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Material Squirrel

I love wings, I mean I really, REALLY love wings. Bing a pilot in my first life, I’ve always bemoaned the fact that I can’t really fly with out artificial wings, so Second Life really lets me live out that fantasy of being able to fly. I’m always on the lookout for a good pair of wings, and Material Squirrel has some of the nicest ones I’ve found. Their wings come with a handy HUD that allows me to adjust my wings in a number of ways, but the thing I love most about them is the way they fold up on landing.

Kala Bijoux of Material squirrel is giving away wings as a thank you to people who put Material Squirrel in their Picks and who subscribe to the Material Squirrel subscribe-o-matic group.  Now.. on to the picture..


Everything I’m wearing in the picture was free! Yes, you can have great fantasy looks for absolutely nothing more than the time it takes to look around.

Let’s star t with my evil alter ego:

  • Hair:DG Innovations (Necromancer)
  • Skin: Sin Skins (Etheria~Pomegranite)
  • Eyes: HBS  (Sun Fire Eyes)
  • Goth Swimsuit: Random give away from B@R
  • Skirt: Amplify (Black Grunge’cess Skirt)
  • Shoes: Maitreya
  • Wings: Material Squirrel (Karyl Demon Wings)

Now, the angelic me:

  • Hair: Exile (Love Song Champagne)
  • Halo: The Body Politik
  • Skin: Domestic-V (Madame Winter)
  • Eyes: MMS (MM-Blue Eyes)
  • Lingerie: Blacklace
  • Shoes: SKG Shoes
  • Wings: Material Squirrel (Winter Frost Wings)

Now.. how to get your free wings:

Material Squirrel:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Winged%20Isle/21/107/47

Go to Material Squirrel, and join the subscribe group by clicking on the sign in the shop.  The Karyl Demon Wings are no longer available in the History, but Kala will be giving out wings from time to time, so DON’T leave the group. It doesn’t take up a group spot anyway, so why would you want to leave it?   =)   Now that you’re a member, add Material Squirrel to your picks, then come back after approximately 24 hours have elapsed.. and pick up your Winter Frost wings. Make sure your profile is set to be search-able by checking the “Show in Search” box at the bottom of your profile.



Hi everyone! Nice to meet! Enjoy my first post! :)

Hi Fabfree-fans!

I’m Farah Palmer, a new blogger/writer for the Fabulously Free blog! I love fashion.. and escpecially free fashion! I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blogs and I hope they are helpfull to you make your avie look stunning! I am very excited to get started… and I hope you like my first blog! Enjoy! ❤


There is a great hunt going on over at DYN (the notecard didn’t say for how long so hurry!). You have to search the WHOLE store (it’s big!) for little silver bags, total 8 bags to collect, bag 1 to 4 contain the female outfit, bag 5 to 8 contain the male outfit! I just collected the female outfit… sorry guys ;):

Start the hunt at DYN here!


 * skin from On the Catwalk and hair from [C&H] (see below for links)

Skins from on the Catwalk

These skins are really beatitfull… almost too perfect! The Green Envy one is 1L, the others are free in the Lucky chair… and I got lucky!


Head over to On the Catwalk! Also check out the box with the dollarbie (1L) manicure and pedicure set… really cute to match your outfit!

Cute Bingo Dress & Pumps from Truth


{Bingo} has a cute green/yellow dress (1L) in their shop, tp UPSTAIRS using the cute duck-teleporter! The pumps are from Truth, called Balmoral Pumps, they come in seven different colors (0L all 7 colors).

{Bingo} – Dress – 1L

Truth – Pumps – 0L (fatpack)

 Other links:

All Hair from [C&H] – 0L, 1L and 30 minutes-camping hairs!

Poses are from my free AO from [LAP], I got it from a freebie hunt, which is no longer available. (Still available at the store if you are under 30 days old though;)). Also lots of free (0L) poses available, next to the entrance.

xxx Farah