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Yes, Im alive

I’m alive and well, but RL has pulled me away from SL this week.  I have lots and lots of stuff to show you!  I’m hoping all of this is still available, but if it isn’t please leave a comment and let me know.

The black unisex Winter sweater shown above is the welcome gift for the Luxurious World subscribe-o-matic.  The white capri pants are the dollarbie gift from last week at INDI Designs.  The gift changes weekly to build a complete outfit, so next week the complete outfit will be available.

The pink Bollywood top and the well worn Darcy t-shirt are both from E! – Eclectic Accessories.  The Bollywood in the midnight mania board and the red Darcy unisex shirt is in the lucky board at E! – Eclectic Accessories.

HYPER CULTURE sent out the brown Polka Dot Mini dress to the sub-o members for April.  Each month HYPER CULTURE subscribe-o-matic members receive wonderfully detailed gifts, so be sure to join!  The Fall ankle boots are color changeable and free in the Just For the Girls hunt gift at Kalnins.

The Hunger Design has several gifts out right now.  The turquoise top and black fishnet jeans are in the dollarbie Attention Whore outfit.  The magenta button blouse and light blue jeans are in the midnight mania board at The Hunger Design.  The magenta Diamond dress is a lucky chair prize at The Hunger Design.

Exclusiva has a new free gift out for the month.  The black and white April dress is free in-store or in the Exclusiva LooK-BooK.  The stylish No.42 glasses are a free group gift for the December members.  These glasses are awesome and great for every day use!

The black Siren boots are absolutely amazing.  These boots are the April gift for the ladies at hoorenbeek.

I am wearing the Elle group gift skin from Belleza.  Whisper showed close ups of the skin earlier today, so scroll down.  The Pom Pom hair in coffee, Morning After hair in dirty blonde, and the Rosey Love hair in Chestnut are from the Easter Egg hunt at Posh.  (I really hope this hunt is still going on, since I meant to show these last week!)


*E! – Eclectic Accessories: Bollywood Top (MM – L$0), Darcy T-Shirt (Lucky – L$0)
Marsco ( 76/85/345 )

*Luxurious World: Winter Sweater (SOM – L$0)
Aerelon ( 86/204/21 )

*INDI Designs: Pants (Past Gift)
INDI Designs ( 52/85/57 )

*HYPER CULTURE: Polka Dot Mini Dress (SOM – L$0)
Chery Beach ( 26/153/23 )

*The Hunger Design: Attention Whore (L$1), Diamond Dress (MM – L$0), Magenta Shirt & Jeans (Lucky – L$0)
Dejavu ( 190/93/25 )

*Exclusiva: April Dress (LooKBooK – L$0)
Exclusiva Island ( 129/185/26 )

*Kalnins: Fall Boots (JFTG Hunt – L$0)
Copley Square ( 186/22/25 )

*hoorenbeek: Siren Boots (Past Gift)
JT World VI ( 125/50/23 )

*December: No.42 Glasses (Group – L$0)
Undulosa ( 247/80/797 )

*Posh: Pom Pom, Morning After, & Rosey Love Hair (Easter Egg Hunt – L$0)
Liberty ( 234/222/21 )

*Belleza: Elle Skin (Group – L$0)
Belleza ( 128/128/27 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Saturday Exclusiva

Today I’m going through my inventory.  I’m finding things I have been meaning to show you and things I need to sort into my closet!  First off is Exclusiva with the May mini dress which is a special gift at the FabFree Headquarters.  Farah blogged the black Classic Stilettos yesterday.  These heels are a group gift in-store at N-core.

Exclusiva also has the green St. Patricks day mini hat for free which goes perfectly with the lime green Vanessa evening gown.  The Vanessa gown is only L$50 for a limited time offer.  There’s a sale going on at ai design studio on the Tuyen skin line.  Each of the skins are L$10 each and there are many to choose from!

Quinert has the dark green Jamie dress for just a dollarbie available for a limited time.  The adorable ponytail Boo hairstyle is a gift from Discord Designs at Savior Hair.  The hair comes in hessian, malice, onyx, pepper, and platinum shades.

While your at N-core getting the classic stilettos pick up the cocktail dresses in red and black!  There’s also an awesome pair of ankle boots for group members at N-core.


*Exclusiva: May mini Dress (FabFree – L$0), Green Hat (L$0), Vanessa Gown (L$50)
Exclusiva Island ( 129/185/26 )

*Quinert: Jamie Dress (L$1)
Pengo Island ( 14/111/309 )

*N-core: Classic Stilettos (Group – L$0), Dresses (Group – L$0), Boots (L$0)
Heels ( 166/118/27 )

*Discord Designs: Boo Hair (L$0)
TenFifteen ( 128/91/27 )

*ai design studio: Tuyen skins(L$10)
Resol ( 48/102/50 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
Maldita Animation ( 89/79/23 )



It’s easy being green!

Was it kermit the frog who said it’s not easy being green?  Well apparently he never was in SL during the month of March!  Soraya Shan is offering the Le Flur dress for free in green.  Other colors are available at full price.  The St. Patricks Day mini hat is free from Exclusiva.  You can find the hat in the Exclusiva Look-Book.  The green Shamrock Bite Me necklace is a dollarbie offer at Lolapop.

The Lisa St. Patrick skin is a group gift at Aimesi.  This skin comes in Caramel, Cashmere, and Cream skin tones.


*Soraya Shan: Le Flur Dress (L$0)
Vidaca ( 127/132/150 )

*Exclusiva: St. Patricks Day Mini Hat (L$0)
Exclusiva Island ( 129/112/25 )

*Lolapop: Lucky Charm Necklace (L$1)
Thane ( 150/20/22 )

*Amacci: Adena Hair (L$0)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Aimesi: Lisa St Patrick Skin (Group – L$0)
Gran Buenos Aires ( 190/104/23 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )



The Posh Exclusiva & DNCY

Are you looking for the perfect dress to wear for that special event?  Here’s a few dresses that just might be what you are looking for!

The green Elena dress is the Exclusiva dollarbie for February.  You can find this dress in-store or in the Exclusiva LooK-BooK.  I am wearing a silver “Mandy” Music necklace and Treble Cleff earrings from Eolande’s in the Music for the Soul hunt.  There is also a necklace for the men.  The Vday updo is a Valentine freebie at Posh.  The Vday hairstyle comes in Marshmellow, Pink Passion, Pink Passion/Midnight (shown), and Scarlet.

The crimson colored “Miranda” gown is free for DCNY Clothing Co. sub-o members who have been in the group for 14 days or longer.  If you aren’t in the DCNY Clothing Co. sub-o group you can purchase the gown for only L$100 or join the group and wait it out.  The Miranda gown will be available throughout the month of February.

While at DCNY Clothing Co. I also noticed the Ice Blue “Gloria” Happy New Year dress.  Somehow I missed this one at the begining of the year.  The “Gloria” dress is a dollarbie behind the counter with several past L$1 gifts!

Eolande’s has some great accessories for these lovely gowns including the Larimar & Topaz Teardrop earrings and necklace!  This jewelry set is free at Eolande’s to celebrate the store’s third anniversary!  The pretty nude Liz skin is in the lucky board at JE*REPUBLIC.


*Exclusiva: Elena Dress (L$1)
Exclusiva Island ( 129/79/22 )

*DCNY Clothing Co.: Miranda Gown (Sub-o – L$0), Gloria Dress (L$1)
Xalapa ( 132/221/41 )

*Enkythings: Khan Heels (L$0)
Orbiuna ( 176/106/24 )

*Eolande’s: Larimar & Topaz Teardrop Jewelry (Sub-o – L$0), Mandy Music Necklace & Treble Clef Earrings (MFTS Hunt – L$0)
Larimar ( 201/49/22 )

*JE*REPUBLIC: Liz-Mid-Nude (Lucky Board – L$0)
Judith ( 87/12/26 )

*Posh: Valentine Hair (L$0)
Sensation ( 89/26/27 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Exclusiva Xmas Treat

If there is one thing you don’t want to miss out on is this amazing Xmas Dollarbie offer from Exclusiva that is on from now until December 25th.

They have teamed up with Atomic Bambi and Dryad Designs to bring you a full avatar! Complete with a gorgeous skin, beautiful jewellery and a stunning full length gown, you will look the belle of any Christmas formal ball this holiday season.

You get the hair, eyes and a shape too (though not this one – this is mine!)



Vive, Exclusiva, Obsession!


The black and red mini cocktail dress is the free Thanksgiving gift at Exclusiva.  You can get this dress in store or simply grab the Look-Book sent in the Fabulously Free in SL group.  Wear the book, open, and buy the dress for free on the first page on the left side.

The black and platinum heart necklace was sent to the Fabulously Free in SL group from amelia Soulstar of Obsession.  The silver Hanging Hearts earrings were sent to FF from Pixieplumb Flanagan of Baby Monkey.

The awesome updo hairstyle is free in-store for =ROGE= group members.  The hair is texture changeable, so if brown isn’t your shade simply click and choose a different color.  The Grace skin is free at Vive9.  The skin comes in pale, light, and caramel skin tones.


*Exclusiva: ThanksGiving Dress (L$0)
VictoriaV Island ( 129/79/22 )

*Chuculet: Leana Heels (L$1)
Taunt ( 96/135/23 )

*OBSESSION: Black/Platinum Heart Necklace (FabFree – L$0)
Limburg2 ( 52/93/21 )

*Baby Monkey: Hanging Hearts Earrings (FabFree – L$0)
Dindrane Elfor ( 221/27/31 )

*=ROGE=: Hair (Group – L$0)
JapanSeychellesLand ( 156/106/22 )

*Vive9: Grace Skin (L$0)
Vive ( 132/149/27 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
UK Couture Island ( 146/185/24 )



Halloween @ Exclusiva!

Exclusiva - Halloween Gift 2009

This sexy silk orange Halloween dress is ideal for an evening out dancing!  The dress has a diamond straps and spiderweb back, a plunging neckline, and a silky material that will feel fabulous caressing your body!  The spiders are optional so if the furry legs tickle your bare skin, simply remove them!

You can get this slinky dress free at Exclusiva or in the LooK-BooK if you want to avoid any lag.  I sent out the book to the Fabulously Free in SL group, so you can find it in the notices.  Just wear the book, click to open, and you will find the gift on the first page.  Or from the tabs on the bottom select categories and pick “Gift” and you will see the dress on the left side of the book.  Buy for L$0 and the gown will be delivered to you.

The sexy Cheshire pigtails come with four Halloween colors and is free in the pumpkin hunt at Calico Ingmann Creations.  I haven’t found all of the pumpkins, but you’ll see many of the other hair styles as I post and sort today.  The gorgeous skin is the group gift sent to Blowpop Update Group members.  You can see more pictures in my very excited post: Oh My Blowpop! I’m gonna have to apologize in advance, because you’ll probably be seeing this skin every day until it falls out of the notices!  It is my normal skin after all!

Exclusiva Halloween Dress


*Exclusiva: Halloween Dress (Look-Book – L$0)
VictoriaV Island ( 128/112/25 )

*Chuculet: Leana Heels (L$1)
Taunt ( 96/135/23 )

*Calico Ingmann Creations: Cheshire Hair (Hunt – L$0)
Calico Kitty ( 56/94/21 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Group – L$0)
Boudoir Isle ( 45/104/23 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Harlow ( 79/205/34 )