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New Freebie Avatars in Your Library

There are 16 new freebie avatars in your library. Why is this important? They are all done by established designers: Adam n Eve, Grendel’s Children, Renegade, Nylon Outfitters, & Fairy Grove Creations. To get at these items go to the Library folder in your inventory and look in the Clothing folder. You will see the following new additions to the avatars located there:

  • Boy Next Door by Renedgade Clothing
  • Cardboard Boxbot by Grendel’s Children
  • Clubgoer Female by Nylon Pinkney
  • Clubgoer Male by Adam n Eve
  • Dragolet by Grendel’s Children
  • Gamer Female by Renegade Clothing
  • Gamer Girl by Nylon Pinkney
  • Gamer Guy by Nylon Pinkney
  • Gamer Male by Renegade Clothing
  • Girl Next Door by Adam n Eve
  • Girl Next Door by Renegade Clothing
  • Musician Female by Renegade Clothing
  • Musician Male by Nylon Pinkney
  • Musician Male by Renegade Clothing
  • Professional Female by Adam n Eve
  • Professional Male by Adam n Eve & Nylon Pinkney

To move these to your main folder, you must right click each item, select wear and it will move it to your regular inventory. To keep it all organized, I made folders with the above names first. Then moved the items to those folders when they were moved to my inventory.

Note: Some of the original shapes were changed by LL after the designers submitted them. 😦

Total Cost: $0L

Fab Cherlindrea


Fashion Brand QueenQueen

A very cute dot 🙂 Dot Lane, Girl Reporter (great blog, thank you Dot!) mentioned this new store (new to me) and here we are with Fashion Brand QueenQueen (designer Disco Duranjaya) and amazing freebies.

There are 2 ads on the wall: free Black High Neck (wonderful texture) and free Kimono Tops Green (pretty florals). For the QueenQueen Skirt (comes with belt and stockings!) you have to camp for 10 minutes. To get the matching QueenQueen Free Top (comes with collar) you have to camp for 5 minutes. How cool is this? 15 minutes to get an amazing free dress! And the Black High Neck goes perfect with the skirt and the collar from the Free Top.

I´m wearing Gothic Skin (part of Gothic Party Pack at Fashion Bar PEPPERMINT BLUE), hair is TossMe Black by Bishwear (new freebie instore) and shoes (Ada pumps No 3 in white) are from ADA store.