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Holding on to Summer

Coming soon to FabFree!
While many parts of the world are starting to embrace fall, we here are stubbornly clinging to summer temperatures.  And that is okay, because it is giving me the perfect excuse to wear this beautiful sundress FabFree group gift from Snowpaws.  The package includes 10 mesh sizes for just the right fit.
Coming soon to FabFree!

ChicChica currently has a jeweled headband as a free gift.  Its wonderfully made with lots of detail.  I tried it on with a few dozen hair styles (I have a bit of a hair addiction problem!) and it looked great with just about every one.

~All the Things~

Amery Dress in Green – Snowpaws – (Fabfree group required, free to join) FREE

Headband – ChicChicaFREE

Ami Hair – Truth

Realistic Brown Eyes – The Skinnery

Christy Pale Skin – Lara Hurley

Lara Mesh Body – Maitreya

Jessica Mesh Head – Catwa


Something Steam(Punk)y!

Something Steam(punk)y

I’d never miss a chance to try out a new character, cosplay, or fantasy! Though I admit, I’ve never done steampunk. So when I saw this amazing hat at the NSP Florals Cart at the Wash Sale (and only 10L — Woot!), I was all a twitter! It was a chance to put together a steam punk look with a great accessory from top quality designer and once I had the top hat on, I was thrilled!

I love the combination of rich fabrics, florals, and metal feathers! Then it was off to adventuring at a steampunk sim! (If you have time, check out New Babbage — I linked you below… very cool place!)

But don’t be mistaken! The NSP Floral Cart at the Wash Sale is not just steampunk! Oh no! Versatility is the name of the game! This creative creator is offering up several gorgeous vintage hats (with the hair included!) as well as beautiful floral accessories that could easily finish off a stunning modern gown or top off a Gothic vampire’s ebony tresses.

The possibilities are endless and at only 10L per purchase, you won’t want to pass any of these beauties up!

Something Steam(Punk)y [2]


How you too can get steam(punk)y!

Skin – Glam Affair – Alice SummerParty – Jamaica

Hair – Magika – Awkward

Hat – NSP Florals Victorian Rose Top Hat (10L at the NSP Florals Cart @ The Cart Wash Sale)

Eyes – Pulse – Mesh Eyes Femke – Raven

Eye Liner – Oceane – Eyeliner 4 Shine

Eye Lashes – Oceane – Exxentrique Mesh Lashes

Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Pose by !Bang

Sim – New Babbage

Signature use 320 size

Brewing Witchy Fashions!

There are so many Halloween treats out right to help you celebrate this October holiday season!

Ladies, you can pick up the light tone Moscow Halloween skin from Minnu Model Skins.  There are four free skins in this pack.  Personally, skins number 3 and 4 are my favorites.  These skins are in the lobby on the counter and will be available through the end of the month.

At SYSY’s Designs, you can grab the orange Halloween pumpkin dress for only 1 linden and the peach flair top and mini skirt are free from the lucky chair.

The pink and black ribboned Sexy Halloween Witch dress is from VictoriaV.  Find the pumpkin in the store and you can get this dollarbie festive dress and hat.  I love that it is pink and black and can be worn year round, not just for Halloween!

The dollarbie gift from Elemiah Design is the orange top and black frilly skirt.  This oufit also comes with a black sculpted Halloween witch hat.  I love the details in this outfit and it is very classy looking.  This gift can also be worn year round!







I Bet you’re wondering how you can get these amazing New York boots.  These black boots are free with the lucky poster at B&T Fashion.  I have yet to win the Royal Blue Sweater and worn black jeans that is also in the lucky poster.

The free gift of the week from G&N Quality Design is the orange and black Halloween Punky Witch costume (above).  This gift includes the black witch hat and witch’s broom!  Hurry because I know this one wont be out much longer.

Directly inside If The Shoe Fits & Twinky’s Treasures you can pick up the absolutely free Pumpkin Spice Lace skirt and top with the yellow stilettos.  If you’re a fan of the color orange definately grab this one!

The purple Halloween Web outfit is great for a fun Halloween pajama party!  The purple stripped ribbon leggings and webbed tank are free from LaLa FooFoo.

The brown shoulder length braids and sexy over the eye short hair is from White Well.  The braided style can be won from the lucky poster.  There are two different styles in these boards and the letter changes every  minutes.  The short hair is a freebie that can be found under the lucky poster boards.  There are also several really nice styles for only 10L in the store.



*SySy’s: Halloween Pumpkin Dress (L$1), Flair Peach (Lucky Chair -L$0)
SyDesigns dAlliez ( 159/139/25 )

*VictoriaV: Sexy Halloween Witch (L$1)
VictoriaV Island ( 126/166/26 )

*Elemiah Design & Lingerie: Orange Top with Black Skirt (L$1)
George 5 ( 49/213/21 )

*G&N Quality Design: Halloween Punky Witch (L$0)
Pepita ( 68/161/325 )

*LaLa FooFoo: Halloween Web outfit (L$0)
Tropical Escape ( 151/196/22 )

*If The Shoe Fits& Twinky’s Treasures:  Pumpkin Spice Lace outfit & Yellow Stilettos (L$0)
Eros Cove ( 222/209/23 )

*B&T Fashion: Black New York Boots (Lucky Poster – L$0)
Brilliance Island ( 49/55/23 )

*White Well: 8 different eyes (L$0)
ECS ( 83/107/22 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Cassiopeia Isle ( 62/37/22 )

*Minnu Model Skins: Halloween Madrid Male & Moscow Female Skins (L$0)
Glam World ( 190/219/23 )


JUICY – Birthday Presents

At all 3 Juicy sims presents are waiting for you, but hurry! Today is the last day to get them! Juicy is celebrating its 1st birthday, and we get the gifts! 🙂 On each Juicy sim you will find a cabana with tons of freebies and dollarbies by different designers.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks to all generous designers!

Enjoy your gifts 🙂

TP to Juicy

TP to Juicy Bella

TP to Juicy del Mar




Big, big thank you to nox Pinion, owner of Tea & Strychnine store, for letting me know about this great event called “DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE TREASURE HUNT”, and for dropping me her adorable hunt freebies!

I just quote here what nox Pinion`s notecard says … I couldn´t explain better (in my poor english) how the hunt works … AND I want to share the kind words about FabFree with you 🙂 Thanks again, we appreciate it, nox 🙂

“I’m a longtime fan of FabFree – some of my favoritest outfits and accessories were picked up because of your reviews! If you haven’t been contacted already, I wanted to let you know about a sim-wide hunt taking place this Thursday-Monday, September 18-22.

It’s called Down the Rabbit Hole, and is an Alice-in-Wonderland themed hunt. Shops across the grid have special prizes hidden inside bottles hidden in their shops. Included in one bottle is a puzzle piece and a landmark to the next location. The idea is to collect the puzzle pieces (along with the other cool stuff!) and at the last location, assemble the puzzle for a chance to win 500L, 1500L or 3000L.

I’ve included copies of the items that can be found at my shop, as well as pertinent Down the Rabbit Hole Hunt info.”

THE HUNT STARTS AT Alice’s Looking Glass/Mad Hatter, Goguryeo 197, 166, 557



Credits for

Pompeja Limited Special Release (Promo Box 10 Linden) – not sure if still available: Soft Touch Skin

Michikan in brunette-blonde hair by Bryce Designs not free – 200 Linden/4 shades



Down The Rabbit Hole Hunt Info

Follow the white rabbit Sept. 18th – 22nd for a fun and unique multi-sim treasure hunt with an Alice in Wonderland theme.  If you like the book, movie, or game, you’ll love following the trail we’re putting together.  Alice’s Looking Glass will be the starting point, where directions to several other shops/sims will be given in the bottles you find. The hunt will end in Jabberwocky where a puzzle will be completed, using the clues found along the way.  Completing the puzzle gains entry into the $L’s grand prize drawing.  Come, join us down the rabbit hole.

Contact Ona Ra or Nickee Ninetails for help!

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Delicious Hunts

Guten Abend, good evening 🙂

This time we hunt for bubble gums at Urban Shopper. Chewed bubble gums! Disgusting and sticky :-))) And tiny !! You have to look very close, everywhere, on the walls, on the floor, up and down, cam around, don´t forget to scan the pics in every participating shop …. and when you have found a bubble gum, scrape it off … enjoy your meal:-)))) Noooo, eeeew, bad me! :-)) Of course, you can buy the bubble gums for free or 1 Linden, and get really pretty gifts 🙂 The hunt ends on Friday, August 22 (11:59 pm SLT), and was brought to my attention by Desdemona Young, designer and owner of SD Wears. Thank you!

Here are pics of a few finds (didn´t manage to find all):

Skin Pale BlackEyeMakeUp NaturalLips_GiveAwayNT – Maria`s

Candy Dress – !mpossible

Blouson Dress – PixelDolls

Tie-Dye Outfit – Dani`s

Hat – Nova

25 Linden Gift Card – SD Wears

Farah Palmer, designer and owner of RUFFIAN, was so kind to drop me her cute Rosa heels in pink as well as in black (much more colors are available, 1 Linden each color). Thanks again 🙂 RUFFIAN still is a small shop but tp over and have a look at the lovely Rachel heels (black, white, red, 1 Linden each color), too. Farah Palmer also offers the nice set of necklace, bangles and belt for 1 Linden. Dollarbie Alert! :-))

Last but not least – and I´m pretty sure you have already heard of this hunt – yesss! Poop Hunt at LAP Long Ankward Pose! Yummy! :-)))) Big poops, small poops … better wear rubber boots and be very careful! Don´t take a seat on the lounger! There is ……….uuhm, a really big one :-))) If you can´t stand the smell any longer fly up to the roof to get some fresh air, okay? 😉 Don´t say you get sick of poops, you can´t miss out the hunt because poses by LAP are great! And you get a lot of poses! Poses used in my pics are by LAP, too.

Happy Hunting :-)))



Just a quick post because my RL is a bit hectic today … I read about the VELVET hunt on one of my favorite blogs German Style 🙂

The hunt ends today (Sunday 8/17) at 12 midnight. You have to look for pink bags AND pink boxes! I´m not sure how many boxes are there. I only did a quick search and found 2 boxes (0 Linden) with amazing dresses by ZAARA and THE CRYSTAL QUEENDOM.

The hair I wear along with ZAARA`s lovely “freespirit dress” is Jenna by Dernier Cri (not free).

The other hair I matched with CRYSTAL QUEENDOM´s gorgeous “Chanel`e dress” is the 1 Linden-hair by C&H Candy House.

In both pics I´m wearing Stilleto Pumps 66 colors by UNIQUE NEEDS. They are simply great! Easy to tint and versatile! And still there for free 🙂

Here`s your tp to Velvet! Have fun 🙂


SySy Chapman aka Oranje vs. The Rest of Football World:-)

A notecard in my inventory informed me about a 99 L clearance sale and new releases as gowns and beachwear at SySy`s by Sy Design. Well, sounds great! Guess, what else? Freebie!

SySy Chapman is driving me nuts with her football-mania *grin* Let me quote a part of her notecard:

Now the exciting stuff (at least, to me and other football fans :P)
As you may or may not know, i’m a huge HOLLAND team supporter, and we play tonight the quarterfinals, which we MUST win. LOL. I’m giving away a special orange edition of the sealife dress, complete with scarfs and hat and flags. You can come pick this up at the football gear booth across my mainstore. Packs for other countries still in the games are available for free as well! IF the dutch team wins tonight, be sure to visit the sim cause we’re going to have an INSANE party then!!!! I’ll be giving away giftcards randomly aswell then, coz i’m soooo happy if we win! LOLLLL

Yes, SySy, I agree with your” LOLLLL”! Because not the sale and not the new releases are exciting … no! It´s just the free football stuff 🙂 Can´t stop laughing ….. 🙂

Well, here´s the freebie (you can wear it without being an orange *g* or a football fan). Oranje Dress comes with top, pants, prim skirt, oranje scarf, holland scarf and a hat. It´s really cute! And I like scarfs. BUT I´m wearing MY flag – I´m from Austria – and it´s a gift from SySy Chapman, too! AND I´m wearing Cherlindrea Lamont´s group gift for FabFree Euro 2008 Peaches Skin Holland (because she didn´t make me an austrian skin, and of course because she´s my generous boss *sobs and smiles at the same time*). AND further I´m wearing the austrian hairflower, a gift from GaZoV Designs, because I like red flowers!

What can I do for Russia? Shall I dance “Kasatschok” or have some vodka drinks? *lol* Any whishes from our german neighbours? *lol*

Okay, grab your freebies, go for a walk and enjoy SySy Chapman`s new place, it´s wonderful! Update your landmarks if necessary: SySy`s by Sy Design Main, dAlliez 160, 191, 22.

SKG Shoes always has a weekly offer for 5 Linden. This time we are pleased with amazing FH Pointed Pumps in Pecan! I´m not sure how long the pumps will be there, but don´t worry if you miss it, there will be another great weekly offer.



Cute K. Leopard OutfitNice headline, I hope nobody gets me wrong *grin*
Yesterday I talked to Karin Barthelmess, the beautiful and charming designer and owner of Cute K. Her store is located at a pretty place called “Flying Mexico” together with a furniture store (nice stuff with mexican patterns!)  owned by her business partner Gerome Handrick. And we were talking about her lavish work she does with her clothes, we were talking in german because ……
……okay okay … the freebies: there are Lucky Chairs. There´s a freebie box in the store with hairsticks and a nice skull belt and others. There are big, coloured easter eggs with goodies from Cute K. and Handrick`s. If you find one buy it for 0 Linden. Look at the pics, this is what you can get: Leopard Outfit comes with black pants as well as tank and corsage (black, blue, green, pink, red). Tiki Mood in pink includes a bikini, bottom + top buckles, pants, prim skirt, glasses for nose and for hair. Wrinkles Skirt Outfit is my favorite, I like pretty black skirts  and this one fits excellent and it´s nice belted too. The bright coloured bath towel with sunbathing pose and the cupboard ar easter egg gifts from Handrick`s. And I found an egg with pretty hair things like a hair swing, hair spider and hair heart. That´s what I´ve found, maybe I´ve overseen something.

But there´s a very generous special Easter offer too. As a “thanks” to her costumers Karin decided to give out a free dress … to everyone. All you have to do is to look at her amazing clothes, make your minds up what you like best and write the name of the dress or outfit in a notecard. Don´t forget your avatar´s name! Send the notecard to Karin Barthelmess until Saturday, 22nd March,2008, 11.59 pm SLT. Your dress will be delivered to you during Easter Sunday.

One thing I can promise, you all will spend a lot of time to pick up the dress you like best because Karin does an amazing good work.

I want to mention that it´s imperative to use a notecard! Nothing else, IM´s could be capped! And don´t send notecards twice – one dress per person. Make sure you are not too late. Mention your avatar name. Be patient. And …… no drama, please *smile*

Handrick`s bath towelCute K tanktop blueCute K Tiki Mood PinkCute K Wrinkle Skirt Outfit

Let´s FLIRT now with Skinkie Winkler`s new dollarbie Diamond Lip Ring. Spend some time at Skinkie`s new main shop to look at the delightful jewellery and take a notecard to be informed about the designers motivation to do this jewels.

Cute KCute K HairSwingCute K Easter Hunt Special Easter GiftHandrick`s cupboard easteregg gift

Cher`s Rezday Skin freckled (0 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

Diamond Lip Ring (1 L)

~flirt~fine prim jewellery, Juicy 38/213/23

LeopardOutfit,HairSwing,WrinkleDress,TikiMood (easter egg gifts o L)

Cute K.@FlyingMexico, Poseidon Island 92/201/500

Sunbathing towel, cupboard (easter egg gifts 0 L)

Handrick`s FlyingMexico, Poseidon Island 101/227/501

Elise 2 heels black (0 L)Fab Hazel

Tesla Flagship!, Tesla 65/96/54



Bewitched ValeevaI picked up a tip from Moontan Valeeva – she tells us that now she has opened a mainstore (thank you and congrats!) and to celebrate this there will be a free “fine mess set” . The set comes with bangles, bracelet and necklace. Well done and soooo cute – a kitty sitting on the crescent! Did I ever mention I am a cat lover? Well, now you know 🙂

You will find this freebie at your landingspoint pictured on the wall.

Valeeva necklaceValeeva braclet

BEWITCHED HAIR was sending out another amazing group gift through the subscribe-o-matic: 6 hairstyles (each in 3 sizes)! There are Calina The Archer in sky, Calina The Noble in melon, Gwendolyn in sunset, Makeda in brown, Ryder in nugget and Tease in ash (Tease comes in hip-length!).

Go to Lemon Island(123,131,23) and click the sign next to the customer service desk. Click the sign until it tells you: Bewitched Hair Update Group: Welcome to the Bewitched Hair update group. New releases, secret sales and events will be announced though this group. New release gifts will also be distributed through here. – To remove yourself from this Subscribe-O-Matic list, just touch this device again at any time. Now click the sign again. Click History. Click 1. It should be the one that says: Feb 23, 08: happy release day!!!. In a few second, you will receive a box called: Bewitched Hair Gift Feb 23th’. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your gift. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives. So hurry!


Cher´s Rez Day Skin freckled, updated (FabFree group gift o L)

Fabulously Free in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

A Fine Mess – Set: necklace, bangles, bracelet (0 L)

MOONTAN/K&KFineQuality, Starfish 217/215/33

Calina The Archer,Calina The Noble, Gwendolyn, Makeda, Ryder, Tease

Fab Hazel

(group gift subscribe-o-matic 0 L)

BEWITCHED HAIR, Lemon Island 126/124/23