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Talisman Revamp

Have you been to Talisman lately? Even if you have, head over there because it is completely changed. Be sure to join the Subscribe-o-matic when you get there for a free dress. It is located to the left of the entrance. When you click the sign you will be told: Talisman Updates: Thank you for subscribing to Talisman Updates! Please check the history for recent notices and freebies. The Aly dress should be delivered to you soon as a thank-you for subscribing! – To remove yourself from this Subscribe-O-Matic list, just touch this device again at any time. Remember the subscribe-o-matics can be slow in delivery so it might take a while for your dress to arrive. There is a bank of lucky chairs to the right inside the store. In the southwest end of the store are all of the freebies and dollarbies. You just might find that something that was previously $1L is now free. There are over 100 items so get over there.

Once you are done shopping, go and explore the beautiful changes to the sim. There is a complete mermaid friendly lagoon with canoe rides and more.

Fabulously Free in SL: Scarlet Hodge Podge Skin($0L)

Talisman: Aly Flexi Dress($0L group gift), Alligatress Eyes($0L), Tiffany – seduction($1L), Sabrina Retro Crimson Pumps($0L), Bronze Paragon in Hessonite Earrings($0L), Angelic Gown & MiniDress – silver($0L)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Total Cost: $2L

Fab Cherlindrea


Black Pearls on AmorePacific

Cher previously wrote a post about AMOREPACIFIC Sim and their array of free items. Mise-en-scene has remodeled for their newest promotion Black Pearls. There is no direct teleport to this location. You will be at the Welcome Area. Walk outside to a Directory and Select #5 on the Map. The map will pop up with the location. Teleport there and walk the Red Carpet. Inside is a round display. Each picture contains a free hairstyle. The large oyster shell is actually a free bed. The camping area is now 10 minutes for a free hairstyle but are now modifiable. Be patient if it’s busy, the styles are worth the wait!

SYD Fallow Skin (0L Red Stick Hunt)
SYD Granymyr (242,190,40)

Black Pearl F1, M1, F2, M2 (0L- Camping Chairs)
Freebie Hair Salon Uphair v.1.0, Setting01 (0L Camping Chairs)
AMOREPACIFIC Glam Retro, Urban Metro, Trendy Edge, Beyond Natural (0L-Display)

AMOREPACIFIC 1 (242,236,25)

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D!FF & Free Speerit Close/Leave with a Bang

Both D!FF and Free Speerit‘s hair division are closing their doors. D!FF has a box they called Last Freebie for $1L located inside the entrance in the middle of the store. This box contains a dress and sleep set. While you are there, you can grab older freebies items to the right in the sandbox. There are 6 freebies items and 1 $2L located in the sandbox area.

Free Speerit designer Mewf Demina is leaving SL and giving away all of her hair for free. The hair is located inside the store to the left along the north wall. Ignore the prices on the ads. You can buy the multi-color packs for $0L. While you are there be sure to head to the right side of the store and grab the $0L and $1L outfits as well.

D!FF: Black Check Dress, White Striped Undies Set($1L), Silver Cocktail Top, Teal Sky*d Eyes, On Yo Face Glasses – blue($0L), Buttan Me Tank($0L), Vintage Mustard Bow Top($0L), Pump Up*d the Volume($0L), Purple*d Pearl Dress($0L), The Exclamation Mark($0L)

Fabulously Free in SL: Registered Trademark Skin($0L gift)

Free Speerit: Patricia – fudge($0L), Ally – autumn($0L), Brigitta – cookie dough($0L), Dee – golden blonde($0L), Elise – ultraviolet($0L), Jezebel – licorice($0L), Lyrlia – cotton candy, Rapunzel – pumpkin pie($0L), Zuzu – peach($0L), Sonya Dress($1L), SLSA Dress($0L)
Quest III(132,168,601)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Tesla: Elise Mary Janes – black($0L)

Total Cost: $3L

Fab Cherlindrea