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What’s Your Destiny?

Are you destined to win that next amazing lucky chair outfit? Take a trip to the second floor of Style Your Destiny and find out. There are six camping chairs and four lucky chairs. You could win the beautiful brown Grace Gown that I am wearing in the top picture.

The red Saphrynne Gown has a wonderful plunging neckline. It has a nice seductive quality, while remaining classy. The Purple Nancy Dress is funky with a psychedelic pattern and I love the Orange Sparkle Grace Gown. It reminds me of an orange soda, nice and bubbly.

There are also several skins hidden away within the lucky chairs. The beautiful skin I have on is Rosepetal Skin in Spring Fresh Makeup. One of the other skins called Diva Brawl would be great for staged photos or role playing. This skin had me laughing so much especially since I was in a club when I decided to try it on. I bought a red Teeny Bikini from the dollarbie wall at SYD, so that I could show off my bloody nose, black eye, and the gruesome wounds on this skin. Here are the before and after photos from my little brawl.


Plus, while you are waiting for your letter to come, there are tons of freebies and dollarbies on all of the walls. There are gifts for both men and women. You could spend hours gathering the freebies and dollarbies that are on the second floor.

I have on a mid length hair style from Calla. I normally wear a longer hair style, but I haven’t been able to take off the Veronia Red Frosted Pack that I won from a lucky chair at Calla’s. The pack contains five different color choices. There are there lucky chairs to the left when you walk through the doors. Plus, there is a freebie pack of hair and skin on the counter when you walk into the store.

I am also wearing Canvas Wedges from a lucky chair at Shoe Fly Shoes. Shoe Fly Shoes has five lucky chairs and two extra special group lucky chairs with premium shoes as prizes.

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Rose Petal Skins, Dresses (Lucky Chairs – L$0), LaynieWear Teeny Bikini (L$1)
Granymyr (229,183,60)

ShoeFly Shoes: Lucky Chairs (L$0)
Greystone (219,220,89)

Calla: Veronia Red Frosted Pack (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Calla Lily (147,160,37)