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Inventory Sorting – Camp Has It

My inventory was in dire need of some cleaning. A few weeks back Teagan Blackthorne sent a notice on inventory cleaning tips that was also in her blog. I had the notes and now I needed to find a productive place to sit and sort. I headed over to Shop Seu to sit in the camp chair for hair there. The chair is set to 180 minutes to get the $150L style for free. There is also a chair to camp for 100 minutes to earn short pants in navy.

Once I had my hair I headed over to Magika which has many camping chairs for clothes, hair, and accessories. The times vary depending on the item. The chairs are located inside the hair area with 2 columns of camp chairs, 6 chairs per column.

Now for the skin, I went to LaynieWear/Style Your Destiny and on the second floor there are 6 camping chairs for skins(3 for each store). The camping times range from 50 – 100 minutes.

Fabulously Free in SL: Fantasy Eyes – Brown Rainbow($0L)

Katat0nik: Unisex Sculpted Boots($1L)
Axis Mundi(114,109,24)

LaynieWear: Orange Glitter Skin($0L after 100 minutes of camping)

Magika: Hoodie($0L after 100 minutes of camping), Panda Jeans($0L after 100 minutes of camping)
Magika Land(31,189,25)

Shop Seu: mofumofuhair_milktea($0L after 180 minutes of camping)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Total Cost: $2L

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