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Open up my eager eyes

Allure Mirror has a group gift of this cable knit sweater. You need to pay 20L to join the group, then wear the tag and slap the little poster below. Also pick the necklace up for 1L there.

Zenith Fashion are taking part in the Diamond Mine Hunt with this gorgeous dress. Epic are also taking part with this raggedy scarf as its prize

Hyper Culture are part of the Diamond Mine Hunt also with this chunky knit sweater dress

Sassy Kitty Designs  are in the Diamond Mine Hunt with this gorgeous cocktail dress that also comes with matching boots (not shown)

and they are also taking part in the Fashion Autumn Hunt with this gorgeous outfit. The boots worn are also included.

AngelsDemons Creations have this outfit called Gothic Spring as their new group gift. You can join from my profile as the joiner in store is a little difficult to find. The group is called Aliza Karu Style.

All of the hairs in this post are from Amacci. They have introduced a new colour pack for all of their hairstyles. The Crazy Colour packs are all 35L until the end of November so if you like a little colour in your life, make sure you check these out.

+ Ayame Anniversary Hunt Skin by Heartsick ( not free 10L )
+ Peridot eyes by Umedama ( not free )
+ Goth McQueen boots by Megg Demina – Heroes of Fashion ( not free )
+ Poses by Lovesick, Del May, Flowey, Marukin, Don’t Freak Out!, Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

Light, like the flutter of wings

Some more goodies for you to get your paws on!

Inga Wind have a mini Pumpkin hunt going on at the store right now. Find three pumpkins with prizes inside them! There are lots of pumpkins lying around on the floor.. click each one to find the prizes and you will recieve the parts to make up this cute Witches outfit.

Worlds End Garden have this gorgeous group gift out called La Rose Noir de la Reine. Its so pretty! Join the group and tap the poster to snag the gift. The skin I am wearing in this picture is the new 50L skin from Heartsick called Pumpkin Pie and this is the Reverie skin tone. There are four other tones to choose from instore.

Hyper Culture have a new group gift skin out. Now don’t be confused by the vendor.. it does have a price on it, but this is what you will pay if you arent a member. Join the group and touch the sign while wearing your group tag and you will get it for FREE!

AQUA are still having their 50L and Under sale for the next few days, so be sure to run over and take a peek. They are also continuing with their 10L item a day promotion that is going on for the length of the sale. You can pick up these beautiful dresses for 10L for the next 24 hours only

Swansong – Ruby

Swansong – Silver

You get both dresses in each set so you can choose to wear it as a sexy gown or as a super sexy mini dress for less formal occasions. I love the feather boa that comes with the dresses. Its so cute!

If you missed the Spring gift at Blacklace earlier in the year, you can now get it for free at their mainstore!

The skin I am wearing in this pictures is the new VIP Group Gift from Heartsick. You will need to pay 250L to join unless you were lucky enough to get in during the 4 days free enrollment a week ago. This is an exclusive make up and it comes in all 8 tones in the Group Gift and with three cleavage options, freckles options and Beauty Mark options. You also get 5 hair base tattooes for Viewer 2.0. This is definately worth the entry fee if you can!

+ Kira hair by LAQ ( not free )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

Orange & Black

It’s October so needless to say the grid is being covered in black and orange.  Here’s a few colorful creations that have made their way into my inventory over the last few days.  Latte has a new group gift available just in time for Halloween!  The orange and black little Halloween dress includes the black leggings, trick or treat chest tattoo, and the little hat!  Thank you cafelatte!

Indie Rose sent the orange cashmere pullover sweater to the sub-o members for October.

The orange skull and heart print mini dress is the new October sub-o gift from HYPER CULTURE.

G FIeld sub-o members received the pumpkin color ruffle bolero.  The Halloween 2010 pumpkin field and scarecrow headpiece was sent to the December group along with the jack-o’-lantern mouth attachment.  The white basic cami is a gift at Fri.day.


*Latte: Halloween Dress (Group – L$0)
TheLovers ( 5/176/22 )

*Indie Rose: Cashmere Sweater (SOM – L$0)
Tohono Island (49/197/22 )

*HYPER CULTURE: Skull & Heart Mini Dress (SOM – L$0)
Fama West ( 158/196/23 )

*Fri.day: White Basic Cami (L$0)
Friday ( 147/130/32 )

*G FIeld: Ruffle Bolero (SOM – L$0)
YABU ( 143/115/24 )

*GryphonWings: Charcoal Jeans (Not Free)

*December: Halloween 2010 Headpiece (Group – L$0)
Bad Blood ( 114/231/23 )

*NOON: Canvas Sandals (L$0)
ZHORA GALLI BAY ( 14/50/604 )

*Amacci: Millan Hair (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Exodi: Isolde Skin (Not Free)
Exodi ( 169/133/29 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 92/154/22 )




The Platinum Hunt (pt 1)

Starting today and running until 31st August is the Platinum Hunt. One hundred of the best stores in SL, hand picked to create one of the most antisipated hunts of the year. Organised by Keira Seerose and the people who bought you The Summer of Love Event, they have been meticulous in picking some of the best that SL has to offer from both old names and up and coming rising stars.

You are searching for a little box with a pearl inside, almost like an open ring box. Each prize costs 10L. Yes it isnt a free hunt, but for 10L each prize you are getting a steal for the quality of prizes on offer. This is by no means a complete selection and I do urge you to do the hunt which starts at ISPATCHI.

The notecard handed out from the poster says that “Brands have been asked to hide their items at a mid range level of difficulty. They probably won’t be in plain sight, however we have asked designers to keep items within a 40m radius of their stores landing point AND if their store is more than one storey their item will be hidden on the level you land on also. So no stairs and no day long searches, we promise” so that should ease some of your hunting troubles.

So without further ado, here is a selection of the clothing on offer in the hunt. Tomorrow I will show you the skins, hair and jewellery that is also on offer!


*Also includes a male gift

Also comes with a short skirt version.. necklace is included




There are 2 gifts here, the dress and the jewellery set

Sassy Kitty Designs

There are 3 bikini’s in the set, I am just showing one

Indie Rose


Just Me
Sequin panties are from the T-Junction prize

Black & Blue Outfitters


Hyper Culture

Berries Inc

Dernier Cri



* Also includes a male prize

Comes with heaps of options to make the dress look different

Sequin panties from T-Junction prize


Adam n Eve


The Plastik

The brown short hair worn in some of the pictures is the hunt item from Exile which comes in a fatpack of colours. The blond hair worn in other pictures is the hunt item from Magika which also comes in a fatpack of colours.

The skin worn in all the pictures is one of the skins in the hunt prize from Heartsick which comes in a pack of three with cleavage and beauty mark options. The Shoes worn in most pictures are the prize by Heart & Sole.

The hair and skins in the Platinum Hunt will be shown in more detail in tomorrows post so stay tuned!

+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

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My life inside your heart

For some unknown reason my Flickr is playing up.. so if any pictures appear broken I am sorry. They are there.. *sighs* ..you might just need to refresh a couple of times to make them work.

Angelwing have a mini hunt going on in their main store right now. To win the dress above, you need to seek out 8 sculpted angel wings and each one will give you a piece of the outfit!

Sassy Kitty Designs are taking part in the Addiction Hunt and above are their gifts. You get both dresses plus a peeky version that the left me is wearing.. the two other dresses are the modest versions *giggles*.

The Addiction hunt runs until August 15th and you are searching for a syringe. There are 81 stores and the starting point is Kalnins

Hyper Culture are part of the Addictions hunt with this pretty pretty dress. The necklace and bracelts are part of the new release called Eve from Burroughs. The necklace is 99L as are the matching earrings and anklets. The bracelets seen here are free for a limited time.

Acid & Mala are also in the Addictions hunt with this pretty flowery mini dress

Petunia have this really beautiful retro shaped dress as their prize in the Addictions Hunt. Petunia is fast becoming one of my favourite stores because of the pretty girly clothing that I love.. yes, controversially, Im not always in skimpy clothing, mini dresses and lingerie! Are you all over the shock of that little factlet? Yes? Ok then we will continue *grins*

Hudsons Clothing Co has this gorgeous watermelon beach bikini outfit free for group members. Simply join the group at the store and wear your tag to buy

NCore have these awesome uber XStreme Heel stilettos as their new group gift instore. Join the group and tap the furthest bag on the right of the table. There are two other gifts there also.

Other Info

+ Taylor skin by League ( not free 1195L )
+ Kira2 Hair by LAQ ( not free 350L )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

Harajuku’s Skin

I have lots to show you, but not a lot of time.  I love getting sub-o gifts.  The Bloomer pants and Summer tunic top was sent to the HYPER CULTURE sub-o members a few days ago.  I also paired the Bloomer pants with the Lorca tops from a piece of candy.  The summery tops come in yellow, mint, periwinkle, and teal.

There are several gifts around the Harajukubox Skin Fair.  The Berdina, Krystal, Pink Sorbert, and Ying skins are L$10 each at the Splashing Doll booth.

Prim & Pixel Paradise sent the X-Strapped tanks to the sub-o members in the Gothic pink and Ocean Voyage.  A brown Faded T-back Muscle tank was recently sent for the men, so ladies drag your guy over there!

The green Stine sleeveless shirt and Nora pants are the newest midnight mania gift at DCNY. Whisper showed the Vanessa jewelry from Burroughs Jewelry earlier this week.  The bracelets are free for another 24 hours and all the other pieces are an introductory price of only L$99.  The Lesley hair is not free, but absolutely FABULOUS from EMO-tions.


*HYPER CULTURE: Bloomer Pants & Summer Tunic (SOM – L$0)
SLeek ( 129/97/22 )

*a piece of candy: Lorca Tops (SOM – L$0)
Oamaru Bay ( 183/53/22 )

*Prim & Pixel Paradise: X-Strapped Tanks (SOM – L$0)
Rebels Haven ( 182/192/29 )

*DCNY: Nora Pants & Stine Shirt (MM – L$0)
Xalapa ( 121/208/41 )

*Shiny Things: Zimmy Flats (SOM – L$0)
Shiny Falls ( 199/171/37 )

*Baby Monkey: Classic Flats (L$0)
Dindrane Elfor ( 220/47/46 )

*Burroughs Jewelry: Vanessa Bracelets (L$0)
Ohana ( 70/115/24 )

*EMO-tions: Lesley Hair (Not Free)
VALHAL ( 219/199/503 )

*Splashing Doll: Berdina, Krystal, Pink Sorbert, & Ying Skins (L$10)
Harajukubox Town ( 27/101/21 )

*ImpEle: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Holland ( 95/101/25 )



Glitter and Butterflies!

I’m on vacation, but was able to sneak online for a moment and actually publish this entry.  The black Glitter Cocktail mini dress is the newest sub-o gift for HYPER CULTURE members.  The swarm of butterflies is a special edition gift sent exclusively to the Carla’s Workshop sub-o members.

That’s it for now.  See all of you in a few days!


*HYPER CULTURE: Glitter Cocktail Mini (SOM – L$0)
SLeek ( 129/97/22 )

*Carla’s Workshop: Butterflies (SOM – L$0)
Hamnida ( 44/101/81 )

*ByKay: Sam Feet (Not Free)
Chalk Hearts ( 176/156/22 )

*Amacci: Blue Eyes (Not Free), Giselle Skin (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Hair Solutions: Olivia Hair (Group – L$0)
Elite Castle Island ( 193/210/25 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )




I miss you too… hehehe ;)!! xxx Enjoy ^^

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

skin – .::Mother Goose:::.shallot SKin(1L) – 1L
hair – Fri.Day – Michelle – Happy Blond – not free (250L)
top – :COOL BEANS: Pink Passion Corset – 1L
skirt – HYPER CULTURE – High waist pattern skirt – 0L(subscribo gift in history)
tights – ::{u.f.o}:::lovely dot(pink) – 5L (outside shop)
flats – ::{u.f.o}:: :candy flat(mint-string) – 30L (gacha gacha machine; outside shop)
bag – ::: purple moon :::: Black Shoulder Bag – 0L (groupgift in store)
cig – Moq Design Cigarette – (old zombiepopcorn hunt item)
bracelet – [chuculet] belle jewelry – pearl bracelet – rose – 1L
poses by  – Oberon’s Trick –Pose & Animation- not free


xxx Farah


Fragments of memories

Another weekend arrives with a heap of goodies to keep you busy over the next couple of days.. Starting off with the gorgeous new group gift fromAZUL  at their mainstore..

You can find it in their cocktail dresses section, if you fly straight ahead when you land.. then to the right of the store. Simply join the group, wear the tag and tap the poster to get the dress.

KAT are taking part in the Fallen Angel Hunt which runs until June 30th. And the cheeky dress above is their hunt prize!

Hyper Culture are also taking part in the Fallen Angel Hunt and this is their cute casual hunt prize. If you want to do the hunt from the beginning, the starting point is at Beautiful Disaster.

Another hunt going on at the moment is the Dark Katz Hunt. I saw the hunt prize from Indyra Originals and I just had to grab it.

Baiastice have an anniversary room set up to celebrate their 3 years in SL. You need to take the teleport outside of the main building just to the right of where you tp in. You can’t miss it.. just wait for things to rez and you will see it. Its open until 23rd May so you don’t have much time left to get there.. but be sure to pop by.

This is the freebie dress from Baiastice that you can find up in the anniversary room.. Renee blogged it a few days ago but I couldnt resist showing it to you again because it really is just stunning.. there are other items there too but these are all 50L each.

My Precious by Agnes Finny has put out this special dress called Ama for 10L available until 22nd May so get it while you can, it is absolutely breathtaking..

You might have trouble tping in as there will be a fashion show on today at both 9am and 5pm SLT, and it is expected to be very busy. So be patient!

Freak Yo’ Pixels has this daringly sexy outfit in their subscribomatic for their may gift.. simply pop over and join up to recieve it.

The Dressing Room has changed the designers and the items on offer again and a fresh batch of goodies has been released for the next couple of weeks. I had to share with you a few of the items there because I couldnt resist.

So Many Styles Glitter Dress – 50L

CheerNo Boots 70L.. four styles in the pack and they are unisex.. they will start off huge and fitted more for guys, but click on them and use the resizer script to make them smaller until they fit right!

Other Info
+ SjOrs skin by Dutch Touch ( not free – 1000L )
+ Zoe hair by Maitreya ( not free )
+ Frozen eyes by Umedama ( freebies on the table in the opposite room to where you tp in )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


Hyper Kissed

I have quite a few things to show you before the night is up!  Earlier today the Solange! sub-o group received the Boom dress in the dirty pink plaid pattern.

Whisper showed the new sub-o/group gift from HYPER CULTURE earlier today.  I tped over to HYPER CULTURE because SL ate the gift when it was sent to me and I found some awesome things to show you!  The stripe sweater and star capri pants are a dollarbie at HYPER CULTURE.  There is also a set of four graphic t-shirts for L$10, below you can see two of them worn with the stripe sweater underneath.

I’ve been trying to win the little orange Norvasc bikini and cover up dress for about a week from Kissed By Lithium.  I think I love everything about this outfit and since I recently deleted all last year’s bikini’s this made a great addition to my wardrobe!  Be sure to slap the midnight mania board for a purple bikini!

The Magic Trick hairstyle was sent to all who filled out the survey about a week ago from Tiny Bird.  I sent the survey info to the Fabulously Free in SL group so I hope most of you were able to receive the gift!


*Solange: Boom Dress (SOM – L$0)
Dream On Bay ( 89/126/33 )

*HYPER CULTURE: Stripe Sweater & Capri Pants (L$1), Graphic Tees (L$0)
Chery Beach ( 26/153/23 )

*Kissed By Lithium: Norvasc Bikini & Dress (Lucky – L$0)
Prim By Prim ( 186/90/900 )

*Duh!: Espadrille Wedges (SOM – L$0), Sneaker Boots (L$25)
Katachi ( 216/30/22 )

*Chuculet: Sofia Jewelry (L$1)
Taunt ( 96/135/23 )

*Tiny Bird: Magic Trick Hair (Survey – L$0)
Festivale ( 144/169/25 )

*Amacci: Giselle Skin (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )