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Twisted Hunt Pt 2 – Clothing and Accessories

There are so many prizes on the Twisted Hunt, that its hard to show them all in one post. In this post I will show you more about the clothing and accessories you can find in the hunt!

The other writers will be showing you some of the other things too, Im just over eager after finishing most of it, so after this post I will move on to other things! There is definately plenty more left to see so I am sure you will enjoy the rest of the hunt!

If you missed part 1 showing the buildings and furniture you can read about it here

[#27 TH] Mandarin Vinyl Dress by Sassy!
[#7 TH] Hoofies by Dilly Dolls

[#8 TH] Strappy Exclusive by Blue Blood

[#161 TH] Obey Mesh Corset by 1 Hundred

[#6 TH] Twisted Darkness Blue Mesh Dress/Wings and After Hours Death Glam make up layer by Sn@tch

This dress also comes in Black in the gift as shown below.

[#6 TH] Twisted Darkness Black Mesh Dress/Wings and After Hours Death Glam make up layer by Sn@tch

Also at Sn@tch there is a candle hunt going on during the Twisted Hunt. Search out 10 little blue candles hidden in the main room of the store to win 10 vest tops. I only managed to find 8 of them but I thought I would show you them.

Blue Candle Hunt Tops by Sn@tch

Im not going to show you the prize from Aeva//Heartsick but I am going to show you some of their Gatcha prize.

There are 10 Mesh sparkley Corsets to win for 30L a try. I managed to win five of them including the rare one above called Mystic!

Sparkle Corsets by Aeva//Heartsick – 30L per turn

And after all of that you will probably end up needing the straight jackets that are the prizes from FallnAngel Creations. There are two prizes here. Both are straight jackets, one is in black and one is the white version that I am showing below.


The skin I am wearing through this post is the new 1L skin called Natalie from Mother Goose which is adorable.

Natalie skin by Mother Goose – 1L
[#62 TH] Beauty Destroyed Piercing by Cute Poison – 0L

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Quoth the Raven… Nevermore..

Its time for the TWISTED HUNT again! Running until 31st March, the evilest hunt as returned for its Spring edition and this time its theme is Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”! Be prepared for some hard work in this hunt.. the designers are devious when it comes to hiding their little red and black spinning hunt boxes and there are tricks galore along the way including boxes that are decoys, boxes that will taunt you for finding the wrong one, moving boxes and even mazes! Be aware also that those who use the area search to find their items are going to be foiled as designers rename parts of their store so that you still have to search! Mwwahahahahaa!

The starting point for the hunt is at DV8.. are you ready to hunt through 218 stores of mischief and mayhem? Continue if you dare… Here are some of the things you can find along the way!

+ Birdcage Fasinator by Alexxcessories @ Shape it Up
+ Neck Bracer by SD Wears
+ Twisted Raven Gown and Wings by Dark Fairytalez
+ Nail Gouttes by UR DOGS

+ Raven Gown by Sassy Kitty Designs
+ Quoth the Raven Tattoo by Collisions
+ Gloves and Bracelets by LouLou&Co

+ Raven Gown by Sassy Kitty Designs
+ Quoth the Raven Tattoo by Collisions
+ by LouLou&Co
+ Nail Gouttes by U&R DOGS

+ Dark Shadows Dress by Likka House
+ Twisted Cirlicues Flowers in the background by Oddment

+ Florence Corset by Blue Blood
+ Pants and undershirt part of the Sassy Kitty Twisted Gift

+ Fleet Suit by Blue Blood

+ Florence Corset by Blue Blood

+ Evermore the Ravens Dress by Immateria
+ Evermore Ravens Suit by Immateria


+ Amaranth Dress by Sweeter than Candy

+ Evermore Ravens Suit by Immateria

+ Wish Hair by Elikatira ( not free )
+ Group Gift Spirit skin by Heartsick ( 100L Group Fee )
+ Elven Ears by Illusory ( not free )
+ Ballet Flats by Duh ( old hunt gift, not available )
+ Gothic McQueen boots by Megg Demina @ Heroes of Fashion ( not free )
+ Black Ankle Boots by G Field ( not free )

+ Skin by Dutch Touch
+ Hair by Find ASH

+ Poses by oOo Poses, Runway Agapee, Lovesick, Del May, Flowey, Marukin, Don’t Freak Out!, Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


Kawaii Hunt!

Running until 30th of September, the Kawaii hunt is full of some really awesome prizes. There are just over 30 stores in the hunt so not a huge one. You are searching for a cute little blue star and they are relatively easy for you to find. The starting point is Little Glass Wish. Here are some previews of the items you can find in the hunt!

Grim Bros

Star Flats and Lollipop – Sanu
Mushroom Tote Bag – Love Soul
Polka Dot Dress – Ambrosia
Celphalophod Plushie – Little Glass Wish

Chocolate Strawberry outfit – (Magic)(Burst)
Kawaii Button Flats – Scribble

Punk Pink dress – Ducknipple
Kawaii Gloom Tattoo – Nightshade
Kawaii Onigirl shoulder pet – OtakuDzNs
Moon Beast Ears, Teeth, Tail, Collar and Bone – Atypical

Tea bag of Kawaii mouth nom A.D.D Andel (comes with a sky box as the prize also)
Kawaii Bunny Neck Pouch – Concrete Flowers
Chibi Martian Mini Dress – Epic

Ribbon Wedding Dress – Ribbon

Rabbit Pet – Little Girl
Mina Dress – Paradisis

Red Polka Dot dress – Lo*Momo

Grace Dress – Ruru@Pino

RinRin Outfit – Likka*House

Dress – Dollhouse
Star Flats, Star Hairclip and Big Star – Sanu

Dress – .:i*Towa*i:.
Star Flats – Sanu

Kawaii Doll Dress – Blue Blood
Comic Devil and Angel shoulder pets Kattastrophe

Chibi Textbot XD Fusion
Dango (other items in gift including fans)
Gizzy is the shizzy t-shirt – Mixed Nuts

Prancing Unicorn – Boof
(also includes Rabid Unicorn set)

Cherry Hair – Feather
Rose Earrings – Rose Princess (other stone colours included)

+ Think Pink hunt skin by Mynerva
+ Bang Bang Hair by Lamb (not free)
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


Twisted Sister

The Twisted Hunt started on September 1st and will run until September 31st. You are looking for a little spinning orange cube, if you’ve seen the Hellraiser films, its pretty much the Lament Box but shaded orange. The starting point is DV8 and there are 195 stores of pure twisted evilness for you to explore.

Be warned though, this hunt isnt one of the easiest ones on the grid. It is called Twisted for a reason.. There are decoys, tricks and plenty of reasons to tear your hair out and those who use Search Area function to hunt for the cube are going to be out of luck also as alot of merchants rename other things are their stores to throw you off.

Head Dress by Show me on the Doll and theFallen Wings by Favole

Twisted Topper and Voodoo Backpack by Burning Chrome ( pair of demon boots in the prize also by not shown plus a pack with the past 3 twisted toppers from the previous Twisted Hunts inside )

Skin and corset by Nightshade ( male prize inside also )

Die Romantic Necklace by Lolapop!

Twisted Dress by Alexohol

Wisp Sweater and Traumatic Skirt by Sn@tch

Eerie Female outfit by Blue Blood ( male prize available )

Twisted F2010 Gown by Dark Water Designs ( male prize available )

Lonely Night top hat and Vest with garters by LIKKA*House

Twisted Spooky Hoodie by Rasetsukoku ( male prize available )

Twisted skins with 3 make ups, also cleavage, freckle and beauty mark options by Heartsick

+ Glass Candy hair by Lamb @ the Hair Fair 2010 ( not free – 300L )
+ Platinum Skin & Ears by Mynerva (part of the Platinum Hunt, not available anymore)
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

It’s too bad she won’t live. But then again, who does?

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. Time to die..”

The Black Bacchanal is taking place at Sn@tch City this time around and its only on until tomorrow (3rd August) so run along now to get your hands on some extra special goodies from these awesome designers at amazing prices, that could very well vanish altogether without a trace once the event is over. The theme this time is Blade Runner which I am a huge fan of, so I had to blog this to show you.

As always, Sn@tch has some amazing goodies with this gorgeous Geisha 2019 dress for 113L and the Bradbury Stompers for 31L.

Here is a closer look of the Geisha 2019 dress. It is just gorgeous and will certainly be one in my favourites folder.

Sn@tch also has Zhory’s Python tattoo for 31L and the UV mask for 13L. You can also try your luck at the Replicant Eye Gatcha for 13L a try. The Rius hair worn here is free from Black Maria as is all of their hair so stock up if you love punk styles!

Blue Blood has the NARA outfits for 13L a try on their Gatcha at the event. I managed to win the Green one for my attempt but there are 4 other colours available also. You can remove the dress part to get this super sexy lingerie set.

The Fire outfit by Blue Blood is available fot 113L and comes in a choice of four colours

DV8 has a set of Nikita Shred Latex outfits for 31L. Inside you get 4 colour options. This is the Crimson version.

Gauze has this amazing Latex Suit called Erstaz for 300L and is one of the more expensive items at the event, but my god is it gorgeous. You can choose from 6 colours.

Nomine has this Replicant skin for 300L that comes in two versions..

You also get the eyes shown in the close up pictures. The Kanji Energy earrings are in the Sn@tch Swag Bag at their stall for free!

The awesome backdrop to my pictures is the Gemini Cybernectics Facility at Insilico East and if you love Cyberpunk then you will drool over this place.. though be warned, it is very intensive on your graphics card but sooooo worth it if you can. It is an RP area, so please be mindful when wandering.

Other Info
+ Tilly hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Kase Hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Hair by Sky Everett Designs ( not free )
+ Glowing hair accessory part of the Laya Hair by Exile ( not free )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


Some things old, some things new

Dutch Touch Released a new skin line called IsiS and has set out a skin gift to group members at the store.. yes this is one of those offers where you will have to pay 250L to join the group to get the goodies, but there are 5 skin tones available each would usually cost 1000L each so bargain really if you are looking for a gorgeous skin.

This is the Cotton tone and is the lightest skin tone in the set

These are the other tones available.. from top left its Cream, Caramel, Olive, Cocoa. I personally love this skin and the make up is just gorgeous. Once you have joined the group, you need to go to the back of the store where the IsiS display is. There will be a display there especially for VIP’s.. to get the skins, simply click the skin tone boxes under the main picture that says FREE on it. The other two sets there are at a special half price for VIPS also.

Plus the Queens Day skin in still in the group notices (not for long though.. only a day or two left on it so hurry!)

The Rina Dress is an oldie but a good one for 25L from Katat0nik.. I adore the dresses here so much! So cute!

BeBe Doll have the Vika outfit as their May Special Dollarbie

Just behind the subscribo you can find this Dollarbie bikini

on my little jaunt around some stores this morning I managed to win these two Mirna dresses from the Lucky boards at Blue Blood. There are several other colours available on the boards too.

Also while stopping by at Violent Seduction I was lucky enough to win these two outfits from their Lucky Chair upstairs.

This outfit is called Buckle Up

The Mad Moxxi coat also comes with the shoes shown and a skin, which isnt shown. The shorts and stockings worn in the picture are from the Buckle Up outfit above.

Other Info
+ Lua hair by Analog Dog ( freebie glowing ball on the beach )
+ Frozen eyes by Umedama ( freebies on the table in the opposite room to where you tp in )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

Twisted time again

Ever since the success of first Twisted Hunt last spring, its been one of the hunts to look forward to in the calender. Organisers Vasha Martinek and Dysturbed Sin are back with the third Twisted Hunt called “Strange Brew.. a celebration of all things green!!”. There are 105 stores in the hunt and you are searching for a green spinning Lament Puzzle Box like the one out of the Hellraiser movies… Examples can be seen below on the Burning Chrome picture as they have used the box in their prizes. 

Here is a preview of some of the prizes from the hunt but there are so much awesomes stuffs you will be spoiled for choice and the best thing about this hunt is that Vasha and Dysturbed ask that people try to include either a male gift or make the items unisex.. so guys, plenty of things for you here too!

Again as I do with all hunt previews, I will put the name of the store, but no SLURL’s. Yes I know Im evil but I’ll say it again..  I want to encourage you to do these hunts yourself as they are alot of fun if you just relax and not worry about racing to the finish. You have until 31st March which is alot of time! You can make some great friends in fellow hunters too! Make a hunting team and really just have fun!

DV8 is the starting point for the hunt.. This is a preview of their gift.

This is the female Electrifae outfit in Ashes. You get two other colours aswell as the gasmask worn here. There is a set of Hasmat outfits for guys too in three colours, but it also rocks on a female shape too. Here I am wearing the guy outfit in Ashes again with the gasmask..



Blue Blood have this gorgeous full length gothic coat as their gift in the hunt

Dilly Dolls have given the gift of this adorable Absynth Adorea lingerie complete with the hat and boots. You get this corset top aswell as a bra and there is also a large Absinthe glass for you to sit in!

Burning Chrome has a bumper booty of goodies as their prize including this years Twisted Topper that they release at every Twisted Hunt and the 2 previous years Toppers are also included in the box. The Lamented Heart chest piece, Twisted Wristbands, Twisted Earpieces, Aurora Hair, the Twisted Nightmare floating cubes and the Twisted Heartsick Skin are all part of Burning Chromes prize.

This is a better view of the Heartsick skin included in the Burning Chrome prize and comes with cleavage and no cleavage versions.

The UV studded Twisted Belt is the prize from Cyber Midgets and has green goo filled syringes on the back.

The Little Drop of Poison dress worn in the picture is the hunt prize from Show Me on the Doll. The picture shows it with the Ponyboots which also comes with the dress

And this is a close up of the boots…



This beautiful Necklace and Earring set is from Flavour! Designs. There is also a male set in the gift. They also have two under 30 days stands with male and female hair available, so if you are under 30 days, don’t forget to take a peek at these on your way through.

Secrets of Gaia have this flirty dress for their prize, which comes with three different styles of skirt. Also worn in the picture is the hunt prize from Heart & Sole. Here is a close up..

Sn@tch have this amazing Absinthe Avatar, complete with skin, ears, wings and outfit (minus the boots, hair and shape). Below is a close up of the skin which even has adorable freckles!


Jazmyn D has this flirty fluffy skirted dress as their prize and the little mouth nom is the prize from DaVuBa.. here is a close up..



This amazing Mystery Potion Belt is the prize from Sa-eela and I absolutley adore the detailing that has gone into it. The potion in the bottle changes colours at regular intervals which just has an awesome effect.

These absolutley stunning wings are the prize from Neko Wonderland and the boots and bikini are the prizes from Campalicious that also has a male set in the box.

There are heaps more to show you including loads of furniture and other clothing and accessories. Get your hunting shoes on and go do this hunt, you really won’t be disapointed! If you are really determined and devote your self to it (or if you are nuts either way) you can get this done in a day. But even if you limit yourself to 10 a day you will get it done within a couple of weeks!

All in all.. remember to have fun!


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Tell me when you hear my heart stop…

The Death Becomes Her hunt is just past the halfway mark, so you still have time to take part if you want to grab some darkly themed goodies. There are alot of  gifts for you to enjoy from clothing to furniture. I cheated a bit and sneaked off to get some of the outfits I saw one of my friends had got from it after she showed me a few things.

The starting point if you want to go from the very beginning is at Morbid Mausoleum… you are searching for grey death masks.

This stunning Rose Printed dress is the hunt prize from Dark Water Designs. You get two ways to wear it in the pack. You can wear it the way I am, as a full one toned dress or  you can wear it with the darker skirt that is included.

The next jaw droppingly stunning gown is the hunt prize from A Touch of Ireland. You can wear it with or without the undershirt. The detailing on the corset is just exquisite. You need this in your wardrobe! Seriously!

This cute little dress is the prize from Ghenna.

And lastly this is a unisex coat from Blueblood. It comes with two coat tails, the shorter one shown here and a longer one.

The shoes worn in all pictures are the hunt prize from Unique Needs and are a pair of stilleto heels with skulls on the front and a pile of them on the heel base. The hair in all of these pictures is the Lua hair from the huge glowing freebie balls of hair on the beach at Analog Dog. When you land, fly upwards and you will see them. You cannot miss them.

Maitreya have set out two hair styles with hats in a Brown and Blonde shade for 50L each at their store to help raise funds for the Red Cross International Aid fund. I would just like to say thank you to those who went to the Scribble Donations Sky Box yesterday and contributed to the funds. You can read more about the appeal on my blog post from yesterday.

Im wearing the hair with the Overalls pack that SK Designs has set out for 5L. You get three colours in the pack. The Blue and Red shown here aswell as a Brown colour.

Other Info
+ Winter Skin by Curio ( not free )


A mixed bag of treats

I went wandering around some of my favourite stores earlier to see what I could find. Some things are old, some things are new… Some things are free, everything is under 100L.

First stop… Rotten Toe! They have some awesome outfits and seperates here and if you dare to walk through the scary dark doorway, it will take you to the discounts section where you will find some awesome offers. Also, join their group and you can scoop a whole heap of goodies! Old group gifts are kept on a shelf to the left back of the store.

The Black Zombie hair and the Pink Vika hair are both Group Gifts. As are the Long Rotten Corset and the Strapped Corset.

These two Lollidoom dresses can be found in the hidden basement through the scary dark door. They are available in more colours and are 15L each! Arent they cute!

The Nekrotic Dress is available in both the Green seen here and also Pink. Both colours are 15L each. The Silver Sequin dress is quite outrageous, but a snip at 30L! These can also be found in the hidden basement!

Next to Blue Blood who have these sweet white Loligoth coats with different coloured insets on sale for 25L each.

I’ve teamed it up with the socks from the green Nekrotic Dress from Rotten Toe and the Millais lingerie from Pixeldolls.

And talking of Pixeldolls, I thought I would share a couple of my absolute favourite buys.

I adore the Belle corset. I have all of the colours.. this is the red version and it costs 50L. You get an undershirt to wear with it if you arent comfortable with the open front and there are also gloves you can wear too. It looks so good with this Long Black Velvet Skirt which is also 50L.

The Elizabeth Coat is classically Gothic. The brocade and velvet detailing is gorgeous. It can be yours for 50L and comes in several different colours. The colour shown here is Crimson. The pants worn are from Wrong and cost 25L as part of their current sale.

If you like Latex, then check out Sweet Dreams while you are at Pixeldolls. Its a side room just off of the main TP area. Nearly everything in the store is 10L. Here are a few of the outfits you can find there.

This is the Latex Oxford shirt worn with the Latex Drape Skirt. Both are available in different colours including Pink and Blue.

I think the Black Widow Mini dress is really quite cute and I love the cheekily daring cut out back. Again it comes in several colours.

And if you are looking for something a little more classy, maybe one of these two dresses will suit you.

Again available in several colours! There are lots more latex goodies including catsuits, for 10L at the store so have a good look!

And lastly, PERTURB/ation have released a new free gift of this exquisite Winter Jewellery set. It is truely stunning and the gemstones are so luminescent! You can find it just infront of you as you land.


Dead Town and Mingo!

Dead Town is a new-to-me sim, I stopped by to check it out because it has a couple of my favourite shops there.. ok, maybe a lot of my favourite shops.

Right now, there are some freebies, dollarbies scattered about, you’ll have to walk around and look for them, because they are spread out among a few different shops. Besides.. this is a sim that deserves to be explored.

deadtown1The leafy shirt shown above left is a dollarbie from Plastik. The gift box has a number of cool things in it, including the shirt, bangles, and gloves I’m wearing in the above picture.

On the right is the lovely Circus Feak dress in green from Blue Blood. I’m wearing free Queen of Hearts shoes from Mingo with this dress.


Shown above are close-ups of the free shoes and hair from Mingo!

Blue Blood and Plastik are inside the Dead Town Hotel.

deadtown2Above are two free gifts from Grim Bros. Grim Bros shop in Dead Town is located just south of the hotel. It’s definitelty worth a look, they have some of the most unigue clothing and accessories on the grid.

You’ll find one gift downstairs, and another upstairs.fabshang