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Lucky for Haven

Haven Designs has 2 lucky chairs(1 male & 1 female) with original items in colors that are not sold in the store. You can only get these colors from the chairs. I was fortunate enough to be there when the female chair was on C and got this sexy Chalwar outfit in pink. The chair changed to ? so I was able to get the ruby Coronet as well. This is a good opportunity to enter Haven Designs‘ monthly contest to win a $5000L gift certificate to the store. Take a fab picture(guys too) wearing your Haven Design originals and you could be a winner. The details are in the subscribe-o-matic history.

At House of Heart, inside the entrance to the right and along the front wall with the new releases, there is a special box of hair for $0L with contains samples of the new hairstyles they have released.

Fabulously Free in SL: Fantasy Eyes – Brown Rainbow($0L)

Haven Designs:Chalwar – pink($0L lucky chair), Ruby Coronet($0L lucky chair)

House of Heart: Tuli – silver, Ambrosia – vanilla cream, Zakuro – lychee($0L special)
Tropical Escape(128,80,24)

PixelDolls: (SdR) Tone D . Gold eye Crimson lip Skin, (SdR II) Prim Lashes($0L subscribe-o-matic)
Port Seraphine(42,129,47)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Total Cost: $3L

Fab Cherlindrea


007 1/2

Smitten has a CUTE! dress they say is a spydress (it’s all n the accessories, I say). The dress is located behind the counter in the shop, along with several other gifts.

I’ve paired this dress with:
Boots from Ada Freebie store.
Hair is Grace II from FD Hair
Sunglasses from Muse (Christmas 2007 gift)
Messenger Bag from Sn@atch (group gift).

Total cost for this look?

Twitty Birds & Pixel Dolls

Silentsparrow has added a new lingerie set in the group members pool that is located south in the shop This freebie is for update group members only and you need to ~twitty bird~ tag to get the gift. To join this group you need an invite. When you arrive at the store, go north to the customer service counter and there is a sign to click to join the update group behind the counter on the wall located at Silent Sparrow(194,103,21). Click the sign and wait for your invite. This may could take a few minutes, a few hours or it could take a few days, do not bug the designer about being added. You request has been received and you will be added but you must have patience. It is well worth the wait. While you are there, try your luck at the lucky chair. I hit is just right and got there when it was a C.

Now head over to PixelDolls for the free swimsuits that they have given their subscribe-o-matic group. Go to Port Seraphine(42,129,47) and click the sign next to the customer service desk. Click the sign until it tells you: PixelDolls VIP: Thank you for subscribing to the PixelDolls VIP Group! This group will get IM notification of all new releases, special promotions, and important information updates for PixelDolls. And free stuff. And cake. Maybe. – To remove yourself from this Subscribe-O-Matic list, just touch this device again at any time.Now click the sign again. Click History. Click 1. It should be the one that says: Jun 3, 08: Group Gift Pack. All our g. Remember that the subscribe-o-matics have been a bit slow lately so this could take a while for your items to arrive. You will receive box that is called PixelDolls VIP Group Giftset. it is loaded with freebies. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your gift. If you haven’t been in this group before, you might want to check the other items in the history for the older gifts. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your gift. This item is only going to be available as long as the designer chooses. So hurry! (If you are having trouble right clicking, try to left click and select touch.)

(Naked Skins Behind Cut.)


Scotti Really Luvs Cupcakes

You know the saying, “Go big or go home”? Well, Mimi Coral has gone HUGE! At ❤ Cupcakes, there are 30 items marked at $0L along with her marked down Secret Sale items. How can I pass this up? Mostly lovely dresses in the collection, there are a few lingerie pieces and separates available. I also found a bounty of Cupcake vintage items in Popfuzz’s $25L or Less Department. You must go down the ramp from the teleport location to retrieve this items displayed to the left of the entrance.

Here are a few vintage dresses that I photographed. There are dozens of outfits per folder, just too many to post. Most outfits are system-based designs with modification permissions, so you can customize to your personal comfort level.

The hair I used is House of Hearts “Tuli” in Silver from the May 30th New Release Gift. The background used in the photos is the Second Look Photo Studio. It comes with a modeling stand with poses loaded and multiple background choices. It is on the right side of the entrance to Second Look Studio and costs $1L.

❤ Cupcakes!: Bermuda Shorts-Khaki, Bianca Dress-Green, White Vest-“Jacket & Shirt Layer”, Aly Dress, Cotton Candy Lingerie-Limey, April Freebie Dress, Blue Shiny Dress, Camie Dress, Catherine Dress, Dotty Lingerie-Pink/Yellow, Fiona Dress, Free! White Jeans, Freebie Dress 1, Freebie Dress 2, Freebie Dress 3 (Carrie), Freebie Dress 4 (Adina), Golden Dress, Green Ruffles! Top, Jane Dress, Keri Dress, Lea Dress-Apple, Lori Dress, May Flowers Babydoll Top-Lemon, May Flowers Dress-Sky, Silver Dress, Starlight Dress, Striped Outfit-Blue, Tina Dress, Brown Fun Dress ($0L each)
Popfuzz (114,209,33)

❤ Cupcakes Vintage: Free Skins, Free Lingerie & Socks, Free Tops, Free Dresses, Free Bottoms, Free Costumes, Free Formal Dresses ($0L each)
PopFuzz (119,178,21)

House of Heart: “Tuli”-Silver ($0L)
Tropical Escape (91,98,23)

ETD: Bedded Attitude-Mahogany ($1L fatpack)
ETD Isle(132,137,32)

Tesla: Elise Mary Janes – black($0L)

Second Look Studio: Photo Studio-Grand Opening Gift ($0L)
Ravens Requiem (218,32,23

Sin Skins-Ton Visage: Freckled Aisha Daywear Dawn ($199L/set of 4), Intense II Med Brown Eyes [med] ($150L/color), ETD Chromabrows [Mahogany] ($1L)
Port Seraphine (243,202,56)
Sin Skins Island (130,130,55)