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Hunting 9 and other gifts.

It’s been awhile since I posted anything, but I have some goodies for you guys. Grasp is having it’s 1 year anniversary, and to celebrate there is a hunt going on called Hunting 9, where you wear a hud, and find the pink stars in 9 stores. Each star will fill in the spot on the hud, and give you a gift, once you have all the stores, you go back to Grasp to get their anniversary gift. It’s a mixture of store like Ducknipple, UncleWeb, ROZOREGALIA, and others.

Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington has a few gifts out for you as well from different designers like Kmadd, Mechanism, Solar and others. Be sure to check out a taping of Fabulous Fashion if you have time, it’s rather entertaining.

Outfit: Grasp ~ 1st Anniversary Male Gift (Hunting 9 Gift)
Hair: UncleWeb Studio ~ Rigel-Hair ~ Ash Black (Hunting 9 Gift)
Watch: GBTM ~ Digital (Kmadd Gift)

MADesigns ~ Alex ~ NBII (Fab Fashion Gift)
Solar Eyewear ~ Nash  (Fab Fashion Gift)
Ducknipple ~ Tom (Hunting 9 Gift)


Neko isn’t dead.

As a member of the SL community for almost 4 years, I’ve seen phases come and go. Neko is one of them. Over time, they have been a slowly dying breed in SL. Ivanka Akina is trying to bring a few back. Ivanka was nice enough to put this ear and tail set in her Midnight Mania board for all you nekos. Go check the rest of her store out while you’re there. Paired the ears up with Niniko’s freebie green shirt, and a past group gift from Like-A. The shoes are from In Her Shoes, where you can get a couple different styles for free, as well as some other goodies.

Neko Tail and Ears – *IA* Meow  – skull (MM Board)

Jeans – ::LikeA:: Past Group Gift (No longer available but still worth checking out!)

Sweatshirt – “NINIKOBOY” Greeeeeeen shirts (Freebie)

Sneakers – [IHS] Sneakers  Another Brown  (Freebie)

Not free
Hair – Find Ash

Skin – Zanzo

I Wanna Be A KoQstar

I came across this shop while out with my lady, called KoQstar, owned by Landon Mode. He was gracious enough to put a freebie tshirt out for you fellas. The store itself has a bit of an edge to it, and the items are really reasonably priced. L$50 for a tshirt, and in this economy, who can argue with the price. Be sure to check out the tattoos they offer as well!

Tshirt: KoQstar – Freebie

Boots Make Me Happy

CheerNo has a group gift in their notices of a two tone pair of their new boots the YAJI boots, be sure to go to the store to check out the rest of the colors. Oh! and guys be sure to check the notices for the skin I previously blogged about.

[CheerNo]YAJI Boots/Monalisa-Two tones GIFT – Group gift. Join the CheerNo group, and check the notices.

Painted Red

Sorry guys, just a quickie today. CheerNo was nice enough to send out a group gift of their new skin line Wady, be sure to check out the rest of their demos! Sole Accessory has a great group gift of a bracelet and necklace in store. Be sure to join the group, and activate the tag, then click on the boards. I know I blogged the hair and hat combo group gift from LeLutka, but I absolutely love it. The pants and tattoo is from the MHO Hunt. If you need hints, you can go here.

Skin:[CheerNo]Wady_Light/IM-ON-FIRE (Join the CheerNo group, and check the notices.
Hair: [LeLutka]-ISHA hair (Group gift. Join the LeLutka group, and check the notices.)
Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Minimalist – Beyond the Arena (MHOH3 #13)
Jeans: Equilibrium (Calca) (MHOH3 #27)
Shoes: ::Maschienenwerk:: – LowTop II GREY
Bracelet: Sole Accessory – Comp leather BRACELET (In store group gift. Join the group, and activate the tag.)
Necklace: Sole Accessory –  Lily leather Necklace (In store group gift. Join the group, and activate the tag.)

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Roughed Up

Quick post before I forget some of this.

I picked this skin up before I had went on vacation, but never blogged it.  Ironic Birds has a great L$1 skin in their shop. It’s a bit beaten up in all the right places. LeLutka has a great group gift of a hair and hat combo in a fatpack! It’s unisex, but should look great on you ladies, as well as the guys. The shirt is from a quaint little store called Scars. Be sure to check out the rest of their freebies, including more hair for you guys, as they could be a post by themselves. The pants are from the MHOH as Carson blogged already, but they went so well with the shirt. The shoes aren’t free, but super nice and reasonable from Surf Couture.

Skin: [IB] OSCAR(SPECIAL) CHAMPION!!  (Ironic Birds L$1)
Hat/Hair: [LeLutka]-ISHA (Group gift. Join the LeLutka update group, and check notices.
Shirt: …Scars… catsaw[black]
Pants: *FIR* Pinstripe Pants Mocha (MHOH #6 FIR)
Shoes:[SC] Surf Couture – Boardwalkers – Dark Hemp



Usually, when the Make Him Over Hunt comes around, it’s really hit or miss with me. I was a bit surprised this time around however. What I had gotten so far, I like, some I even love.

Let’s start with the basic that we all need, skin. I was really happy to see that Atomic Bambi had been part of MHOH3. I’ve been wearing AtomicSparkle Skytower’s Christian skin in pale for about a week and have yet to take it off, so I was excited to see her in the hunt. She did not let me down either. Her gift was a skin, albeit in beta, still a great looking skin. The fact that it has freckles, which is hard to find in a male skin, is a big big bonus to me. Look forward to more from her.

I am far from finishing the hunt, but so far, I’m digging what I’ve found. If you need any help with locations, I’m always around, and enjoy doing the hunt.

Skin – AtomicBambi-Benicio-Beta #79

Not Free (but still awesome):

Undies: Zoobong – Zundiez (Red)

Hat/Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BRADY flat cap (suede) ~ Irish Coffee #1
Shirt: Alphamale – Slate shirt #2
Pants: Alphamale – Formal Pants II #2
Shoes: Kalnins Shoes – Crossyard #4

Hat/Hair: [Avoid] Blake – Onyx #14
Sweater: .::SM::. JEFF SHIRT #10
Jeans: .::SM::. IMPARSSY JEANS #10
Sneakers: .::SM::. ADVERSE CHUCKER #10

Hoodie – *Connors* MHOH3 HOODIE #31
Jeans – **Stash** Limited Jeans  #33
Sneakers – .::SM::. ADVERSE CHUCKER  #10
Hat/Hair – [CheerNo] Hair SOLDIER Special [Brown]   #31