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The 800th post: Shoemaker´s Little Shoe Shop Rocks with Amadeus

Head over to ROCK ME AMADEUS and grab the lovely new freebie there: Spring Dress! It comes with pants, a nice detailed top and a swinging skirt – spring in completeness? I think so 🙂 Spring Dress is a big picture on the wall but don´t forget to look around, there are new releases and they rock!

The matching shoes I´m wearing in the pics are from Shoemaker`s Freebie Shop: Valentinas standard silk comes with female walk options. “Valentinas” are very nice low heels, perfect to match with almost every outfit. They are pictured with more pretty free shoes (I grabbed a second pair of the “Valentinas” in white) on the wall inside “The little Shoe Shop”. Henning Tammas, designer and owner of Shoemaker, is a very talented designer (with a charming and helpful lady at his side – thanks again, Marguerite!). Valentina Becher handed her business over to Henning Tammas after she left the “virtual world”. Henning Tammas represents the same philosophy as Valentina Becher: inexpensive handcrafted shoes with high quality and a great customer service. And he don´t forget the newbies and freebie hunters 🙂 You can find Hennings Tammas´ freebie stores “The little Shoe Shop” at Wien Sim and Salzburg Sim. But there´s a mainstore, too. You know I´m a curious woman so I tped over to take a look and ……. wow! I´ve seen Kajira footwear in the store, amazing! And elegant leather sandals, and adorable Red Chain Pumps and Black Slings gold/silver …….*takes a breath” ……. sadly, not for free but you have to take a look! I couldn´t resist to buy (0 Linden!) the available demos of Black Sling and Red Chain Pumps. Nice, huh? It´s just a demo but there was no need to adjust the shoes, great! Guess, who´s sleepless in Vienna tonight thinking of all the fantastic Shoemaker footwear and counting her Linden Dollars? Well, I hope AMADEUS will rock me ….. 🙂 Omg! I forgot to touch the subscribe-o-matic sign ………*waves*

Spring Dress (0 L)

ROCK ME AMADEUS, Edgemont 203/75/22

Valentinas standard silk and white (0 L)

Shoemaker`s “The Little Shoe Shop”

Salzburg 151/67/28

Wien 246/121/27

MainShop Tarnotopia 50/79/26

Rosepetal Skin makeup 00 (1 L)

SYD, Granymyr 243/189/40
Fab Hazel


Quickie: Torrid Wear a Body By Pook

Hurry, there are 3 dollarbies only for today at Body By Pook! Sadly, I wasn´t able to get the cute lingerie (a big fat bug again!). What I`ve got is the sweet Vintage Spots Coffee Dress and the bright colored Grafic T Deco Hearts (green). Body By Pook always mark 3 random items a week, so remember to come back! You have to “scan” the adds on the wall to find out the dollarbies! There´s very good stuff at Body By Pook!

TorridWear offers a “oldie but goodie”: *Iki* Skinny&StraightLeg Jeans – Indigo. This dollarbie is pictured on a big sign. You will get skinny jeans/skinny jeans for boots and StraightLeg Jeans/StraightLeg Jeans for boots. Great! So we have more options to wear our good old jeans!

Grafic T Deco Hearts green (1 L)

Vintage Spots Coffee Dress (1 L)

Body By Pook, Ambrosius 15/90/22

*Iki* Skinny&StraightLeg Jeans-Indigo (1 L)

TorridWear, Chartreuse 152/62/32

Slouchy Boots kellygreen (1 L)

Rosemar at PopFuzz, PopFuzz 59/127/35

BalletFlats brown/white dotted (easter hunt 0 L)

Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor 221/27/31

Rosepetal Skin makeup 00 (1 L)

SYD, Granymyr 243/189/40
Fab Hazel

Flirty Skirts and more goodies from BABY MONKEY

What´s that? Big surprise, great surprise 🙂 Pixieplum Flanagan, designer and owner of BABY MONKEY, made a collection of 10 Linen Flirty Skirts! And they don´t even need glitchpants underneath, how I love this idea (I mean, it´s hard to find skirts without the need wearing glitch pants underneath, right?), now I can wear all my sexy undies 🙂 Well, Pixieplum Flanagan will be releasing a new pair of sandals next week, so she made exactly matching Linen Flirty Skirts and she´s offering the skirts for free at her BABY MONKEY store (big box in the middle of the store) AND at our FabFree Headquarter, too. BUT they will be out only for a week! It would be a pity to miss the collection of 10 Linen Flirty Skirts, I really love each of the skirts, they are so well done and so versatile, you can mix and match them with all tops. They are mode and copy, so you can adjust them to your personal taste (and shape). So hurry!

But that´s not all! There are 2 new groupgifts! And I´m excited again 🙂 Red Dahlia Top&Skirt as well as Summer Tulip Top&Skirt are charming! Summer Tulip comes with top on 3 layers, a purple thong! and a matching skirt. Red Dahlia also comes with top on 3 layers, a wonderful long skirt and …… no thong *grin* I would strongly recommend you to become a Baby Monkey Junkie (no, I´m not in a relationship with the Flanagan`s and no, I´m not paid for blogging it *grin* I just love Baby Monkey stuff and Pixieplum Flanagan is one of the most generous designers, that´s all!) So, do a search in groups ……. or no, wait! There´s a sign pictured on the wall at BABY MONKEY´s store, click this sign to join the Baby Monkey Junkie group! Then go to the group notices, sort them by date, you will see 2 notices, both dated 4/13/2008, subject: First of two free outfits ……./Second New Outfit. Save the attachment. You are now proud (and grateful) owner of 2 boxes from BABY MONKEY with Red Dahlia Top&Skirt as well as Summer Tulip Top&Skirt. Find a place that allow build, unpack your box and pick it up again.

My hair, well *sighs* Again it´s not free , I´m sorry. This time my new hairstyle comes from Damselfly. It´s Loraella (Daratra Sand Dollar pack – 200 Linden), worn in Sand Dollar Blond. Loraella is quite my style, but more feminine and for a change I decided to wear blond 🙂

But my skin is a dollarbie from SYD Style Your Destiny. It´s one of the fantastic “1 Linden skins” available at SYD`s store (first floor, pictured on the wall): Rosepetal Skin Makeup 00.

Skin Rosepetal Makeup 00 (1 L)

SYD StyleYourDestiny, Granymyr 243/189/40

SummerTulipDress, RedDahliaDress (group gifts 0 L)

RedFloralPumps, DenimAnkleLacedFlats ( 0 L)

10 LinenFlirtySkirts (0 L limited for a week!)

worn in black, foxglove and cornflower
Fab Hazel

BABY MONKEY, Dindrane Elfor 221/27/31

NOT FREE! Loraella Hair (Daratra Sand Dollar pack, 200 L)

DFODragonFlyDesings,DamselFly,DragonFly Oasis 111/50/26

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Red Stick Show Off

Here are some of the items I have come across on the Red Stick Hunt.

Aphrodite Creations: Vintish Shoes – red stick special($0L hunt), FF Short Dress($0L hunt), Red Stick Top Sun($0L), Knit Retro($0L hunt)
Breakers dAlliez(225,31,24)

Ashia Designs: Dark Grey Eyes($0L hunt), Destiny Red Stick Cairo($0L hunt)

Calla: Snow Leopard – midnight($0L hunt)

Flipside: FF9 Piercings($0L hunt)

Ingenue: Lady Stardust($0L hunt)

Layniewear: Red Stick Tee Black Untucked($0L hunt), Basic Jeans Charcoal($0L hunt)

Philotic Energy: Hazel Eyes($0L hunt), Volante – white tipped($0L hunt), Kannon – white tipped($0L hunt)

Rosepetal Creations: Wound Up Heels – red($0L hunt)

Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise: Basic Low Rider Boots($0L)
NineInchNerds(126, 111, 23)

SecondWave: Zippered Jeans w/ Cross Back Halter($0L hunt)
Plush Omicron(`87,184,21)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Red Stick Fairy($0L hunt), Copper Skin – Red Stick(bindi)($0L hunt), Red Stick Saphrynne($0L hunt), Wheat Male Skin – Red Stick($0L hunt), Brian Shape($1L), Eve Shape($1L)

Tuli: S5 Medium Classic 3($0L hunt)
Le Zoo(61,167,22)

Vixen: Myth – bedroom bronze($0L hunt)
Vixen Island(143,146,23)

Total Cost: $2L

Fab Cherlindrea