::. IMPARSSY JEANS #10
Sneakers: .::SM::. ADVERSE CHUCKER #10

Hoodie – *Connors* MHOH3 HOODIE #31
Jeans – **Stash** Limited Jeans  #33
Sneakers – .::SM::. ADVERSE CHUCKER  #10
Hat/Hair – [CheerNo] Hair SOLDIER Special [Brown]   #31