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Green Brew

Looking for some green to liven up your St. Patrick’s day festivities tomorrow?  You’re in luck!  From Prism you can get the Erin ensemble complete with sweater, jeans, and brown boots!  The huge St. Paddy’s Hat is free at Shoe Fly Shoes.

The teal colored St. Patrick’s day dress is free at Bliss Couture.  The Stacey St. Pat’s skin is free at studio m until March 17th and comes in Cinamon, Cocoa, Nutmeg, and Sugar.  The Anna hair is free from RezIpsa Loc at the Fabulously Free in SL.

WoE is offering the Seamair Graecyn jeans and striped sweater set for only L$20!  The sweater comes with rolled up sleeves or the long sleeve version and the jeans come with a silver and brass button!  The Shamrock necklace pendant and earring set are in the midnight mania at Pen’s Gems.

Elegant Fashion has the St. Patricks Blouse and black Kim mini skirt free in the LooK-BooK.  I sent the boot to the FabFree group this evening.  The emerald colored Sinderella Plats are a group gift at Shoe Fly Shoes.  The Sarah St. Patty’s hair is only L$69 at RezIpsa Loc.

Saris Creation’s has the white St Patrick dress for free.  The Margaret St. Patty’s hair is another style for only L$69 at RezIpsa Loc.

And for after hours grab the Xana lingerie in green from Badoura Design.  The Pot O’ Gold shoes were sent to the Sweeter Than Candy sub-o group this morning.


*Prism by Journey: Erin (L$1)
Bal Harbour ( 39/59/27 )

*Bliss Couture: St. Patrick’s Dress (L$0)
Gown ( 148/141/281 )

*WoE: St. Patrick’s Day Special (L$20)
Zion ( 109/92/758 )

*Elegant Fashion: St. Patrick’s Blouse & Skirt (Look-Book – L$0)
Young ( 150/36/28 )

*Saris Creation’s: St. Patrick’s Dress (L$0)
Venetian Beach ( 50/100/33 )

*Badoura Design: Xana Lingerie (L$0)
Trevelyan ( 32/99/33 )

*Shoe Fly Shoes: St. Paddy’s Hat (Group – L$0), Sinderella Plats (Group – L$0)
Greystone ( 199/216/92 )

*Sweeter Than Candy: Pot O’ Gold Shoes (Snowflake Hunt L$0)
Anders ( 154/63/27 )

*Maitreya: Pumps (Sub-o – L$0)
Maitreya Isle ( 224/215/24 )

*Pen’s Gems: St. Patrick’s Shamrock Jewelry (L$0)
Travelers Island ( 74/232/24 )

*RezIpsa Loc: Anna Hair (FabFree – L$0), Sarah St. Patty’s (L$69)
Azrael ( 54/151/22 )

*studio m: Stacey St. Pat’s Skin (L$0)
Pawleys Island ( 119/166/801 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
UK Couture Island ( 146/185/24 )



Clothing Fair Part 3

I’m back with more goodies to show you from the Clothing Fair.  There are sooo many gifts that these wonderful designers have provided.  Please consider donating where you can because proceeds go towards the Relay For Life charity.

The whimsical Leafy Fairy costume is from Evie’s ClosetAngelwing has the Anakarina Angel costume complete with wings, earrings, necklace, pouty natural skin, and a shape (not shown, but lovely).

If you’re looking for a nice gown, DollyRock is offering the maroon Anita evening gown.  The dark Pebbles necklace is free from Apple May Designs.  There is also a free Tiger face tattoo makeup from DollyRock, but I’m unable to show the makeup since Ive been reluctant to download the beta viewer.

The gift from G Sloane Couture contains the glitzy Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend gown, the green knit Beachcomer outfit, and snapdragons and gerberas in a green vase.  The silver double Heart pendant necklace is free from Virtual Impressions.

I absolutely adore the black Orient Corset dress from KWZ.  The detail is amazing and I love the pattern.

G Field has pink and green adorable mini dresses in the Clothing Fair gift bag.  The diamond XAgnes earrings and necklace are free at Alienbear’s Jewelry.

The gray Mara Numb dress comes with a matching hat and is from Maimai.  The Starlight purple dress is only L$5 at Pixel Passion in the Clothing Fair.  The Kitty Cyrus Necklace is L$10 from Alienbear’s Jewelry at the Clothing Fair.

Prism has the Frills in Green mini dress free at the Clothing Fair.  The gift from Silq’waggi is packed with tons of jewelry.  I am wearing Cilicia Bangles and the Rippled Pinkpixellite necklace with the Frills in Green dress.

The gorgeous dark blue Aurelina gown is a dollarbie from Mer-Elf Creations at the Clothing Fair and comes with many skirt options.

Silk & Satyr has the Vasilia camisk free at the Clothing Fair.

EBT has the blue stripped bikini as a Clothing Fair gift.  The Shelby heels are from If The Shoe Fits.  In the Sn@tch swag bag you’ll find the pink stripe Summer of ’10 bikini, the Pretty pink Princess tiara, and Royal bangles.

Moonshine has a pack of three Picnic Tie shirts as a gift at the Clothing Fair.  The dark blue jeans are L$5 from Pixel Passion at the Clothing Fair.  All the jewelry shown is from the Silq’waggi gift bag.

The Nyanotech hair is free from Curious Kitties at Savior Hair.


*Evie’s Closet: Leafy Fairy (L$0)
CF Melbourne ( 50/31/29 )

*Angelwing: Anakarina Angel Costume, Jewelry, Skin, & Shape (L$0)
CF Melbourne ( 29/243/30 )

*DollyRock: Anita Gown (L$0), Tiger Face Tattoo Makeup (L$0)
CF London ( 177/45/30 )

*G Sloane Couture: Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Freiend Gown (L$0), Beachcomer Outfit (L$0), Flowers (L$0)
CF Melbourne ( 22/20/30 )

*KWZ: Orient Corset Dress (L$0)
CF Tokyo ( 48/47/29 )

*G Field: Pink & Green Mini Dresses (L$0)
CF Tokyo ( 139/18/29 )

*Maimai: Mara Numb Dress & Hat (L$0)
CF Melbourne ( 153/15/30 )

*Pixel Passion: Starlight Purple Dress (L$1), Dark Jeans (L$5)
CF London ( 43/68/30 )

*Prism: Green Frills Dress (L$0)
CF Melbourne ( 190/111/30 )

*Mer-Elf Creations: Aurelina Dress (L$0)
CF Melbourne ( 108/232/30 )

*Silk & Satyr: Vasilia camisk (L$0)
CF New Delhi ( 70/48/26 )

*EBT : Blue Striped Bikini (L$0)
CF Melbourne ( 9/63/30 )

*Moonshine: Picnic Tie Shirts (L$0)
CF New York ( 201/20/29 )

*Silq’waggi: Enamel Cilicia Bangles, Enamel Lycia Bangles, Falling Star Earrings, Metro Bracelets, Pink Zirconium Punk Braclets, Rippled Pinkpixelite Earings, Rippled Pinkpixelite Necklace, & Trio Morganite Earrings (L$0)
CF New Delhi ( 70/48/26 )

*Sn@tch: Bikini, Bangles, Tiara (L$0)
CF Melbourne ( 221/14/30 )

*Apple May Designs: Pebbles Necklace (L$0)
CF London ( 23/164/30 )

*Virtual Impressions: Silver Heart Pendant Necklace (L$0)
CF Tokyo ( 19/150/29 )

*Alienbear’s Jewelry: XAgnes Necklace & Earrings (L$0)
CF Tokyo ( 107/23/29 )

*ITSF: Shelby Heels (L$0)
CF New York ( 20/19/28 )

*Maitreya: Pumps (Sub-o – L$0)
Maitreya Isle ( 224/215/24 )

*Curious Kitties: Nyanotech (L$0)
TenFifteen ( 128/91/27 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Keep up the slow life for the night

Second Style Island are having an amazing givaway starting from March 15th.. every day there is a new group gift at the Headquarters. All you need to do is tp over, join the group and then wear your tag when you touch the gifts. Stay in the group to be notified of the next day’s release! Each release will only be out for 24 hours and So far there have been two gifts… One from Phoenix Rising and another from Tiny Bird.. but they won’t be around forever so be sure to get them while you can. Phoenix Rising’s gift has been removed from the Headquarters as of me posting this.. but you can still find it in the Second Style Island group notices.

This is the gift from Phoenix Rising which you can still find in the group notices at the moment.

You get 5 hairs in the generous gift from Tiny Bird! You can join the “Second Style Island” group through my profile if you cannot find the group joiner in store.

The new Savior Hair sim has finally reopened! Loaded with freebies and dollarbie hair for men and women from some of SL’s best hair makers, it is perfect to find a bargain or to discover some new hair creators. If you join the group you can get a gift of hair called Jasmine, in the notices, generously given by Vixen Hair

Here are some more styles you can find at Savior Hair.. nearly all come in more than one colour, but I don’t have the room to show you them all! Some are 1L, most are Free. SLURLS below this point take you to the creators individual stores incase you want to visit them.

From Top Left:
Calico Ingmann Creations – Arianna Mocha (fat pack of colours and styles including male hair)
Ingenue – Myrna
Rezlpsa Loc – Anna
Wasabi Pills – Ailith Hair

From Top Left

Exile – Susan (fat pack of colours)
Tiny Bird D.A.N.C.E  (Unnaturals fat pack)
Curious Kitties – Maen v2
Raspberry Aristocrat – Chai Anxiety Hair (fat pack of colours)

There are heaps more though!

Talking about  Phoenix Rising earlier in the post… be sure to go and check out their discount area in store for some great bargains under 100L

Masked Affair – Kurvys Enticement (Red) – 75L (more colours available)

Mourning Elegance – In rememberance of Sgt N.C – 75L

Vanilla Kiss – 50L

Flirt – 50L

And lastly, L&H Clothing Design have a new group gift out! Join the group, activate your tag and click the hug poster on the wall to claim it. You can join the “L&H Design” group through my profile.

The gown is called “Tomorrow” and comes also with a fur cloak and pearls to wear.

Don’t forget the other group gift goodies on the wall too! And there are Lucky Chairs right nearby. Below is one of the other Group Gift Items called “B4 let U Go”

It comes with the boots and the legwarmers too which I thought was pretty cute!

Other info
+ Beach Skin by Curio ( not free )
+ Cleavage enhancer by Yourskin & Yourshape ( not free but only 50L )
+ Backslash hair by Magika ( not free )
+ Poses by Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses (not free)

*all in one piece*

Everyonce in a while i visit back stores i’ve been to earlier.. and yay verry succesfull today, sweet dresses… and ohwwmaiii heaven… shoe-heaven that is! This seasons color… pretty white and lovely cream….  heels, shoes, flats, wedges, boots, peeptoe pumps and so on… all dollarbies… keep reading! Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

sweatdress white, belt and necklace – M*Motion – – White Knit OP-02 LL 1 – 0L (luckyboard)
sweatdress yellow/grey, belt and accessories –M*Motion C10-04 Border OP-Set(YL) – 0L
sweatdress grey –M*Motion Border One-Piece – oL
hair – Exile Susan harlow – oL(full color pack! Exile at Savoir Hair)
skin – Lara Skin -Heather smokey1-natural lips pale – not free
balletflats grey –BabyMonkey – classic ballet flats – oL (color pack)


Farah for FabFree

*Sole Sisters – Audry, Carrie, Charlie – 1L*

Farah for FabFree

*Sole Sisters – Cher, Diana, Karen – 1L*

Farah for FabFree

*Sole Sisters – Brit, Betty, Bree –  1L*

Visit sole sisters for all white dollarbies shoes – 1L


xxx Farah