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Elven Christmas

I love Elves.. I always have! So when I got a message from Teagan and Renee that one of my favourite male skin stores had put out a few Dollarbies that included some awesome Elf ears, I just had to drag Nao over to take a look.

Nao showed me Buried a few weeks ago when he was on the look out for a new cute skin. I must say I loved the skins here and he ended up buying one.. and hair to match! The skins are 700L and the hair is 250L but they have a good selection of alternative skin and hairstyles for the uber cute boi about SL. Just an FYI incase anyone was interested.

The Dollarbie Elf ears are found just inside the door on the little table, along with another Dollarbie of a set of facial piercings. The ears are stunning. I have recently been spending alot of time and money on finding some really great Elf ears and I have been disapointed in alot of them but these are amazing! And to top it all off, they are texture changable and tintable so you can get just the right shade to match your skin.

Isnt he the just the very picture of Elfish yum!

So after much drooling and taking pictures of him, I dragged him out to go play in the snow so I could take some more pictures of some more bargains found around the grid right now!

Nao Wears:
+ Elf Ears by Buried ( Dollarbie )
+ Jasper shape male freebie by Heartsick ( free )
+ Down the Chimney Hunt gift from Doppelganger ( free )
+ Sneakers from House of Curios ( 30L )
+ Fate II Pale skin from Buried ( 700L )
+ Stan Hair by Buried ( 250L )

Whisper Wears:

+ Elf Ears Dollarbie by Buried ( Dollarbie )
+ Happy Holidays Elf Group Gift Skin by Curio ( Free – join Gala & Rita Design Announcement Group and check the notices )
+ Anabel Hair from fatpack at Deviant Kitties ( Free and Found near the new hair section )
+ “Just Kiss me Already” headband from Adore&Abhor ( Dollarbie )
+ Green Sweater Dress from Paper.doll ( 12L gift part of the 12 Days hunt at the store )
+ Red Ankle boots Group Gift from CoCo ( Free – Just join the group at the store and click the snowman )
+ Xmas Angel Wings from Burning Chrome ( Freebie – found under the Xmas tree with loads more goodies! )
+ Gingerbread Nom Treat by Burning Chrome ( 50L for a box of 6 )

Have a Happy Elfish Christmas xxxx ❤

Other info
+ “Got your back” pose by WKD ( not free )
+ “Protection” pose by Sr3d ( not free )

Curious Kitties make me purr

I got a group notice through saying there was a new Unisex group gift available at Curious Kitties. So I skipped off over to the store and scooped it up along with a couple of other freebies that they have at the store.


This is the new Group Gift called “Curious Khaos” and can be worn by males or females. Simply join the group by touching the group joiner just infront of where you tp in to the store. The Gift is right next to it, just touch the poster to recieve it. The wings are a freebie at the store, and are shown in better detail below.


There is a freebie wall just a little walk away. You can’t really miss it. There are some really interesting freebies on there including eyes and som$e really big stompy shoes! These two were my favourites of the freebie wall.


This dress is like EGL grown up. I love the ties about the waist and the kick flare on the calf length skirt is adorable.



I have always been facinated with Angels and you will often see me around SL wearing Angel wings of one kind or another. These are really sweet little wings. Perfect when you want to add just a little bit of heaven to your outfit.


Other info

+ Windblown hair by Aden 60L per colour!
+ June2 skin by Curio
+ Hoopla Elf Ears by Elfpyre
+ New Rock Boots from picture 1 Little Britain Designs
+ Debbie Xtreme Heels by Footworks bought on Xstreet