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Black Out @ Jill

Jill is one of my favorite stores in SL.  The clothing is simplistic, yet highly detailed.  Jill has a new group gift available and a new lucky board prize!  The little black rose dress is the new lucky board price at Jill.  The classy black SoHo boots are a past gift to Maitreya sub-o members.

The beautiful Allure skin is the new March gift for the Cupcakes update group members.  The skins come in all shades and with or without freckles.  I am wearing the lace skin tone with freckles.  The silver Isolde necklace is the newest lucky chair prize at U&R Dogs.  The fun and adorable Anna Broadway hair isn’t free, but absolutely fabulous!  This hair is one of the many items offered by RezIpsa Loc at the Accessory Fair.

While at Jill I also won the lacy tunic top (shown above) from the other lucky board and picked up the newest group gift!  The new group gift at Jill is this long sleeve black dot button blouse.  The leggings come with or without the stars and in black, blue, brown, khaki, and purple.  The leggings are a past gift from Jill that can be found in store.  If you’ve never been to the Jill store then join the group and take advantage of all the wonderful past gifts found on the second floor!


*Jill: Rose Dress (Lucky Board – L$0), Lace Tunic (Lucky Board – L$0), Black Dot Shirt & Leggings (Group – L$0)
eot Devil 2 ( 9/164/24 )

*U&R Dogs: Isolde Necklace (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Sepia ( 23/46/679 )

*Maitreya: SoHo Boots (SOM – L$0)
Maitreya Isle ( 224/215/24 )

*RezIpsa Loc: Anna, Broadway Hair (Not Free)
Accessory Fair 2010 ( 171/174/22 )

*Cupcakes: Allure Skin (Group – L$0)
Cupcakes ( 68/196/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )




I left my head and my heart on the dancefloor

For some reason I really really had to have pink hair today. I think it works quite well. Nothing like a splash of hot pink to brighten up your day.

Boudoir has this stunning Larapixie dress for free until March 17th..

The lights are coming from the fireflies attachment that comes with the dress so you too can be a mobile light show! Also worn in the picture is the Eyewrap from Cobrahive which cost 25L in their 50% off sale.

And if you slap the subscribo at Boudoir , you can get this Drapped Dress for free also..

Also worn is the black version of the jewelled Eyewrap which cost 25L, the BigWaist Belt for 60L in plain black and the Sureibu neck bracer for 75L and comes in both male and female sizing aswell as other styles.. these are all from Cobrahive and are part of the 50% sale.

This gorgeous sheer bodysuit/dress is by Pig and is in the group notices for a group called Perveyors of Accidental Love along with some free poses from Izzy Bereznyak. You can find the group by looking at my profile and joining from there.

If you don’t like showing your pixel bits off then there is an opaque version too inside the box. I am also wearing another bracer from the Cobrahive sale called Kusari for 60L.. its hard to make out but there is lacing, chains and decorative crosses over it which just makes it stunning.

BlackLace are celebrating St Patricks with a release of special green colour lingerie and this set as a freebie. You can find it inside a cute little garden area.. people often have trouble finding the freebies here, so the co-ordinates are… 71/199/43. if you bring up the minimap, you should see a little red ring on it.. make your way towards that.

GL Designs are taking part in 69L Humpday Happiness with this outfit called Soooooo Cute

But there are also a few others priced at 69L around the main picture, including a set of three uber mini dresses in black, red and white..

This shows the white version, worn with the Razortag necklace for 10L, the Reita’s nose mask for 10L and the Gloved armwarmers for 10L all from Cobrahive

And this is the black version of the dress, worn with the Sureibu neck bracer shown earlier for 75L and the Deer pack from Cobrahive which costs 150L for the full set of Antlers, Legs and cute wiggly Deer tail! Yay for Deers!

Also taking part in 69L humpday happiness are Mango, Mango!. Sileny has turned her attentions to creating an Asian skin, with beautiful eyesm natural make up and a slightly paler tone to the skin. You get 3 skins in the pack. Here I am wearing the Cats Eyes version..

And there is also a new Dollarbie gift on the shelves just inside the door! Called “Purple and Bonus Nekkid” you get four skins inside..

This is the Nearly Nekkid skin, you get a freckled version too

And this is the Purple with Craysons skin, again you get a freckled version too!

Other info
+ Cupid skin by Curio ( not free )
+ Brit hair by Truth ( not free )
+ McQueen Goth boots by Megg Demina @ Heroes of Fashion Exhibit (not free )
+ Im so romantic hair worn in Mango,Mango! post by !Lamb ( not free )