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Make Him Over 4 #11 – 20

As promised, I’m back with more from the Make Him over Hunt 4. Here are gifts from locations 11 – 20.

# 11  VITAMEN Bad Tan

#11 VITAMEN Bad Tan Undershirt and Underpants Layers

BalAni Black Knit Turtleneck and Pinstriped Pants MHOH4

#12 BalAni Black Knit Turtleneck and Pinstriped Pants

#13 Stash Sport Polo [deep black]

#13 Stash Deep Black Sport Polo


MHOH4 # 14  Nikita Fride Designer MHOH$ Skin, Shape Hair and Piercings
#14 Nikita Fride MHOH4 Skin, Shape Hair and Piercings

MHOH4 #15 Culture Fine Jewelry for Men Bravado Sport Watch

#15 Culture Fine Jewelry Bravado Sport Watch

MHOH4 # 16 - Adlerblick Shapes Riordan Shape

#16 Adlerblick Shapes Riordan Shape

MHOH4 # 17 - Leather Bound Heart of Darkness Shirt and Pants

#17 Leather Bound Heart of Darkness Shirt and Pants

#18 Avatar Bizarre Make Him Over Gift Duster & Python Boots
#18 Avatar Bizarre Duster & Python Boots

#19 [GG] Class Act Brown COat & Trousers, White Shirt and Manhattan Brown Sunglasses

#19 Geezer Garments Class Act Brown Coat & Trousers, White Shirt and Manhattan Brown Sunglasses


#20 OKEY DESIGNS Barcelona Outfit

There’s more coming soon.

*Make Him Over Hunt 4 Gifts 11 -20 ($0L)

*Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)





Usually, when the Make Him Over Hunt comes around, it’s really hit or miss with me. I was a bit surprised this time around however. What I had gotten so far, I like, some I even love.

Let’s start with the basic that we all need, skin. I was really happy to see that Atomic Bambi had been part of MHOH3. I’ve been wearing AtomicSparkle Skytower’s Christian skin in pale for about a week and have yet to take it off, so I was excited to see her in the hunt. She did not let me down either. Her gift was a skin, albeit in beta, still a great looking skin. The fact that it has freckles, which is hard to find in a male skin, is a big big bonus to me. Look forward to more from her.

I am far from finishing the hunt, but so far, I’m digging what I’ve found. If you need any help with locations, I’m always around, and enjoy doing the hunt.

Skin – AtomicBambi-Benicio-Beta #79

Not Free (but still awesome):

Undies: Zoobong – Zundiez (Red)

Hat/Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BRADY flat cap (suede) ~ Irish Coffee #1
Shirt: Alphamale – Slate shirt #2
Pants: Alphamale – Formal Pants II #2
Shoes: Kalnins Shoes – Crossyard #4

Hat/Hair: [Avoid] Blake – Onyx #14
Sweater: .::SM::. JEFF SHIRT #10
Jeans: .::SM::. IMPARSSY JEANS #10
Sneakers: .::SM::. ADVERSE CHUCKER #10

Hoodie – *Connors* MHOH3 HOODIE #31
Jeans – **Stash** Limited Jeans  #33
Sneakers – .::SM::. ADVERSE CHUCKER  #10
Hat/Hair – [CheerNo] Hair SOLDIER Special [Brown]   #31


Stash – gift and huge discount -50% off

Today Stash is giving for free this t-shirt and your  lizard symbol (mouth attachment) . Also remember, if you are in Make Him Over Group  (http://world.secondlife.com/group/7a69fe4c-f0cd-bed4-f11e-68e47098c9ed) you will get 50% off until sunday! Join the group, wear the tag and get this huge deal!