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Yes, Im alive

I’m alive and well, but RL has pulled me away from SL this week.  I have lots and lots of stuff to show you!  I’m hoping all of this is still available, but if it isn’t please leave a comment and let me know.

The black unisex Winter sweater shown above is the welcome gift for the Luxurious World subscribe-o-matic.  The white capri pants are the dollarbie gift from last week at INDI Designs.  The gift changes weekly to build a complete outfit, so next week the complete outfit will be available.

The pink Bollywood top and the well worn Darcy t-shirt are both from E! – Eclectic Accessories.  The Bollywood in the midnight mania board and the red Darcy unisex shirt is in the lucky board at E! – Eclectic Accessories.

HYPER CULTURE sent out the brown Polka Dot Mini dress to the sub-o members for April.  Each month HYPER CULTURE subscribe-o-matic members receive wonderfully detailed gifts, so be sure to join!  The Fall ankle boots are color changeable and free in the Just For the Girls hunt gift at Kalnins.

The Hunger Design has several gifts out right now.  The turquoise top and black fishnet jeans are in the dollarbie Attention Whore outfit.  The magenta button blouse and light blue jeans are in the midnight mania board at The Hunger Design.  The magenta Diamond dress is a lucky chair prize at The Hunger Design.

Exclusiva has a new free gift out for the month.  The black and white April dress is free in-store or in the Exclusiva LooK-BooK.  The stylish No.42 glasses are a free group gift for the December members.  These glasses are awesome and great for every day use!

The black Siren boots are absolutely amazing.  These boots are the April gift for the ladies at hoorenbeek.

I am wearing the Elle group gift skin from Belleza.  Whisper showed close ups of the skin earlier today, so scroll down.  The Pom Pom hair in coffee, Morning After hair in dirty blonde, and the Rosey Love hair in Chestnut are from the Easter Egg hunt at Posh.  (I really hope this hunt is still going on, since I meant to show these last week!)


*E! – Eclectic Accessories: Bollywood Top (MM – L$0), Darcy T-Shirt (Lucky – L$0)
Marsco ( 76/85/345 )

*Luxurious World: Winter Sweater (SOM – L$0)
Aerelon ( 86/204/21 )

*INDI Designs: Pants (Past Gift)
INDI Designs ( 52/85/57 )

*HYPER CULTURE: Polka Dot Mini Dress (SOM – L$0)
Chery Beach ( 26/153/23 )

*The Hunger Design: Attention Whore (L$1), Diamond Dress (MM – L$0), Magenta Shirt & Jeans (Lucky – L$0)
Dejavu ( 190/93/25 )

*Exclusiva: April Dress (LooKBooK – L$0)
Exclusiva Island ( 129/185/26 )

*Kalnins: Fall Boots (JFTG Hunt – L$0)
Copley Square ( 186/22/25 )

*hoorenbeek: Siren Boots (Past Gift)
JT World VI ( 125/50/23 )

*December: No.42 Glasses (Group – L$0)
Undulosa ( 247/80/797 )

*Posh: Pom Pom, Morning After, & Rosey Love Hair (Easter Egg Hunt – L$0)
Liberty ( 234/222/21 )

*Belleza: Elle Skin (Group – L$0)
Belleza ( 128/128/27 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Fitting the Pieces Together

I love puzzles, I can’t walk past one without trying to solve part of it. It was just my luck that I found a new puzzle upstairs at INDI Designs. Each week a new piece of the puzzle is offered for $1L. What is this puzzle you ask? It is pieces of an outfit that after 5 weeks you have put it all together. On week 2 I picked up the Evan grey pants. and on week 3 I grabbed the Evan black Cardigan. (I’ll talk about week 1 in a minute)

INDI Evan Weeks 2 and 3

Week 4’s piece of the puzzle was the combination Evan Cardigan and dark grey Polo shirt.

INDI Evan week 4

And on week 5 to complete the outfit was the Evan white Polo.

INDI Evan week 5

But my outfit isn’t complete. I didn’t show week 1. I didn’t grab it. It’s like finishing a puzzle and not having all the pieces. But don’t worry. On week 6, all 5 pieces are offered for $5L each. So when Saturday rolls around, I will head back to INDI Designs to finish my puzzle, with the dark grey Polo. I plan on doing a weekly puzzle piece entry on the next puzzle outfit from INDI…stay tuned.

*INDI Evan Grey Pants Week 2 ($1L) Week 6 ($5L)
*INDI Evan Black Cardigan Week 3 ($1L) Week 6 ($5L)
*INDI Evan Cardigan/Polo Combo Week 4 ($1L) Week 6 ($5L)
*INDI Evan White Polo Week 5 (Current Week) ($1L) Week 6 ($5L)
INDI Designs, INDI Designs (83, 50, 56)



I really saw this dress in an RL shop the other day! Soo funny … well actually it’s not that strange, cause SL designers use RL designs for inspiration all the time. Although for ‘marine’ pretty much all the inspiration you need is the color ‘blue’! Lol.. enjoy xxx ^^.

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

hair – fri.day – Anna – Happy Blond (not free)
skinn – Lara Skin-Heather smokey1-natural lips pale (not free)
dress – Slow Kitchen – Marine Tshirt Dress – oL (groupgift in store)
suspenders – =IZUMIYA=Tex Suspender/Black – oL
jacket – Royal Blue – preppy navy jacket – (not free; 100L)
socks – DemiDemi white knee socks – 1L
balletflats –BabyMonkey – classic ballet flats – oL (color pack)
glasses – (Nushru) Ladybug Glasses Large – 10L
hairpin – (Nushru) Ladybug Hair Accessories – 10L
necklace – UK.Pump N.L -red (touch to resize) – oL (groupgift; search the inside walls of the mall; join Ultra Kitty Update Group)
bag –  =IZUMIYA=Free Mini BOX Bag – oL
kitten –  =IZUMIYA=IZUMIYA MoonCat – oL


xxx Farah