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Nothing Square about LNL

Have you ever been to LNL Square? I hadn’t until today. I was impressed by the high quality graphics on their clothing. I joined the group and got the March group gift. A brown Tee and pant set with a goth feel. It is very ornately decorated and actually reminds me of a tee I own in real life.

LNL March gift

I had also heard there were some other freebie shirts at the store. After climbing two sets of stairs I found them and it was worth the climb.  These shirts are very detailed and can fit any mood.
Snapshot_002LNL T-18



CelebrationLNL T9


I plan on checking out LNL more often for new releases. I love these t-shirts.

*LNL March Group Gift ($0L)

*LNL T9 ($0L)

* LNL T-17 ($0L)

*LNL T-18 ($0L)

*LNL Celebration ($0L)

LNL Square,  Borgatti 250, 58, 301

*Poses (not free)

Long Awkward Pose, Festivale, 93, 154, 26


More Vive!

It’s always quite obvious when I’m sorting and posting.  Anyway… here’s some more of the Vive9 goodies!

The Vintage Aoki skins come in dark and light both scattered with freckles.

The Fresh Vintage skins have 6 different makeups and come in bronze and tan.

The Vintage Lumidee skins come in the bronze and tan skin tones with 4 different makeup options.

The Vintage Bella skins have tons of makeups and come with afro, ebony, light, and tan tones.

The Vintage Gemma skins have 6 makeups and come in the light skin tone.

Tired of seeing skins yet?  This isn’t even half of the skins that are free at Vive9!


*Vive9: Skin, Shapes (not shown), Eyes, Clothing, Accessories (L$0)
Vive ( 133/178/44 )

*Alice Project: Hair (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Jupiter ( 171/238/28 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Tons of Gifts @ Vive9

As many of you know Vive9 is closing shop.  To show appreciation to the loyal customers there are 26 gift bags filled with fatpack skins, shapes, eyes, clothing, and accessories in the lobby area!  So… here’s just some of the things I picked up.

The Aerin skin pack has 10 different skins, 8 of them are shown below.

There’s also several clothing pieces like the black blowup blazer and fatpack of Becca jeans!

The never released Dakota skins come in light, mocha, pale, and tan skin tones.  I am showing the light and mocha versions.  Each skin tone comes with the BurntFeathers and Flying Renaissance makeup.

The Sailors yellow boatneck sweater is another gift at Vive9.  The Becca jeans come in a fatpack.

The Marion skins come in light, pale, and tan and have a very intense look that I love!

The Sig Jackets come in a fatpack with burgundy, coolblue, denimblue, dust, forest, pitch, and worn!

The Vintage Joy skins have 6 different makeups and come in the light and tan skin tones.

The Vintage Jennifer skins come with 3 makeups and with a hairbase option.

This is just a SMALL sample of all the gifts at Vive9.  SL crashed on me while taking pictures, so I will show some more of the goodies soon!  The black PatentMix SoHo boots are a past sub-o gift from Maitreya.  These boots are still available in the subscribe-o-matic history.


*Vive9: Skin, Shapes (not shown), Eyes, Clothing, Accessories (L$0)
Vive ( 133/178/44 )

*Maitreya: SoHo Boots (SOM – L$0)
Maitreya Isle ( 224/215/24 )

*Alice Project: Hair (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Jupiter ( 171/238/28 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Sittin on a Pin Cushion

Doppelganger Inc. has a newly remodeled store and to celebrate there are several gifts to pick up!  Don’t get poked when you sit on the Pin Cushion chair!  The chair has several poses to choose from and is free at Doppelganger Inc..

The Painter’s tank is another free gift at Doppelganger Inc..  Head over to Baby Monkey for the perfect summer accessories!  Beach tote bags are free at Baby Monkey in blue, gold, green, lilac, pink, purple, and red.  Also, pick up the Surfer necklace and bracelets for the men and women.  The Classic Flats come in a fatpack and are free at Baby Monkey.

You’ll need a few nice white shirts to get you through these warmer days.  The tied button shirt from Baby Monkey shows off your nice body for only L$5!  SF Design gave this classic white t-shirt to sub-o members a few days ago.  A shirt for the men was also included.  To get this tee join the sub-o ad check the history or you can purchase for L$50 if you don’t want to join the subscribe-o-matic group.  The Everyday Jean shorts are from Doppelganger Inc..  The shorts are not free, but I’m super picky about if seams line up and these are fabulous!

Le Fashion has updated the free gift in-store.  The gift box now includes the Valentine’s corset lingerie, black leather pants, a white sweater wrap and strip bustier tops in red, green and yellow!


*Doppelganger Inc.: Pincushion Chair (L$0), Painter’s Tank (L$0)
Bill ( 218/191/47 )

*Baby Monkey: Beach Totes (L$0), Classic Flats (L$0), Surfer Jewelry (L$0), Tied Cotton Shirt (L$5)
Dindrane Elfor ( 227/42/36 )

*SF Design: White Shirt (SOM – L$0)
Penryn ( 40/121/36 )

*Le Fashion: Valentine’s Lingerie, Black Pants, Bustiers, Sweater Wrap (L$0)
Rose Isle ( 29/191/2002 )

*Alice Project: Hair (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Jupiter ( 171/238/28 )

*Heartsick: Oestra Skins (L$50)
Escape Artist ( 83/145/2002 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )




Jusque ton retour, la mer est toujours la mer..

“Until your return… the sea is always the sea..”

Renee has already shown you some of the gifts that you can find at the ICON Lifestyle Fashion District mini hunt. It was uber laggy and I didnt get very far, but I managed a couple of things to show you aswell as a few freebies. You are hunting for little black boxes with the word ICON written on it.

Zaara has this stunning Mrinali Pistachio coloured dress in their prize box..

The colours are just so evocative of spring and its so floaty.. its a girly girls dream! There are also 3 boxes of freebies for you to pick up which contain these yummy goodies..

Shubh Dress in White is one of the freebies found in a stack of three boxes to the right side of the store

And you can also find the Mala outfit along with the Indian Bangles shown in this picture from the boxes too.

Blacklace are taking part in the hunt. I didnt find the box before the lag monster got me, but I did find their freebie Blue Azure Cincher set that is set out just inside the door.

Renee certainly had better luck than I did so check out her post for more insights into the prizes available at the hunt!

The skin I am wearing in the above pictures is the new 50L skin from Heartsick. They have have set out a gorgeous Easter skin called Oestra out today and you get ALL tones this time. It will be available until the end of April.

This is a close up of the make up in all the tones from top left Aether, Illusion, Reverie and Bliss. Its so very very pretty! You get all the skin tones plus all the options for cleavage, freckles and beautymarks!

There is also this adorable freebie Easter hat with sizes for Males and Females inside!

::Para Designs:: have a unisex tattoo out as a new freebie store gift, which comes with freshly inked or faded options

The lingerie worn in the picture is by AQUA and is part of their Lacey Visions Light range which is 100L per colour set. The Lacey Visions Dark range is available also in variety of colours and is on offer for 50L a set until Midnight SLT on Sunday.

This is the Purple Lacey Visions Dark set, which also comes with a Balconette Bra, Garters and Stockings options in the set. This lingerie really is so delicate and beautiful. Your SO will love it. The store now has a second level which you can get to by using the teleport button just inside the entrance. The Lacey Vision Darks are up on this second level!

The setting for these pictures was a beautiful sim called Embryo and it is an ever changing area.. this is its recent incarnation and it is breathtaking. The title of this post is taken from a poem written on a notecard inside a folder handed to you when you land at the sim.. It is written in French and its translation (although through babelfish so excuse any mistakes)  is below

My tears drip along my centre,
become the sea under my vain feet.
Sea who does not stop overflowing devour me without pity.
I always wait,
I am there.
Until your return, the sea is always the sea.
The sea is always there, the sea.


Other Info
+ Windblown hair by Aden ( not free )
+ Tallulah hair worn in hat picture by Truth ( not free )
+ Poses by Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses (not free)

Denim Dollarbies

I came across not one, but TWO great dollarbie shirts while strolling through Gabriel today.These shirts come in both traditional blue and in white. The collar and shirt cuffs are resizable to get the perfect fit.



These denim shirts will release that inner cowboy in you or would make a great gift for that cowboy in your life.

*Gabriel GB Denim Shirt ($1L)

*Gabriel GB Denim Shirt White ($1L)

Gabriel, Omotesando 118, 29, 39

Pose – not free

Long Awkward Pose, Festivale, 93, 154, 26


Are you an Icon?

DNCY Clothing has this adorable Joleen dress free in-store for sub-o members.  The dress comes with two options for wear, that are both adorable!  If you’re not a member of the DNCY Clothing subscribe-o-matic group then join and wait 7 days to get the dress.

When the notice from DNCY Clothing came through it reminded me about the ICON Lifestyle hunt and I rushed over to grab some of the goodies!  The Spring Green “Fay” turtleneck knit dress is from DNCY Clothing in the Icon Lifestyle Hunt.

The copper Shimmers dress is from Mashooka in the Icon Lifestyle hunt.  From VoguE you get the Zane skirt outfit, which can also be worn as shorts for a classy yet sexy look.   The Eve Carnivale heels are only L$200 for a fatpack of 8 colors at TeaLane.

The Tangible Dreams lingerie from Blacklace will give your SO very nice dreams!

Seldom Blue has the hot pink Portia lingerie set as the Icon Lifestyle gift.  There are many options for wearing this lingerie.

The Heartsick Oestra skin comes in with all skin tones and is only L$50 until the end of April!  I am wearing the Reverie skin town with beautymarks, freckles, and cleavage!  All of the hair shown is from the lucky chair at Alice Project.  The hair is texture changeable with just a click, so pick another shade if you’re not a dark brunette and you can even add streaks!

The ICON Lifestyle hunt is from March 26th until April 10th!  The landmarks land you in or around the stores, but not to the actual prize.  I’ve only shown a few of the prizes so far, but I’m heading back for more!  I’m one of the world’s worst hunters, but most of the prizes are in plain sight!


*DNCY Clothing: Joleen Dress (SOM – L$0)
Xalapa ( 126/234/41 )

*DNCY Clothing: Fay Dress (Icon Hunt – L$0)
ICON Lifestyle II ( 96/141/22 )

*VoguE: Zana Skirt Outfit (Icon Hunt – L$0)
ICON Lifestyle ( 135/173/21 )

*Mashooka: Shimmers Dress (Icon Hunt – L$0)
ICON Lifestyle ( 97/141/22 )

*Seldom Blue: Portia Lingerie (Icon Hunt – L$0)
ICON Lifestyle ( 64/177/22 )

*Blacklace: Tangible Dreams Lingerie (Icon Hunt – L$0)
ICON Lifestyle ( 160/171/21 )

*TeaLane: Eve Carnivale Heels (L$200)
Granymyr ( 246/190/42 )

*Alice Project: Hair (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Jupiter ( 171/238/28 )

*Heartsick: Oestra Skins (L$50)
Escape Artist ( 83/145/2002 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )