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Get Tan Lines @ Jinkies!

Jinkies! has several specials for this weekend.  The Star Struck shorts and top are in the Pick Your Price vendor.  So pay L$1 or L$867349 and you will get the outfit.  There is also a pack of bikinis in purple, black, and red for only L$10 this weekend at Jinkies!.

I also picked up the Tan Lines Bikini set from the Pick Your Price vendor at Jinkies!.  I think I may have a bikini fetish today.

The Willow hair was just sent to the Nightshade Designs sub-o group and has a TON of colors.  I am wearing the brown shade.  This is a great style for everyday use!


*Jinkies!: Clothing (L$1 – L$10)
Bellatrix ( 21/154/28 )

*Duh!: White Espadrille Wedges (SOM – L$0), Lime Espadrille Wedges (Lucky – L$0), Berry Espadrille Wedges (SOM – L$0)
Katachi ( 216/30/22 )

*Nightshade Designs: Willow Hair (SOM – L$0)
Nocturnum ( 238/234/32 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 45/104/23 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )



All Mixed Up!

Today I decided that my swimsuit folder needed reviving.  I tossed out ALL of last year’s suits and hit the stores!  Swim has great suits for the beach.  The white Leopard bikini and trunks are the April dollarbie.  I borrowed our (oh so sexy) Carson to show off the April dollarbie.  *drools*

I also picked up the Polka Dot Stripe bikinis in every color!!!  These new release suits from Swim are half price at L$37 until tomorrow, so go now if you want to add these amazing bikinis to your summer wardrobe.

Check out the half-price trunks for the men!  Too bad they aren’t half off (on Carson)!!!

Also, if you are in the Swim sub-o group then there is a “Mixed Up” group gift available.  You must be in the Swim group for 7 days to receive the gift.  The “Mixed Up” group gift includes swim trunks for the men, a pink tank, and green tank for the men (I seriously doubt Carson joins every single sub-o like I do, so I’m modeling the pink tank and trunks for the men).

The women’s part of the “Mixed Up” sub-o gift from Swim includes three bikini tops which incidentally look fabulous with the new release bikinis!!!  Seriously if you have any intention of getting any of the bikinis then join the Swim sub-o and pick these tops up in a week!

The green Sun Body suit is a dollarbie at ILAYA. and comes with the yellow leggings.  Get the lime green Espadrille wedges from the lucky chair at Duh!.


*Swim: Swimsuit (SOM – L$0), Leopard Swimsuits (L$1), Other (L$37)
Naberrie ( 136/66/41 )

*ILAYA: Sun Body Suit (L$1)
Calendula Island ( 194/102/2004 )

*Duh!: White Espadrille Wedges (SOM – L$0), Lime Espadrille Wedges (Lucky – L$0), Berry Espadrille Wedges (SOM – L$0)
Katachi ( 216/30/22 )

*D!va: Akane Hair (Group – L$0)
SaruShima ( 216/148/27 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 45/104/23 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )




Birthday Bash @ Urban Shopper

I can still remember my first days and months.  One of the very first shopping sims I visited was Dubya City.  The shopping area is filled with wonderful stores that have been in SL for years.  The Dubya City sim is celebrating 3 years in SL and today is the Urban Shopper Birthday Bash.  Participating stores located around the sim have gifts for the men and women of SL.  So want to see all the goodies???

SD Wears has the brown Make Me Smile dress available for the Birthday Bash celebration.  The skin is from Losers and is a great simplistic makeup for dark skin beauties.  The 7DoA Birthday Teddybear is from (nova).

Calla has White Water Lily hair in black cherry, dark silver, dark steel blue, and metallic teal.

K2K United Enterprises has the black trash dress which includes corset top and fishnet stockings.  The Juicy Strawberry pumps are from Coriander Shoes.

Amanda’s Fashion has a sexy pink mini dress.  The gift includes the revealing version I am wearing and a version for the shy girl.  The Cross Chuckers are from !MPOSSIBLE and are for the men, but I sized them down to fit my little feet.

Innis Designs offers three wrap tops in blue, magenta, and a purple pattern.

Pixeldolls has the Aurora dress in cherry, dust, lime, and violet.  There is also a red leaf vest for the men and a L$25 giftcard in the gift from Pixeldolls.

!Maloney&Hudson has a turquoise button shirt for the men and a silver sequin top for the ladies.

The pale mauve Lena dress is the gift for the women at !MPOSSIBLE.

Silk & Satyr is known for amazing gifts.  The Europa Indigo Sun silks at the Urban Shopper sim come with four different looks, Blossom, Raiment, Shimmer, and Sheer.

For all the lingerie lovers out there, Blacklace has the Silent Night lingerie set in cyan blue.

There’s also a male and female tattoo at Primal Arts TattoosDanika has a L$100 store card for the Urban Shopper Birthday Bash.  be sure to take a look around the Dubya City sim because I’m sure there’s probably gifts I missed!!!


*Urban Shopper Birthday Bash
Dubya City ( 35/152/26 )

*G FIeld: “Rosette” Platforms (sub-o – L$0)
YABU ( 143/115/24 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )




*a little lamb*

/me singing… “Marie had a little lamb… little lamb… little lamb… ” tra la la la la… Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

skin – CUPCAKES – Allure – Lace – Light Brow – Burst – not free (800L)
hair – fri.day – Cassidy.2 – Happy Blond – not free (250L)
dress – =Zenith=White Chiffon Dress- 0L (groupgift in store; upstairs)
shoes –  sole sisters – Jordan – White – 1L
bag – sole sisters – Cassandra Bag – White – 1L
earrings – [chuculet] – belle jewelry – pearl earring – 1L
hair accessory – !SyDS! Brilliant Snowy Flower Headdress – oL (pick reward gift in store)
poses – poses by dont freak out! – not free


xxx Farah

Spring Romance

I love the exquisite detailing in Nicky Ree’s clothing!  Whether it be a gift or a full price item the quality is perfection.  Add the Tropical Orchid location to your profile picks and join the in-world Designing Nicky Ree group for the green Spring Romance dress.  The gift also includes a matching swimsuit.  In the bottom picture I wore the swimsuit pants with the Mini Dress under layer and it gives the dress a pantyline look which I sorta love!  I hope Nicky doesn’t cringe if she see’s I wore the panty layer on top of the dress.

The sexy chin length hair is past group gift at Boon and it is still available in-store.  The brown Rosette platform heels are a past gift that I have blogged many many times before from G FIeld.  These heels are the welcome gift for new G FIeld sub-o members.  If you’re new to the G FIeld subscribe-o-matic members check the past history for other amazing gifts, including this month’s lavender short lace-up boots!

Before the night is up, head over to My Precious.  The April Blossom dress is available until midnight today, April 24th, for only L$10 at the Dream Runway of My Precious.  The dress will not be sold after today, so this the only chance to pick up this floral pink dress!


*Designing Nicky Ree: Spring Romance Dress (Group/Pick Reward – L$0)
Tropical Orchid ( 229/132/30 )

*My Precious: April Blossom (L$10)
Agnes Finney ( 111/31/22 )

*G FIeld: “Rosette” Platforms (sub-o – L$0)
YABU ( 143/115/24 )

*Boon: LLR726 Hair (Group – L$0)
Zapico ( 18/180/36 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 45/104/23 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Zombies and Popcorn and Hunts…Oh My!

If you combine zombies, popcorn , and hunts, you get some great hunts finds. I started off at ZombiePopcorn Headquarters and picked up the ZombiePopcorn T-Shirt and also the hunt gift. Isn’t he cute.

Zombie Popcorn HQ #1 ZMH t-shirt and popcorn bag hunt prize

My next stop was at AD Sport, where I grabbed this V-Neck Sweatshirt and Jean combo. Completing the outfit are Unisex Sneakers from A-BOMB.

AD Sport #67 Jeans 2010, and V neck short sleeved sweatshirt, A-Bomb #5 unisex sneakers

I found the Black n’ White Pure Sweater at Fall Out. Match this with any pants and you’re ready to go.

Fallout ZMH #63 Pure Sweater- black n' white

One of my favorites of the day was found at DeeTaleZ. The Red Striped Sweater and Loose Jeans outfit is handsomely detailed that makes a nice casual statement.

DeeTailz #6 red striped sweater and loose jeans

Being the nerd that I am, I matched the Knurd Pants I picked up at Soap Company with the Baseball Henley from Doppelganger Inc. The Henleys come in both the red and blue and the Knurd Pants come in a 4 pack of yellow, blue, pink and green. I showed these to a friend and she said, “Where I come from we call those Fancy Pants. ”

Doppelganger & [soap]

Get out and grab some popcorn bags.


*Zombie Popcorn T-shirt and Hunt Gift ZPH ($0L)
ZombiePopcornSL HQ, Sketch Pad (166, 202, 28)

*AD Sport Jeans & V Neck Short Sleeved Sweatshirt ZPH ($0L)
AD Sport, AD Sport (129, 121, 27)

*A-BOMB Unisex Sneakers ZPH ($0L)
A-BOMB, Snatch City (100, 36, 30)

*Fall Out Pure Sweater – Black n’ White ZPH ($0L)
Fall Out, FART (204, 126, 33)

*DeeTaleZ Red Striped Sweater and Loose Jeans ZPH ($0L)
DeeTaleZ, DeeTaleZ (154, 80, 62)

*Doppelganger Baseball Henley ZPH ($0L)
Doppelganger Inc., Bill (219, 191, 43)

*[soap] Knurd Pants ZPH ($0L)
Soap Co., Paper (123, 170, 26)

*Poses, Long Awkward Pose
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)



&Bean Sale & Group Gifts

&bean are having a 50% off sale in their skybox above the mainstore. Older skins are priced 400 – 450L, with the Anger skins priced at 150L. The bottom two of the Anger skins are priced at 25L. Im not sure how long the sale is on for. The notecard says until the new skins are released, so head over to there while you can.

This is one of the Anger Skins called Famined which is one of the 150L skins and I love how pretty the face is. It has such a vintage feel to me, like a 1920’s movie starlet. I know its the eyebrows that adds to this feeling and it is uncommon to see such thick eyebrows on a skin in SL.. In this case though it really works.

These are the bottom two of the Anger skins called “The Light Anger Sale at Armidi” and “The Pale Anger Sale at Armidi” and are priced for 25L.

Also if you join the group by searching “&bean” in group search or checking my profile and joining from there, then check the notices there are two gifts available. One is a skin gift with a make up in two skin tones.. but be aware this has been in the notices since the 12th so you only have a few more days to make sure you get it before it is deleted forevers.

This is the group gift skin called Hounds of Love – Nyckelpiga and is a preview of the new line coming soon.

The other group gift in the notices is this cute little dress that really suits the vintage look of the Anger skins.

Other Info
+ style 23 Hair byWaka & Yuki ( not free )
+ Poses by Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses