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Get Your Jeans On

When I was at the AQUA Party last night, I noticed some men’s jeans on the wall and decided to take a peek at the prices. I found some Dark Grey jeans for only $10L. This is a promotional item as the rest of the colors, Teal, Black, Blue, dark Blue, and Red were priced at $60L.  They are called PB jeans, so I had to know what the PB was. Peanut Butter? Pretty Baby? It stands for Package Booster. I don’t think I need to explain what that is.  *chuckles*

E! Electric red tee and AQUA Grey Jeans

The Shirt is from !E Eclectic Accessories. The Darcy T Shirt is on the lucky board there. This well worn tee has a few rips on the front and back to let everyone know that it is one of those favorites you just can’t let go of.

*AQUA PB Dark Grey Jeans ($10L)
Aqua, Coconut Beach (81, 128, 22)

*E! – Eclectic Darcy T Red ( Lucky Board $0L)
*E! – Eclectic Accessories, Marsco (75, 85, 343)

*Long Awkaward Pose,  Pose (not free)
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale, 93, 154, 26


Make Him Over at Hell Bop

Even thought the Make Him Over Hunt doesn’t start until tomorrow, Floatie over at Hell Bop Clothing started early. Her gift for the hunt and to us is a wonderful bib and tee set she named “Oscar”. This great knock around outfit is great for landscaping, planting or just to putz around the sim in.

HB Oscar

I always enjoy the added touches that are put on Hell Bop’s clothes. This comes with a dirty handkerchief and a pack of cigarettes. Thanks for the smokes, FLoatie. I recently quit smoking, so I can now take up the habit again, at least in Second Life.


HB Oscar

Get an early jump into Spring and the Make Him Over Hunt at Hell Bop Clothing.

*HB Oscar ( Hunt $oL)
Hell Bop Clothing, The Wash (90, 73, 22)

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A single tear can flood the heart

OoEas! are fast becoming one of my favourite lingerie stores in SL and right now they have some new goodies heading your way. Joie Arai was incredibly generous to allow me to give you a sneak peek at the goodies in store for you. Two are available now, two will be available from April 1st so please be sure you read underneath each picture.

This is the Rainy Day set which is the April Freebie, available right now in store

This Sanctimonia set will be available from April 1st as part of the Virtues of Sin Hunt

This dress is called Sugar Rush and will be released on April 1st as an exlusive group gift through the Subscribo and will then be in the subscribo notices for 3 DAYS ONLY before being removed.. so if you want it, head on over there today and hit the subscribo. That way, you won’t miss out when its released tomorrow!

And lastly this dress called Frambroesa is the current Midnight Mania board prize… and you NEED this dress. Seriously. The texturing and details are exquisite. It is available for sale too if you can’t wait on the board, but really, do try to get it if you can.

Tik Toc have 3 free group skins out in their store. Join the group (the group joiner is in the other room) and then touch the 3 pictures to recieve these.

Here are two of the skins.. the one on  the left is called Leila and the tan one is called Bunny.. there is one other set but SL didnt want me to show you that one as it ate the folder.. *le sigh*

GaNKed have updated the gifts at their store. If you are looking for uber creative pieces of jewellery then this really is the place to go. I have never been one for huge statement pieces, but these really are works of art. Here are some of the new goodies!

This peice is called “All That Jazz” and was made as a promotional piece for the Relay For Life fair that just ended. Its now available in the Group notices and in the Subscribo and you get both black and red gem versions. This is the red gem version!

You may remember me posting about the Suri in Pink last month, well this is the Peacock coloured set and is the prize on the Midnight Mania board and its absolutely stunning. If you ever wanted to be painted in gems, this is the way to go!

This set is called Goldblooded and is set with Onyx stones. This is free gift for the month of April and is found just near the tp in point. This is a really bold piece and you will be sure to turn heads wearing it.

This one is called Flutter and is a new release.. its not free, but its so gorgeous I had to show it off to you. The colour here is blue but it is available in a few other colours in store!

When you get the chance, be sure to visit the Spring Bazarre.. there is nothing over 50L here and there is also an Easter Egg hunt where each egg is either free or 1L to buy. I didnt get chance to get a good look around yet but I did snag these Mango, Mango! 1L skins in their Easter Egg under their booth..

So be sure to check these out aswell as the other skins there available for 50L.. I will be doing another post showing some more things once I get the chance to go back!

Lastly but by no means least, is this fun dress from Talisman and is available in the subscribo notices!

Yay for pink leopard print!

Other info
+ June skin by Curio ( 1000L per skin / 3000L per fatpack )
+ Juliet hair by Amacci ( 250L per colour set )
+ Poses by Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses (not available any longer)