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AngelicoB wears a Dark Mouse, a Baby Monkey and a Magpie

AngelicoB BlackBlueLaceFlexiAnother animal connection today for you *smile* Yesterday my 2nd life was running bad and so did Cher´s. She was the one who found Angelico B`s pretty Black Blue Lace Flexi dress and I had to grab it because Cher was not rich enought to buy it (said her 2nd life). That´s teamwork, I think. BlackBlueLaceFlexi is a dollarbie which comes with top, pants and skirt with wonderful laces and a blingy thing (I just want to mention it). You will find the box in the window (the bags located left and right of it are gift boxes to put your own stuff into it!).

BABY MONKEY has reached 300 members (congrats!) and to celebrate this the new group gift is amazing generous! There are 10! pair of shoes (even boots) in the box. Don´t miss it! Do a search in groups for the group called Baby Monkey Junkie. I used the phrase “baby monkey” and it was the 1st choice. Join the group, its free to join. Wear your group tag and tp over to BABY MONKEY´s store. Then click the monkey sign with floating text “…group gift”. You are now proud owner of a 300members gift box with 10 pair of shoes from BABY MONKEY! Wear your nude pumps and strappy gold sandals and all other shoes with grace and be grateful.

BabyMonkey nude pumpsBM Strappy Sandals gold 300members gift

Matching pieces for Angelico`s BlackBlueLaceFlexi dress are the cute and welldone bracelets by Magpie. It´s a new, small shop at Juicy`s beach but check it out, there are affordable and nice items. The freebie box with gold/teal bangles and gold/teal bangles thin is not inside the shop! It`s across from it in the Tiki hut. Open your eyes, you can´t miss it.

Not only Magpie´s bracelets go well with the dress also Dark Mouse`s Charm Bracelet and Modern Diamond Necklace! You have to go upstairs to find the freebies pictured on the wall (and there is a flower belt set too). Take a look at the lovely, dainty necklace. And how cute is the bracelet with this mousie mouse – I love “anim-al-ated” stuff so much!

AngelicoB close Magpie braceletsDark Mouse modern necklaceDarkMouse charm bracelet

Creampuff Skin Silk Freebie 2 (group gift 0 L)

Rosemar at PopFuzz, PopFuzz 59/127/35

BlackBlueLaceFlexi dress (1 L)

Angelico B Designs Clothes,Rumpus 55/124/72

10 pair of shoes (shown pumps nude, strappy

sandals gold, group gift 0 L)

BABY MONKEY @Dindrane Elfor 222/27/31

Gold/teal bracelets (0 L)Fab Hazel

Magpie, Juicy 173/37/23

CharmBracelet,ModernDiamondNecklace (0 L)

DarkMouse@WhimsicalCreations,Taber 89/214/664

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Nasluck in Second Life

NasluckMyria Boa dropped me off a notecard about Nasluck‘s location in world at the Token sim. There are many freebies to be had, mostly for women and cartoon avatars but there is a doorman costume for men. The area is build in a circle and in front of each building is a sign of an avatar, click on the sign and you get that outfit. Each outfit comes with shoes and a pose as well. There are 10 signs in the inner ring and 10 sings in the outer ring.






ETD: Casual – espresso($1L)
ETD Isle(132,137,32)

Fabulously Free in SL: Riot Skin($0L), Half Million Milky Skin($0L group gift), Fantasy Eyes – Brown Rainbow($0L)

Here Comes Trouble: Mallory – raven($1L)
Troubled City(135,205,24)

Nasluck: Fuwafuwa Dress($0L), Orange Dress($0L), Navy Dress($0L), Black Suit($)L), Apron($0L), Bath Towel($0L), Beige Coat($0L), Concierge Female Suit($0L), Housemate Suit($0L), Tonton($0L), Totochan($0L), Tokochan($0L), Ririchan($0L), Naspy($0L), Doormans Suit($0L), White Judo($0L), Blue Judo($0L)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Will Shape($1L), Eve Shape($1L)

Total Cost: $4L

Fab Cherlindrea


FabFree Updates

I have some good news for me which might seem like bad news to some. Yesterday, I was offered a promotion in my First Life® job which has only been part time up until now. This promotion means full time hours and a heavy workload but it is a great opportunity for my family.

Does this mean FabFree is ending? No, this blog started out as a way to help the linden-impaired find fashion and will continue to do so. I just wont be blogging myself 4-5 times a day anymore.

Why are you telling us this? Simple, I am looking at a few new writers to FabFree. I have always wanted to find someone to focus mainly on the designer lucky chairs so I will be looking for this person as well.

If you are interested in writing for FabFree, please drop me a detailed notecard in world with the information below. Please remember that this is how I will be viewing your writing style:

Your views on freebies:
Your views on why supporting content creators is important(in other words not blogging or removing blogs about stolen items):

Evie had My Fairytale

Evie’s ClosetEvie’s Closet has a beautiful, fairytale dress that she has given out to her group members. Do a search in groups for the group called Evie’s Closet. (When I do a group search I use the phrase evie’s closet and it is the top choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 4/1/2008 with the subject March Freebie. Click Open Attachment. You are now the proud owner of box that contains a gown from Evie’s Closet. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your gift. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives. So hurry!

Evie’s Closet: Fairytale – black($0L group gift)
Madison Place(64,95,469)

Fabulously Free in SL: Fantasy Eyes – Brown Rainbow($0L)

GuRL 6: Felicity – dark brown($1L)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Fallow Skin Makeup00($1L), Eve Shape($1L)

Tesla: Elise Mary Janes – black($0L)

Total Cost: $3L

Fab Cherlindrea