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Exile with Marinoco Fashion

Exile Gear group has given out free hair, 1 for guys and 1 for the ladies, to their update group. The group was tricky to search for so I used All(left tab on search). Do a search in All for the group called Exile Gear. (When I do a group search I use the phrase exile gear and it is the top choice). Click on the words Exile Gear. Click View Full Profile. Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 4/25/2008 with the subject Rasmuson Special. Click Open Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a box with hair from Exile. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your gift. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives. So hurry!

Marinoco Fashion has some nice freebies for their customers. There are dresses, hair, pants, tops, and a bikini. The are located on the wall opposite the entrance(north wall) to the right of the other doorway.

Exile: Chloe – crimson, Reckless – mink($0L group gift)
Ivy Falls(156,111,27)

Fabulously Free in SL: Fantasy Eyes – rainbow brown($0L), Peaches Wheelie Skin($1L)

Marinoco Fashion: Pink Sweetie Pie Top($0L), Snake Top($0L), Turquoise Bikini($0L), Black Gown w/ Silver Borders($0L), Black Dress w/ White Dots($0L), Gray Striped Capris($0L), Long Tail – blond($0L)
Sun City(221,201,22)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Tesla: Elise 2 Black Mary Janes($0L)

Total Cost: $2L

Fab Cherlindrea


Rezzable Angel

Vint Falken let us know that “Rezzable is giving out an angel outfit with beautifully sculpted wings, a fun halo and a kick-ass lightning bolt thrower” located at the Dump Rezzable(30,49,27). There is a display called the Rezzable Garden of NPIRL Triptych. When you find this click on heaven side and you get the angel outfit. You can click the Hell side if you wish to be danger but do this at your own risk.

Diversity: Brat – seashell($1L)

Fabulously Free in SL: Scarlett Hodge Podge Skin($0L), Fantasy Eyes – Brown Rainbow($0L)

LaynieWear: Dee Dee – White($1L)

Rezzable: Rezzable NPIRL Godsend Angel Outfit($0L)
the Dump Rezzable(30,49,27)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Total Cost: $3L

Fab Cherlindrea