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Sunday, Bloody Sunday

It’s Sunday, a time to relax. Yeah, I know I have yard work to do, but I’m being lazy. But not lazy enough to show you some Sunday finds. I started out at Demise and joined the group. I received this black shirt for joining. While i was there I found the Stone Washed Jacket which is part of the Make Him Over Hunt. I matched these with the Before Sleep Brown Wash Old Jeans which is also a part of the hunt. On my feet I have my trusty HOC Brown Skoochers. This has been the best 10L I ever spent. I wear them often and are often uncredited in my posts.

Demise Black Shirt Group gift, Demise Stone Wash Jacket, Before Sleep Old Jeans (Brown Wash), HOC Skoochers

With a renewed interest in the MHOH, I popped over to Lois Allen Designs and found this Suspendered outfit. I love the derby and the sunglasses that are part of this set. Give me a trenchcoat and I’m ready for a trip to London. Covering my tootsies once again are my HOC Skoochers in the grey.

LADS Menswear Suspended outfit, HOC Skoochers

I was passed a landmark for a store I had never been to before, Together Inc. has the Punkscape Jeans available to win on the Fortune Teller. They also offer the No.1 Jersey as a dollarbie or can be won on the Lucky Cupcake upstairs. Finishing off this look is the Sensual Mistery Adverse Sneakers also a part of the MHOH.

Together Inc. Male Jersey & Punkscape Jeans. SM Adverse Sneakers

-Yawns- Time for a nap.

*Demise Black Shirt Group Gift ($0L)
*Demise Stone Wash Jacket MHOH #81 ($0L)
-DEMISE-, Thibedeau (211, 194, 22)

*Before Sleep Brown Wash Old Jeans MHOH #168 ($0L)
#Before Sleep#, Sparkling Star (16, 98, 22)

*HOC Skoochers 2 pack ($10L)
HOC Industries – House of Curios, Upper Fenland (47, 38, 66)

*LADS Suspendered Outfit MHOH #62 ($0L)
Lois Allen Designs, Splendour Lyonesse (84, 100, 306)

*Together Inc. Punkscape Jeans, Fortune Teller ($0L)
*Together Inc. No.1 Jersey ($1L)
Together Inc., Bramant (207, 136, 21)

*SM Adverse Sneakers MHOH #10 ($0L)
Sensual Mistery, Sensual Mistery (129, 160, 23)

*Poses, Long Awkward Pose (not free)
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)



Mid-Week Blues

I’m a little blue today knowing there are still two days left in the work week and my blue bargains reflect my mood.

Over at sf design, there is a free Blue Cambray shirt through the month of April. This shirt comes in both the buttoned and unbuttoned look. I paired it with the Equilibrium Logo Wife Beater that is a free gift for visting their store.

SF Cambray Shirt and Equilibrium Wife Beater

The jeans I found on the Make Him Over Hunt at Jock Fashions. The Edge Jeans have the well worn, well loved feel about them. The shoes are from Sensual Mistery and is also a hunt item The SM Adverse Chuckers give that extra comfortable look.

SF Cambray shirt and Equilibrium Wife Beater JOCK Edge Jeans  SM Adverse Chucker

I found this next outfit at Maloney & Hudson located at the Urban Shopper Mall. The M&H Light Blue Shirt and Black Trousers has a business casual feel for that blue mood. This is also a free gift. No group join needed.

M&H Blue Shirt and M&H Black Trousers

Lighten your blue mood with these freebies today.

*SF Design Cambray Shirt ($0L)
sf design, Penryn (69, 96, 36)

*Equilibrium Logo Wife Beater ($0L)
Equilibrium Design, Ubatuba (192, 167, 23)

*Jock Edge Jeans #132 MHOH ($0L)
Jock Fashions, WHITE DOVE (89, 98, 22)

*SM Adverse Chucker #10 MHOH ($0L)
Sensual Mistery Store .::SM::., Sensual Mistery (129, 160, 23)

*M&H Light Blue Shirt ($0L)
*M&H Black Trousers ($0L)
Maloney & Hudson, Dubya City (95, 86, 25)

*Long Awkward Pose, Poses (Not Free)
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


Let The Hunt Begin

Wow, everyone is out looking for the Make Him Over Hunt 3. And with the fantastic items I found, I can see why. The designers have outdone themselves with their selections this time around. I chose for my first outfit the SSH After Hours shirt paired with the *FIR* Black Wifebeater and the JFL Elegant Trousers. This is a nice casual combination that works well together.

FIR wifebeater black JFL Elegant Trousers SSH After Hours

The next starts out with the House of RFyre Immortal TShirt paired with the [hate this] shorts. And on my feet I’m wearing .::SM::. Adverse Chuckers.

RFyre Immortal Tshirt SM Adverse Chucker Hate That Shorts

For my third and final pick of the moment, I found these Rubber Boots at Peeps. I knew exactly what outfit I was going to put together from the shoes, which is usually an after thought for me. I grabbed the Hell Bop Bibs that I reviewed yesterday and I found the White Feather tshirt at [name pending]. This outfit will be perfect for wading through the bulls@!t that we sometimes find in Second Life.

[name pending] Feather pen  shirt HB Bibs Peeps Rubber Boots

*SSH After Hours shirt #114 (MHOH3 $0L)
SSH … Designs, Merricks Landing 4 (193, 125, 23)

**FIR* Black Wifebeater #6 (MHOH3 $0L)
*FIR*, Men’s Clothing, Wadsworth (25, 30, 31)

*JFL Elegant Trousers #144 (MHOH3 $0L)
JFL at Australia Style, Australia Style (188, 226, 26)

*House of Rfyre Immortal TShirt #11 (MHOH3 $0L)
House of Rfyre, Isle Rfyre (96, 164, 23)

*[hate this] shorts. #125 (MHOH3 $0L)
[hate this], Diamond Dust (160, 42, 666)

*.::SM::. Adverse Chuckers #10 (MHOH3 $0L)
Sensual Mistery Store .::SM::. , Sensual Mistery (129, 160, 23)

*Peeps Rubber Boots #91 (MHOH3 $0L)
Peeps Fashion, SkyBeam Community (39, 185, 32)

*Hell Bop Clothing Bibs #49 (MHOH3 $0L)
Hell Bop Clothing The Wash (90, 73, 22)

* [name pending] White Feather TShirt #126 (MHOH3 $0L)
[name pending], Lionheart Sarafina (242, 231, 28)


.::SM::. Easter Outfit

Sensual Mistery released the Easter gift already.. You will find in the store.

Comes with ears, mustache, shirt, shorts, socks, shoes and eggs basket.

According to Christian scripture, Jesus was resurrected from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. Some Christians celebrate this resurrection on Easter Day or Easter Sunday. Is traditionally spent decorating Easter eggs and hunting for them with children on Sunday morning, by which time they have been mysteriously hidden all over the house and garden.  I think I got mine already!! 🙂 lol


New group gift at Jasper! Every week a different gift…

This outfit from Sensual Mistery you will find in the lucky chair, is very complete DJ Outfit, cap, glasses, phones, shoes, pants, jacket, and the dj booth.

TRC released this outfit today for free!

Champagne! sparkling fashion has this rock outfit as a gift in the store!

Cool Tuesday

Little Britain – Weekly Outfit Free – for both

Inner world Magazine HQ has some gifts for us – they offer us these beautiful sunglasses designed by Designina Store and the scarf made by BALACLAVA.-RC- cluster sent this cute hat by subscribe.
The boots are a gift from A:S:S:

Left: Balani has this outfit in MM Board.
Rigt: Equilibrium – Shirt (weekly freebie), Pants – pick reward and belt – MM board
Shoes: .::SM::. – not free

Tattoo is for free at Rivier Ink Tattoo.

Sexy Friday

Outfit (shirt, pants and tie) Nano*style, skin from Mr Murder – Lover Boy and the goggles are from G-Hana

The shirt is from Nano*style Yellow Tshut – free, I found this necklace Gold Chain in *w*h* (water Halderman) for free, the urban pants are from Myself – old gift, shoe is from .::SM::. Ahnu’x green – not free,  the leg in plaster K2K, and belt is from KOSH – Charcoal Belt – not free.

Free outfit the cowboy at TRC (hat and pants)
Tshirts and swimwear also free at TRC
G-Hana has this nice purple tux in Lover’s Hunt #7.

Outfit for Sunday

Skin: Dumspter Diver Employee – Mr Murder – free
Hair: .::SM::. MAURO Hair Black – not free
Shirt: Sartoria – Valentines gift (Available @ Mimi’s Choice)
Pants:Meriken – Conabukuro Valentino – free
Belt: Rfyre – Belt – SAH gift #6
Shoes: HOC – Mens Formal Dress Shoess – SAH gift

FK Virtues made a gift thanking all the guys who joined the subscribe and a special thanks to the people at “make him over”.

Xenno has this tattoo – unisex – per L$10.

Cool outfits

A pair of jeans and a T-shirt is quite arguably the modern-day uniform for many men. These pieces are something you wear almost every day and in all kinds of social situations, from work to casual weekends to trendy club nights and everything in between. Plus, it’s the ultimate easy-to-put-together, no-fuss ensemble — you just throw it on in the morning and go. To make sure you stylishly stand out, however, an attention-grabbing T is key. As well, a T-shirt with a bit of extra flair is a versatile addition to your wardrobe since mixing it with dressier items will instantly give you an effortlessly cool air, not to mention inject your personality into your outfit. So try out a piece from terri.tees to add a fresh edge to your look.

Skin: AtomicBambi Christian Pale Pinch – new release not free
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Autora Eyes – freebie
Hair: .::SM::. Ice Space Touca SM – gift SAH #15
Shirt: terri.tees – valentine batty jacket – freebie
Pant: *RD* – Bloody Heart Jeans – mini hunt in the store
Ring: Sable Rose Celebration Mens Birthstone – freebie (It’s a gift for people with their rezdays in a certain month.)
Scarf: .::SM::. Kevin Shawl Scarf grid blue – gift SAH #15
Belt: Magic Pain – Belt closet – gift SAH #123
Shoes: .::SM::. Tenis Boot preto – gift SAH #15

Skin: AtomicBambi – Christian Pale Pure – new release – not free
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Autora Eyes – freebie
Hair: UW.St Roy Hair – free
Shirt: terri.tees – valentine batty jacket – freebie
Pants: *RD* Burnt Blood Jeans – mini-hunt in the store
BackBag: Inimitably Design – Backbag Freestyle – gift SAH #9
Shoes: .::SM::. Ahnu’x tennis green yellow – gift SAH #15

Uw.St released 2 new hairs as a gift!
.::SM::. Ahnu’x tennis green yellow and Inimitably Design – Backbag Freestyle

terri.tees: all reproductions of vintage kids’ cards

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Kiss me!

Last week for SAH – Shoes & Accessories Hunt and .::SM::. released these gifts specially for the hunters!

On Tarsis:

Skin: Lelutka – Eron – Sunkissed – new release – not free
Shirt: Equilibrium – Brush – Jr Hak – weekly gift
Hat: .::SM::. -Eriky Hat – SAH gift #15 -nr4
Pants: Equilibrium – Calca 87 – not free
Belt: .::SM::. – Eros – SAH gift #15 -nr4
Shoes: .::SM::. – KY – Zboot – SAH gift #15 -nr4
Backpack: .::SM::. – Cher’s School Backpack – SAH gift #15 -nr4
Sunglasses: .::SM::. – Her Sunglasses – SAH gift #15 -nr4

Skin: Valentine’s Gift – Homme – Nikita Fride – free
Hair: AITUI – Hat – Runaway Black – SAH gift #4
Shirt: Coco Designs – Chamarra unisex negra – free in the store
Pants: Equilibrium – Calca 87 – not free
Shoes: .::SM::. – Kevin Style Shoes – SAH gift #15 -nr4
Scarf: .::SM::. – Phellipe Scarf – SAH gift #15 -nr4
Bag: Kosh – Asphyxia Shoulderbag – Rainy Night
Nikita Fride made a special skin for men and one for women, especially for Valentine’s Day … marks kisses and beautiful tattoos differentiate these skins, just for you, members of the Nikita Fride Designer. So come to the store, follow the hearts on the floor and activate your group tag, then touch the box on cart… to be happy!

And Samara is wearing the nikita fride’s skin too.