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The Motion Merchant and a Gbberish Beauty Avatar

I need a nice, decent AO. No drama poses, no model stands. I have found the perfect one – thank you, Princess Ivory 🙂 This AO is not for free but the shop is worth to write about. It´s The Motion Merchant. There are swim animation, couple poses, single poses and so on. Check it out, it´s a lot of fun to try the poses. Don´t forget to go upstairs and do your exercises 🙂

But there´s also a cute Blow Kiss Freebie (including instructions) pictured on the wall. Almost in front of you as you step into the shop is a pose stand. You can get 1 (one!) gesture for free.

“To receive one of these 75 Linden gestures for free add this store to your pics, then send an IM to Johan Durant. Make sure you say what gesture you want. Also planned is a periodically raffles for people with this store in their pics.”

For example, Hazel writes: Hi Johan! I would like to receive the gesture “faint” for free, please. Thank you for your generous offer. Greetings, Hazel Homewood

After sending the IM Hazel waits patiently to receive her freebie because she´s a good girl and good girls don`t bug busy designers about a freebie.

You got it? 😉

The hot pants Color Stretch Short Denim are an opening gift by ESCAPE. Click the picture inside the store und get it for free. Hair is TossMe by BishWear.

I´m wearing the new lovely dollarbie skin Selkis Gift Natural Skin by Beauty Avatar. It´s a giftbox on the desk counter inside the store. The pretty top is Chloris Flower Top Indigo, an opening gift by Gbberish.


Hunt for rEd October

Kesseret Steeplechase of Kess Kreations is running a special hunt for her friend Ed Bumstead. Hidden at various stores is the head of Ed Bumstead(cat head). Each head costs a $1L donation. There are items from Abnormal Ms, Animonics, Kess Kreations, Morningside Boutique, Rory’s, Style Your Destiny, and Taco Taco Taco.

I am going to copy the notecard so you know what the hunt’s money goes to:
Around Christmas Ed’s mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. After radiation therapy the tumor just grew and grew. What basically started this fundraiser is Ed said to me “I realize after all this is over I won’t have a home, a job, or my mom, with no savings in the bank”. His mom passed away a couple weeks ago and this fundraiser is to help him since he has to obtain an apartment and look for a job. Plus, he has the two cutest cats ever. Ed’s been the best friend one could have, I wish everyone knew him! He’s very supportive and caring and he’d do this for me or participate for a stranger if he was asked. -Kesseret Steeplechase

For those furniture junkies, there are 8 different pieces for $1L each at Animonics at Buncheong(221,196,23) with the money going to Ed Bumstead.

Fabulously Free in SL: Red Goth Skin($0L), Fantasy Eyes – Brown Rainbow($0L)

JetDoll: Vixen($1L)
Granymyr(201,137,29)(Hair @ Savoir Hair)

Kess Kreations: Meercats are Jerks Shirt($1L)

Morningside Boutique: Diana Dress($1L)
Cassiopeia Isle(162,170,23)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: rEd October Pajamas w/ Fuzzy Slippers($1L), Eve Shape($1L)

Tesla: Elise Mary Janes – black($0L)

Total Cost: $5L

Fab Cherlindrea


Camped out and Lucky at Eclectic Eclipse

De Bratz dollz dancer BLUE Hello everyone. I’m Renee Lowenhart and I am definitely going to have to tell you guys about the amazing prize chairs at Eclectic Eclipse. Today, this place made my day! While I was there the far chair seemed to be stuck on wildcard “?” round and I won a grand total of 23 chair items!!! Twenty-one of them are clothing items and two are decorative.

There are two prize chairs and three camping chairs in front of the store to the left. Two of the camping chairs have two different outfits a piece to choose from and the one in the middle has three unique household items. The two prize chairs are loaded with a plethora of beautifully detailed clothes, including a few of the outfits that are in the camping chairs. It would be near impossible to show you all of the clothes I won, but I’ll show you a few of my favorites.

De Bratz Dollz Dancer is a 60 minute camp chair item that was won while I was afk. It includes diamond platforms, a vest hoodie, and many clothing options for a completely different look.

El Desperada Roja (Eclectic Eclipse) El Desperada Roja (Eclectic Eclipse)

El Desperada Roja is a sassy red outfit that has at least two different options for wear.

baby got back white Dazzle Outfit Netted Frenzy webbed out white Snow Doll Red Playful (Eclectic Eclipse) Blue Lady SIlks (Eclectic Eclipse) Summer Solstice (Eclectic Eclipse) (2)

Baby Got Back, Dazzle Outfit, Netted Frenzy, Webbed out White, Snow Doll Red, Playful, Blue Lady Silks, and Summer Solstice. All of these outfits are super sexy and I really can’t do justice to the details. “Webbed out White” has black widow spiders covering all the unmentionables, which is totally risqué! The black boots I have on are from a 21 minute Camping Chair at Bishwear. I am wearing Tesla’s Mary Janes with the “Snow Doll Red” outfit. The edge is trimmed with tiny snowflakes. Unfortunately, I usually can not get system skirts to rez, but “Snow Doll Red” is suppose to be a skirted outfit. With the “Blue Lady Silks” I paired concept summer wedges that are also from a 21 minute camping chair at Bishwear. They are the perfect summer shoe and very cute! While you’re waiting on your letter to be called take a walk around the Eclectic Eclipse store and scoop up the cute freebie directly inside. It is a sexy beach skirt and top called Summer Solstice and is packed with four different colors. The one I have pictured is in aqua.

Harlequin Passions2 Opposite Gown Cherry Pop Rose ensamble Cherry Pop Rose ensamble

The pictures really do not do justice to the details in the “Cherry Pop Rose” ensemble (which has many possible ways for wear) and the “Harlequin Passions2 Opposite Gown”. The pink retro round high heel pumps that I have on with the “Cherry Pop Rose” ensemble are part of the group gift from Periquita. They come boxed in three colors and it is a subscribe-o-matic group!

BOREALIS NIGHTS (Eclectic Eclipse) BOREALIS NIGHTS (Eclectic Eclipse)

My favorite win is Borealis Nights. It has shimmery iridescent blue and green hues with golden stars that cascade over the entire dress. Isn’t it lovely?

Eclectic Eclipse: All clothing and Accessories ($0L)

Prize Chair Wins – Shown Items: Baby Got Back – White, Blue Lady Silks, Borealis Nights, Cherry Pop Rose Ensemble, Dazzle Outfit, De Bratz Dollz Dancer – BLUE, El Desperada Roja, Harlequin Passions2 Opposite Gown, Netted Frenzy, Playful, Snow Doll Red, Summer Solstice, Webbed Out White.

Prize Chair Wins – Not Shown: Celestial Explosion, Celtic knot Bracelets, Christmas Tux Blue, Exotica Green, Exotica Purple, Jeweled Lantern, The Mask ( Red), The Muse Goddess, Triple Goddess armbands gold (RUBY)

MoTown Estates II (42, 59, 74)

BishWear: Concept Summer Wedges ($0L), PissAss- u must wear black boots ($0L)Periquita: Retro Round Shoes ($0L)
Cecil (144,41,86)

Periquita: Retro Round Shoes ($0L)
Fuzzy (220,100,34)

Tesla: Elise Mary Janes – black($0L)
Tesla (42,59,74)

Baby Monkey: Another Skins from Eloh Eliot ($0L)
Dindrane Elfor (228, 31, 31)

My hair is (not free) Whisper, Tease, and Krasa from Sheltered Heart, designer and part owner of House of Heart (I really adore the Hair at HOH and wear it 95% of the time). Krasa (the curly style) is part of a four pack of freebies that is located on several of the walls.



Mask Hunt in Venice

Ariadne Korda told me about a Mask Hunt in Venice. Ride the gondolas (preferably with a special someone), stroll the streets, look in the shops, and find those masks! The golden opera masks are hidden everywhere: some are easy to find, and some are a little more difficult to find. Ok, so maybe they’re a lot more difficult.

I won’t tell you where the masks are hidden, but I will tell you that there are some very nice gifts to be found. The shoes I’m wearing are a Mask Hunt gift from Baroque Shoes, and the dress is from @ Design. There are also items to decorate your SL home, like the plant below. The hair I’m wearing in the photo above is from Zero Style, it’s on a table to the left of the entrance.

The Locations:
Venice Mask Hunt: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Busby/17/222/70
Zero Style: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zero%20Style/122/134/38