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Fitting the Pieces Together

I love puzzles, I can’t walk past one without trying to solve part of it. It was just my luck that I found a new puzzle upstairs at INDI Designs. Each week a new piece of the puzzle is offered for $1L. What is this puzzle you ask? It is pieces of an outfit that after 5 weeks you have put it all together. On week 2 I picked up the Evan grey pants. and on week 3 I grabbed the Evan black Cardigan. (I’ll talk about week 1 in a minute)

INDI Evan Weeks 2 and 3

Week 4’s piece of the puzzle was the combination Evan Cardigan and dark grey Polo shirt.

INDI Evan week 4

And on week 5 to complete the outfit was the Evan white Polo.

INDI Evan week 5

But my outfit isn’t complete. I didn’t show week 1. I didn’t grab it. It’s like finishing a puzzle and not having all the pieces. But don’t worry. On week 6, all 5 pieces are offered for $5L each. So when Saturday rolls around, I will head back to INDI Designs to finish my puzzle, with the dark grey Polo. I plan on doing a weekly puzzle piece entry on the next puzzle outfit from INDI…stay tuned.

*INDI Evan Grey Pants Week 2 ($1L) Week 6 ($5L)
*INDI Evan Black Cardigan Week 3 ($1L) Week 6 ($5L)
*INDI Evan Cardigan/Polo Combo Week 4 ($1L) Week 6 ($5L)
*INDI Evan White Polo Week 5 (Current Week) ($1L) Week 6 ($5L)
INDI Designs, INDI Designs (83, 50, 56)


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