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To Calla or Black Calla

Calla is having a hair hunt all weekend. There are 65 boxes hidden throughout the entire sim. Good luck. Also, Calla sent out a free pack of hair to the update group due to issues with this style on the hunt. Due to spam, the update group does cost $1L to join so if you are not already a member this skin will cost you $1L. Do a search in groups for the group called Calla Update Group. (When I do a group search I use the phrase calla update group and it is the 3rd choice). Join this group. It is $1L to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 6/20/2008 with the subject Don’t I Always Do This Click Open Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a box with a skin from Calla. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives. So hurry!

While doing a random search for all things Calla, I came across a store I have not encountered before called Black Calla. There is a dollarbie pack there with 3 corsets, 3 undershirts for the corset, 3 pairs of eyes, and 2 tattoos. They are located inside a blue crystal ball towards the center of the store on the first floor.

Black Calla: Diva Eyes 1, Purple Corset, Corset Undershirt 01($1L)
NE Navrem Reach(31,196,23)

Calla: Spindle Tree – deep plum rose tip($0L hunt), Yellow Tulip – blonde plum tip($0L hunt), Poinsettia – blonde plum tip($0L hunt), Willow Herd – black cherry($0L group gift)
Calla Lily(127,165,37)

Fabulously Free in SL: Pink Dreams Skin($0L)

Katat0nik: Leg Warm Boots($0L), Plaid Butterfly Skirt($1L)
Axis Mundi(114,109,24)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Black Layla Top($0L group gift), Eve Shape($1L)

Total Cost: $3L

Fab Cherlindrea


SySy Chapman aka Oranje vs. The Rest of Football World:-)

A notecard in my inventory informed me about a 99 L clearance sale and new releases as gowns and beachwear at SySy`s by Sy Design. Well, sounds great! Guess, what else? Freebie!

SySy Chapman is driving me nuts with her football-mania *grin* Let me quote a part of her notecard:

Now the exciting stuff (at least, to me and other football fans :P)
As you may or may not know, i’m a huge HOLLAND team supporter, and we play tonight the quarterfinals, which we MUST win. LOL. I’m giving away a special orange edition of the sealife dress, complete with scarfs and hat and flags. You can come pick this up at the football gear booth across my mainstore. Packs for other countries still in the games are available for free as well! IF the dutch team wins tonight, be sure to visit the sim cause we’re going to have an INSANE party then!!!! I’ll be giving away giftcards randomly aswell then, coz i’m soooo happy if we win! LOLLLL

Yes, SySy, I agree with your” LOLLLL”! Because not the sale and not the new releases are exciting … no! It´s just the free football stuff 🙂 Can´t stop laughing ….. 🙂

Well, here´s the freebie (you can wear it without being an orange *g* or a football fan). Oranje Dress comes with top, pants, prim skirt, oranje scarf, holland scarf and a hat. It´s really cute! And I like scarfs. BUT I´m wearing MY flag – I´m from Austria – and it´s a gift from SySy Chapman, too! AND I´m wearing Cherlindrea Lamont´s group gift for FabFree Euro 2008 Peaches Skin Holland (because she didn´t make me an austrian skin, and of course because she´s my generous boss *sobs and smiles at the same time*). AND further I´m wearing the austrian hairflower, a gift from GaZoV Designs, because I like red flowers!

What can I do for Russia? Shall I dance “Kasatschok” or have some vodka drinks? *lol* Any whishes from our german neighbours? *lol*

Okay, grab your freebies, go for a walk and enjoy SySy Chapman`s new place, it´s wonderful! Update your landmarks if necessary: SySy`s by Sy Design Main, dAlliez 160, 191, 22.

SKG Shoes always has a weekly offer for 5 Linden. This time we are pleased with amazing FH Pointed Pumps in Pecan! I´m not sure how long the pumps will be there, but don´t worry if you miss it, there will be another great weekly offer.

HUDSON´s Clothing Co.

Here we are with another great tip from SuzetteAnne Brandenburg: Hudson´s Clothing & Co., Paektu 48, 150,93.

Thank you, SuzetteAnne! And thank you, Candace Hudson, designer and owner of Hudson`s Clothing Co., to give me a reminder that finally I have to write this post! Hudson`s is on my “to do list” since SuzetteAnne mentioned it. What I´m waiting for? Candace was so kind to send me her freebies 🙂

I was really thrilled by the wonderful Baby Blues Dress (comes with matching earrings!), especially by the skirt, it´s amazing. Candace Hudson told me, mainly she makes furniture and home decorations in stained glass … she´s a “newcomer” in terms of clothing …. well, if this is just one of the first attempts, Candace … congrats, well done 🙂 I want you to make more, more, more … 🙂 So if you like Baby Blues Dress, too – get it now, it will be there for about 14 day. It´s inside Hudson`s Clothing store along with two other freebies. And both are well done and pretty again. My favorite is the romantic Rose Choker, but I also like the goth touched set of Celtic Cross necklace+earrings.

When you join Hudson`s Clothing group, you will get more freebies. There is a notice dated 6/19, subject “Masquerade Masks Group …”. Inside of the box are wonderful masks! Oh, and there´s a party going on today (21th), you will find the landmark inside the box, too!

Join the party, so can you take a look on the whole area. And grab your other freebies, too. Yes, there are more: brass sun and a wonderful stainglassed fire bowl … and somewhere should be a free clock 😉 You can also join Stained Glass Lover Group. Candace Hudson and her partner XL Hudson (there were numbers after XL but I can´t remember!) are giving out group gifts often, especially on holidays.

You have to take a closer look at the buildings by Mr. Hudson 🙂 And the furniture, the stain glassed windows and doors, vases, curtains and so on. Candace Hudson does stainglass art in RL, too. And if you happen to need something you don´t see around … Candace Hudson also makes custom works.

What a long post …. but there are so many amazings things to see at HUDSON`s – so go for a walk there, grab your freebies and take a rest( or party) at Cheerz Pub 🙂