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Usually, when the Make Him Over Hunt comes around, it’s really hit or miss with me. I was a bit surprised this time around however. What I had gotten so far, I like, some I even love.

Let’s start with the basic that we all need, skin. I was really happy to see that Atomic Bambi had been part of MHOH3. I’ve been wearing AtomicSparkle Skytower’s Christian skin in pale for about a week and have yet to take it off, so I was excited to see her in the hunt. She did not let me down either. Her gift was a skin, albeit in beta, still a great looking skin. The fact that it has freckles, which is hard to find in a male skin, is a big big bonus to me. Look forward to more from her.

I am far from finishing the hunt, but so far, I’m digging what I’ve found. If you need any help with locations, I’m always around, and enjoy doing the hunt.

Skin – AtomicBambi-Benicio-Beta #79

Not Free (but still awesome):

Undies: Zoobong – Zundiez (Red)

Hat/Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BRADY flat cap (suede) ~ Irish Coffee #1
Shirt: Alphamale – Slate shirt #2
Pants: Alphamale – Formal Pants II #2
Shoes: Kalnins Shoes – Crossyard #4

Hat/Hair: [Avoid] Blake – Onyx #14
Sweater: .::SM::. JEFF SHIRT #10
Jeans: .::SM::. IMPARSSY JEANS #10
Sneakers: .::SM::. ADVERSE CHUCKER #10

Hoodie – *Connors* MHOH3 HOODIE #31
Jeans – **Stash** Limited Jeans  #33
Sneakers – .::SM::. ADVERSE CHUCKER  #10
Hat/Hair – [CheerNo] Hair SOLDIER Special [Brown]   #31


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[AVOID] Valentine’s gift

[AVOID] released this Kissing Both as a valentine’s group gift.
So.. I got some cash and ask for a kiss!

And she sold me the best kiss for my entire life! I love Samara kissing me all the time!

6 poses! for free.. run!

Warm up

I have seen a lot of snow these days, so I think it is better to get warmer, even in my pixels life… if it is not your case now, use your imagination and let it snow! Get warm!
Hat: Agent Orange -Winter Hat – Chin (SLDGTH 10) hunt gift free

Shirt: Zenith Sweater – 2 colors – join the group

And we can’t forget our steps! Here it goes a hint for a cool pair of sneakers.
Outfit: Myself – free gift on the board’s prize
Shoes: Radikal Sneakers Red – add the store in the picks, wait 24-48 hs

For sure it is not good to heat your head, but don’t let it freeze too! So, here it goes a cap!

Hat: AVOID – JTFG Cap Hair – free hunt gift
Shirt: Hell Bop – Bobby – Black Shirt – dollarbie – only this week
Pants: Mortality – Leather Pants –  Midnight Mania gift

Other Info:

Poses: Essential Soul Studio n Poses – not free


I was walking around and found this cool store of accessories. Actually, watchs and clocks that will never let you get late again!

Those are free and there are also two lucky boards in the stores too (I didn’t get them!).

There are always options of t-shirts, mainly for guys. And this is so good because we are always looking different. I can say the same for jeans. These are group gift from Robbish (november).

This casual outfit was composed with jeans (group gift from Robbish) and t-shirt (from [TRS]). But I want to call especial attention to the accessories. DCXXIII is resposible for the bracelets, watch and pocket watch on my hip.

 TRS is also responsible for the shirt and scarf on my neck! Shoes are from Jeepers Creepers.

 On Tarsis:

 ☑Shirt: [TRS] Mens Skull V-neck (free)

 ☑ Pants: :Robbish: – UltraLow – november gift

 ☑ Accessories:

 DCXXIII OS-WWOO bracelet – (free)

 DCXXIII OS-WWOO watch (free)

 DCXXIII AksesorisOO S – pocket watch on hip (free)

 [TRS] Unisex Knit Scarf – Mustard Mix Up (free)

  ☑ Shoes: JC Men’s Soviet Stars – Jeepers Creepers (free)

 ☑ Pose: Posies – Male Stare – new release not free

 M.S.D. gave to Make Him Over Group this nice pink polo! Join the group and grab yours!

[Avoid] Withe/PowerRangers – lucky board gift (righ side)

[Avoid] Yellow/Spongebob – lucky board gift(left bottom)

[M.S.D.] Stone Island Pink Polo Shirt – Make Him Over Group (top left)