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Deadly Nightshade

Nightshade Designs have some darkly delicious prizes in their Lucky Boards right now. A friend tipped me off about some awesome shoes and I ended up staying around for a little longer to see what else I could win. You can find hair, skins, outfits, shoes and jewellery in these boards including a gothic skin for guys.

These are the amazing shoes that I just fell in love with. The great thing about them is you can wear them without the ankle straps too so you get two looks. Great for pinstripe pants or cute lolita dresses.

This Blacklist Efflair outfit is another of the prizes.

This beautiful Bella Skin is one of the skin prizes in the LB’s. It is so pretty and has great definition for such a pale skin. Perfect to compliment your look. And just look how pretty the face is..

While I was there I also picked up the pinstriped Insomnia sweater for 75L which I just couldnt resist as I love this style of top.

It looks awesome as an uber short dress with a little adjustment or over a pair of pinstripe pants.

Other Info
+ Tallulah Hair by Truth ( 250L Per colour set )
+ Frozen eyes by Umedama ( freebies on the table in the opposite room to where you tp in )
+ Lacey Visions Lingerie by AQUA 100L per set
+ Rayon Glasses by PrimOptics ( not free )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

LaPointe & Bastchild Freebie Store

LaPointe & Bastchild have been creating clothing in SL for as long as I can remember and Im a golden oldie in SL (nevermind what my inworld DOB says!)

So after some discussion about the Freebies store in the FabFree chat, I decided to pay a visit as I hadnt been there for months. There is clothing, jewellery and even skins for both male and female there. If you love EGL or Gothic style clothing you will love clothing here. Below are some of the female outfits I snapped up!

 Gothic Lolita Mini Mega Set

Bast Rouge Dress

 Gothica Memorie

Lotus Flower in Grey

Crushed Silk

Tartan Nocturnal


The skin worn in the pictures is the current 50L skin called “My Heart” from Heartsick. I am wearing it in the Illusion tone in these pictures, though you get a darker tone called Bliss too and choice of freckles and cleavage!

Other Info
+ Patricia hair by Bishwear ( Not free )
+ Poses by Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses (not free)


Just like heaven

Little Heaven has always been one of my favourite stores in SL, and right now they have put up two special sets of Valentine Lucky Boards at the store. One is for an adorable dress called Lolita In Nightmare in a special Valentines colouring, and the other is for the Beatrice hair in a yummy blonde colour.

These are the co-ordinates for the Dress Lucky Board – 134/126/24

These are the co-ordinates for the Hair Lucky Board – 69/125/24

Blacklace has a very sexy lingerie set in a beautiful lilac colour as their Valentines freebie gift to us all. Its very daring as it has an open cup to the bra.

As I am a true romantic at heart, I think this would be perfect for seducing your S/O on Valentines day.. cute, adorable and with the right amount of rawr sexiness to boot.. surely thats the perfect combination.. Or am I getting this seduction thing all wrong *laughs*

Finally.. The Starlust sims are currently doing a Valentines hunt called “Starlust is for Lovers”.. you have to get a HUD from the main Starlust Motel Lobby Area (be sure to take a look at all the dollarbies and stuffs there too because the Lobby area is crammed full of things)… Once you have the HUD, wear it and run around the stores in the sims to find the broken pieces of your heart to fill the HUD. Once completed you can find the rewards inside the stores.. why am I telling you this? Well besides all the really cool stuff you can find in the stores,  :ellabella: sent me a preview of their hunt gift.. and it is so absolutely adorable that you have to see it… please excuse the close up of my mouth *laughs*

Look at the adorable tiny captured heart *melts*

Even if you arent interested in doing the hunt, but you love piercings, go take a peek at :ellebella:’s main store @ the Plastik because she makes such delicately gorgeous face jewellery that you will fall in love and its very well priced for such intricate work. Here are two examples I picked up while visiting…

This is “Your kiss is on my lips” and “Your kiss is on my forehead” worn together. You get 3 choices of attachment points with each set, which is uber awesomes as you won’t have to fight with fitting it to another spot if something else gets in the way. They cost 50L each! Arent they gorgeous!

Other info
+ Beach Skin in Black Pearl by Curio ( not free )
+ June Skin in Swan by Curio ( not free )
+ Eyes by Poetic Colors ( these arent free, but they have a gorgeous set of blue freebie eyes out right now )


After the poetry of yesterday, I find myself at a loss for words today. Funny how it comes and goes.. Anyways, here are some goodies for you to snap up today.

Aqua are still continuing their sale and their daily Dollarbie releases, with each release carried over to the next day. There is a wall of them at the store for you to pick and choose from! Here are some pictures of two of todays Dollarbie releases..

This is the AfterDark set in Emerald. You get the vest top as shown above, another basque top and the bra shown in the picture below aswell as panties with and without suspender options and a pair of stockings. I love the velvet fabric. Its one of my favourite fabrics and this just begs to be touched.

This is another dollarbie called BasicNeeds. This also comes in several layers giving you wearable options. You can wear it with or without the cami underneath or wear the cami alone. There are also options of the skirt as shown or pants.

You might have got the notice yesterday about a cute Corset dress Dollarbie from Cynful. Again an outfit with options which optimises wearability.

This is the corset dress with the white lace top underneath and the white lace edging around the bottom and the picture below shows the corset dress with the black lace top underneath and the black edging around the bottom of the skirt.

The shoes worn in the pictures arent free, but are really cute. Its not often I wear shoes like these, but I couldnt resist. They are made by Heart & Sole and cost 300. There is a Midnight Mania board there though with a pair of green heels on it so go and give it a quick slap if you want a pair of yummy green heels.

Also there are these cute shoes that are available for 100L at Heart & Sole as part of the last few days of the Twisted Krissmuss event that ran through December. They are transferable too so perfect for a gift. I don’t know how much longer they will be available for less than half price though so be quick if you are interested.

Lastly are these two outfits that I got from a new store I found called Black Atellier This first one is called Ashlin and is the group gift you can find on the shelves at the very back of the store. Join the group and buy the gift box!

The second outfit is called Jane and is one of the prizes from the four Lucky Chairs also found at the back of the store. Its really cute and is perfect for any EGL.

The cute Lolita shoes are again not free, but compliment the outfit well. They are from Heart & Sole also and cost 300L. I love the colour change prim socks that are part of them!

Other info
+ June 2 Skin by Curio ( not free )
+ Cleavage enhancer by Your Skin & Your Shape ( not free )
+ Dakota Hair by Cake ( not free )
+ Vixxen Eyelashes by Belladonna Mureaux of Nightshade Designs ( not available in store at the moment )


A mixed bag of treats

I went wandering around some of my favourite stores earlier to see what I could find. Some things are old, some things are new… Some things are free, everything is under 100L.

First stop… Rotten Toe! They have some awesome outfits and seperates here and if you dare to walk through the scary dark doorway, it will take you to the discounts section where you will find some awesome offers. Also, join their group and you can scoop a whole heap of goodies! Old group gifts are kept on a shelf to the left back of the store.

The Black Zombie hair and the Pink Vika hair are both Group Gifts. As are the Long Rotten Corset and the Strapped Corset.

These two Lollidoom dresses can be found in the hidden basement through the scary dark door. They are available in more colours and are 15L each! Arent they cute!

The Nekrotic Dress is available in both the Green seen here and also Pink. Both colours are 15L each. The Silver Sequin dress is quite outrageous, but a snip at 30L! These can also be found in the hidden basement!

Next to Blue Blood who have these sweet white Loligoth coats with different coloured insets on sale for 25L each.

I’ve teamed it up with the socks from the green Nekrotic Dress from Rotten Toe and the Millais lingerie from Pixeldolls.

And talking of Pixeldolls, I thought I would share a couple of my absolute favourite buys.

I adore the Belle corset. I have all of the colours.. this is the red version and it costs 50L. You get an undershirt to wear with it if you arent comfortable with the open front and there are also gloves you can wear too. It looks so good with this Long Black Velvet Skirt which is also 50L.

The Elizabeth Coat is classically Gothic. The brocade and velvet detailing is gorgeous. It can be yours for 50L and comes in several different colours. The colour shown here is Crimson. The pants worn are from Wrong and cost 25L as part of their current sale.

If you like Latex, then check out Sweet Dreams while you are at Pixeldolls. Its a side room just off of the main TP area. Nearly everything in the store is 10L. Here are a few of the outfits you can find there.

This is the Latex Oxford shirt worn with the Latex Drape Skirt. Both are available in different colours including Pink and Blue.

I think the Black Widow Mini dress is really quite cute and I love the cheekily daring cut out back. Again it comes in several colours.

And if you are looking for something a little more classy, maybe one of these two dresses will suit you.

Again available in several colours! There are lots more latex goodies including catsuits, for 10L at the store so have a good look!

And lastly, PERTURB/ation have released a new free gift of this exquisite Winter Jewellery set. It is truely stunning and the gemstones are so luminescent! You can find it just infront of you as you land.

Heartsick Dollarbie Skins

I got a notice through about a new release of Gothic skins and a new Dollarbie set of skins from Heartsick. After falling in love with the Opening release, the Snowflake Hunt skins and the recent Peace on Earth Hunt skins, I just had to go and take a look.

The Dollarbie skin is called “Her Ghost in the Fog” and comes in three tones including a new uber pale skin tone called Soma. The make up is a really pale whispy grey color which is really ethereal looking. Again you get the two cleavage options and you also get the choice of two eyebrow styles, as you can see from the pictures below.

Im wearing the skin tone Aether in this picture. It is the second lightest in the pack.

This picture illustrates the eyebrow options. You get the softer, natural looking eyebrow aswell as an edgy, gothic eyebrow that I actually really like.

From left to right the skin tones are Soma, Aether and Illusion. I’ve worn the no cleavage version of Illusion so you can see the difference between the two options.

Other info
+ Makenzie Hair by Truth (not free)
+ Peace on Earth Hunt Lingerie Free Gift by Reasonable Desires


Christmas Hunt @ Necrosis Noctis

The stores at the Necrosis Noctis Sim are holding a Christmas Hunt that starts from today and runs until December 25th. You are looking for little Gingermen scattered around the various stores in the Sim and each gift costs 10L to buy. Considering that you are getting some amazing gifts from stores such as The Black Canary and Nightshade Designs this is a real bargain!

I spent this morning wandering around the Sim and gathered all the delicious goodies I could find so I could show you what was on offer. I am sure I caught everything as I am usually a hawk eye when it comes to hunting and I scoured the sim several times – but it is possible that I missed a few. There was no total number on the notecard so I can’t tell you how many there are to find, but I found 13.

On to the gifts. I will tell you what came from which store, but not where its hidden – wouldnt want to take away all the fun *grins*

There are two gifts from NoCoNoMo. One of them is this adorable set.. You get the Fairy Wand, the Candy Cane Horns, The Christmas Corset, A Santa Hat (which isnt worn in this picture) and adorable Christmas themed Bat Wings which you can see in better detail below. The Hat worn in this picture is the second gift from NoCoNoMo and comes with the hair attached.


There are two gifts from SouZou Eien. One contains this Christmas themed Vampire Slayer belt and two versions of candycanes for you to munch on while patrolling for pesky Vamps out to spoil the holidays! Hooray! (no offence to said Vamps… I love you guys really 😛 ) In the second gift from SouZou Eien is this snuggley Teddy! Yay!

The Texture Change Christmas Hat and the Winter Bliss hair are the gifts from Nightshade Designs.

This cute glowy Snowflake Charm Bracelet is the gift from Freaky Deaky

These adorable Holidaze shoes are the gift from Heart & Sole. The fluffy socks are colour and texture changable so you can match them to all your Christmas outfits!

These last gifts are from The Black Canary which has always been a favourite store of mine and the gifts from here are no disapointment! There are 3 to find inside and outside the store.

This is the Yuki Hime Kimono outfit. It is so beautiful. You can choose to wear it with or without the long Kimono sleeves that I am wearing in the picture and it will still look just as beautiful. The picture really doesnt do the detailing justice.

This is the Eccentric Jacket and is just stunning. A purely Gothic Styled Winter coat.. the fur detailing is gorgeous and its so snuggly and warm and I love the chains and crosses on the front fastenings. The hair worn in these pictures is the Winter Bliss hair gift from Nightshade Designs

Other Info
+ Black Dress by Wrong ( not free but they have a 50% off sale going on at the moment so you can pick up a lot of bargains! )

Curious Kitties make me purr

I got a group notice through saying there was a new Unisex group gift available at Curious Kitties. So I skipped off over to the store and scooped it up along with a couple of other freebies that they have at the store.


This is the new Group Gift called “Curious Khaos” and can be worn by males or females. Simply join the group by touching the group joiner just infront of where you tp in to the store. The Gift is right next to it, just touch the poster to recieve it. The wings are a freebie at the store, and are shown in better detail below.


There is a freebie wall just a little walk away. You can’t really miss it. There are some really interesting freebies on there including eyes and som$e really big stompy shoes! These two were my favourites of the freebie wall.


This dress is like EGL grown up. I love the ties about the waist and the kick flare on the calf length skirt is adorable.



I have always been facinated with Angels and you will often see me around SL wearing Angel wings of one kind or another. These are really sweet little wings. Perfect when you want to add just a little bit of heaven to your outfit.


Other info

+ Windblown hair by Aden 60L per colour!
+ June2 skin by Curio
+ Hoopla Elf Ears by Elfpyre
+ New Rock Boots from picture 1 Little Britain Designs
+ Debbie Xtreme Heels by Footworks bought on Xstreet


Weird Designs

As Halloween draws closer, I find myself dressing more and more like the little dead dolly that lurks inside of me, who loves to come out to play around this time of year. So while going through my inventory I came across one of my favourite Dollaribie outfits from Wierd Designs called Death Ballet.




I popped over to Wierd Designs to take a look at what other Dollarbies and Group Gifts were available and I must say there really is a little treasure trove of goodies waiting for you here.


This is another Dollarbie called Bloody BabyDoll Dress and its so cute. Its made from loads of black netting and is all floaty and girly. Though the smear of blood down the front certainly makes it look less than innocent.



 This dress is called Lost Doll and is one of the Group Gifts found at the store. Its a really cute Gothic dress and has a yummy floofy skirt which looks adorable.



This is a sweet punky Dollarbie dress called Skulls and has lots of netting under the skully patterned skirt. The gloves are really sweet and I love the trashy laddered stockings that come with it.



There are also some really great skins available as Dollerbies and in the Group Gifts, which would be perfect for Halloween.


This is the skin I am wearing in the pictures above. It is the Rotten Doll Group Gift Skin. Perfect for the broken doll look.



Need a Zombie skin? This is the Dead Nation skin and is the other Group Gift Skin available.


This skin is a gruesome Dollarbie called Wasted Soul: Last Chapter


Another Dollarbie called Wasted Soul: Under Pressure. Similar to the Last Chapter skin above, this has a kind of cute plaster above the lip.


 Other Info:

+ “Strap Long Boots” by Studio M’z (not free)
+ “Mayumi” Hair by D!va (not free)